VIP Club Mega Month keeps me in my seat during August

August 16, 2011


I think some people scale down their poker playing in August.

The big tournament circuit goes quiet: it’s the gap between the end of the World Series and the start of the EPT.

The card room at the casino is quieter, which makes me wonder whether the regulars are off on holiday with wives and children they NEVER MENTION the rest of the time.
Online, we’re in that waity-waity phase before the WCOOP in September, like the run-up to Christmas Eve.

Well, I’m not planning to scale down just because it’s summer time. I don’t want to be outside “enjoying the good weather”; I’m in the UK, where it always rains in August. I know it does, August is my birthday month. I’ve racked up enough damp birthday picnics and sodden games of baseball in the park to know that August is as wet as November, plus added disappointment because you always forget to expect it.

vicky_coren_vip club.jpg

So, hurray for “VIP Club Mega Month” on Stars, where the VPP earning requirements are being slashed so you can leap up the status ladder to silver, gold or platinum for loads fewer points than usual.

Fellow gamblers can feel free to show me their holiday snaps when they get back from disappointing, over-priced trips to the seaside. Meanwhile, ha! I’ll have shored up enough VPPs to buy a Ferrari.

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