Victoria Coren wins Best Contribution to Poker

September 14, 2010


Victoria Coren is a lot of things to a lot of people. She’s a Team PokerStars Pro, a presenter, an author, and an all-around nice woman. She’s given a lot of herself to the the game we all love, and now she’s being given some credit for it.

Last night at Kensington Close Hotel in London, Coren was honored with The British Poker Awards’ “Best Contribution to Poker.” It was quite a proud moment for Coren.

“I literally clambered over my fellow nominee, the deserving Jesse May, to get to
the stage,” she said today.

But, she cautioned us, she doesn’t think her award is one recognizing her lifetime achievement (which, we must point out, is substantial). Instead she thinks it’s all about what folks’ have given to poker over the past year or so.


Coren, again, has given a lot. There is nothing that stands out more over the past year, however, than her book “For Richer, For Poorer: A Love Affair With Poker,” a memoir that’s received rave reviews since its release. It seems people quite like it.

“I am hoping people voted because of that. I really wanted that book to be seen as a loving (and hopefully entertaining) contribution to poker culture,” Coren wrote to us in an email. “Besides, I’m too young for a ‘lifetime achievement’ award. Still only 19. Ahem.”

Coren, while proud, is not letting it all go to her head. She has WCOOP to think about, not to mention the upcoming EPT London where she will try for a repeat title. That is, she’s keeping it all perspective.

“It’s possible, of course, that they voted because I make a ‘contribution to poker’ every time I sit down in a sit-and-go on PokerStars…. certainly the table fills up fast enough. But I hope it’s for the book, and I’m really proud and pleased,” she said.

Congrats, Ms. Coren, on yet another outstanding achievement.

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*Photo courtesy of The British Poker Awards website


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