VIP Club: A $50 flip for Elite status

January 26, 2009

Boston’s Jake Abdalla wanted it to be a special moment. Certainly, anyone who makes it to the PokerStars VIP Club’s Supernova Elite status could pretty much write the one million VIP Player Point off as special and move on. But, hey, people have already done that. Abdalla wanted something different.

Abdalla is better known on PokerStars as JLlama and was sure to make Supernova Elite in 2008. He just needed a way to recognize the moment. So, one day as he approached the summit, he came up with a plan.

“I had the idea that myself and another player with 999,999 VPPs should do a flip for the last point,” he said.

Abdalla went to work in the Two Plus Two Forums. It wasn’t as easy a prospect as he thought it might be.

“There were a couple different players I had planned to do it with, but one of them was further along and didn’t want to wait for me to hit 999,999,” he said. “The next guy tried to get to 999,999, but accidentally won the last point.”

Even though Abdalla had reached his penultimate point on December 13th, it took until after Christmas to get the plan worked out. He finally found a taker in “BIGLivesOn.” That’s when the plan got even tricker.

They decided to fill the rest of their table with existing Supernova Elites. That, too, was a bit difficult.

“Some of the people we spoke to on the 2+2 thread didn’t show up at the time. We ended up trying to recruit a couple Elites from their games online,” Abdalla said. “One such Elite, ‘bfl4me,’ was playing 24 tables and entered a heads up $1,100 SNG against ‘JohnSmiley1’ just to recruit him for our cause.”

Finally they had their table.

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Everybody put in their $50 and the flip was on. The board ran out Jh-Th-4d-3h-Kc. Abdalla’s 5d-9s and BIGLivesOn’s Qh-3s didn’t play well on the board against TheLife’s Kd-Ah, but the $297 pot didn’t mean as much as that last point that put the guys over the one million VPP mark.

And then tragedy struck.

“We expected our red Supernova stars to change to black Supernova Elite stars,” Abdalla said.

When the stars stayed red, Abdalla and BIGLives scratched their heads. Then they moved to another table and all was well.

Screenshot 2.jpg

Now that Abdalla has his black stars, he’s not taking much time to reflect. He says he is more relaxed, but he he’s looking forward. He’s branching out beyond his normal limit hold’em game and looking to take advantage of his Elite status and free entries to the EPT Grand Final and World Series Main Event.

“I think the Pokerstars VIP program is very cool,” Abdalla said. “I am thankful I was able to take advantage of it to the fullest in 2008.”


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