V for Victory: Vikidin claims $220K in Sunday Million victory

June 22, 2009


We didn’t quite get to the normal 7,000+ player crowd tonight for the $1.5 Million Guarantee Sunday Million, but considering most of the higher roller crowd is battling it out in Las Vegas for bracelets at the WSOP, 6,990 runners is better than can be expected.

Of course without reaching the guarantee PokerStars loosen its purse strings on the prize pool to ensure $1.5 million would be handed out to the top 1,080 players.

For the final table of the Sunday Million there are normally nine players seated, calmly awaiting the chance to stake a claim to the $225,000.00 first place prize. Tonight two all-ins lost at the same time, Maxxx72alba and nsemog77, were all-in for their tournament lives on opposite tables during the final table bubble. Soelberg’s pocket nines 9♥9♠ were enough to take out nsemog77’s A♦J♠ on the queen heavy board Q♠ Q♣ Q♥ 2♦ K♣. Then, on the other table, chip monster unfadeable1 collected yet another poker skin when the domainating Q♦A♥ held up against Maxxx72alba’s A♦10♥ on the 8♠ K♥ K♣ 3♣ 4♥ board for an additional seven million chips to use at the final table.

By rule the player with the most chips prior to the bust out hand gets the higher place. In this case Maxxx72alba is credited with the ninth place finish ($11,625.00) and a final table appearance despite never sitting down. nsemog77 will have to take solace in the $8,250.00 being shipped for the final table bubble pay out.


Seat 2: villepn (3429358 in chips)
Seat 3: Soelberg (11743686 in chips)
Seat 4: unfadeable1 (19775902 in chips)
Seat 5: Vikidin (5278401 in chips)
Seat 6: Fulle (10258850 in chips)
Seat 7: Aftret (6087991 in chips)
Seat 8: predator.ger (9064228 in chips)
Seat 9: < Roskolnikov (4261584 in chips)

With our smaller final table and blinds at 100K/200K ante 20K Vikidin came in as one of the smaller stacks but quickly turned that around after catching pocket aces at the right time and doubling up at the expense of Fulle who suffered the cooler holding pocket kings with the 7♣ J♦ 10♦ Q♥ J♥ board giving a little hope on the end. Vikidin’s aces still held for the 9.7 million chip pot.

Five hands later Vikidin would limp into a pot with pocket nines 9♥9♦ as

Vikidin would continue this tear taking three big pots in a row off Fulle and Aftret eventually overtaking unfadeable1’s chip leading position. The third pot resulted in Aftret (who chopped the Sunday Million in December for $92K, final table write-up shown here) being asked to leave the tournament area. Down to 2.2 million and blinds at 125K/250K ante 25K Aftret made a play for the blinds shoving from UTG with J♥K♥, but Vikidin was waiting in the small blind holding 8♥A♦. The flopped pair of eights 2♥ 5♣ 8♣ changed nothing, but the 8♦ on the turn locked the win for Vikidin as a meaningless 4♥ hit the river and Aftret add another $32,250.00 in Sunday Million earnings taking seventh place.

Soelberg went into the final table on a roll but in no limit hold em’ it only takes one hand to demolish your chip wall after several hours of careful play. Watch Soelberg run into a monster holding J♠A♠ after repopping unfadeable1’s UTG raise from the big blind:

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Drawing dead on the turn, Soelberg saw the writing on the wall and a bankroll that just got a $46,500.00 injection of cash for sixth place.

Fulle was getting dangerously low with the blinds beating down on the small stack that Vikidin took a chunk of earlier. Fulle tried raising from the cutoff with 10♠ A♦ to 900K after starting the hand with just 2.4 million left. But, villepn sitting on 10 million chips put Fulle to the test from the small blind by 3-betting to 2.7 million. Fulle would make the call with tournament life on the line and was facing villepn’s big slick K♣A♣. Fulle failed to fill up and villepn’s kicker played on the 5♣ J♦ 2♥ Q♥ J♠ board to ship the 5.3 million chip pot to villepn sending Fulle home in fifth place ($61,500.00).

Vikidin’s stack would continue to grow, calling down all large bets of fellow monster stack unfadeable1 on a Q♠ 5♥ 4♠ 3♣ 4♦ board and holding just a pair of fives A♠5♠ for the winner as unfadeable1’s bluff with 6♣A♣ saw a 24 million chip pot go in Vikidin’s direction. Eleven hands later Vikidin found 8♠A♥ was good enough to min-raise with from the button as the blinds remained at 150K/300K ante 30K. predator.ger wasted no time shoving a stack of 3.5 million into the middle with pocket kings K♥K♣. Vikidin would make the call well behind the kings creating a 7.6 million chip pot. The J♦ 9♣ J♠ flop contained no aces, but the turned A♦ turned predator.ger into prey. The 10♣ on the river left predator.ger to roam the cash games for fish with an extra $79,500.00 in fourth place.

The start of three handed play with blinds at 200K/400K ante 40K looked like this:

Seat 2: villepn (14258012 in chips)
Seat 4: unfadeable1 (13521310 in chips)
Seat 5: Vikidin (42120678 in chips)

Vikidin enjoyed a sizable lead, and chop talks went nowhere fast as neither Vikidin nor villepn wanted to look at the figures. But, the tide would change quickly as here’s the chip count at the five minute break and blinds increasing to level 37 250K/500K ante 50K.

Seat 2: villepn (19318012 in chips)
Seat 4: unfadeable1 (27031310 in chips)
Seat 5: Vikidin (23550678 in chips)

Vikidin would lose the lead and joined unfadeable1 in initiating chop talks, but villepn responded with a “no” sticking to principles about not chopping tournaments after Team PokerStars pro Steve Paul-Ambrose explained no pausing would occur unless all three of the remaining players agreed to chat.

While Vikidin was giving villepn one last shot at a chop, they tangled in a pot that left villepn all-in with his tournament life on the line. Watch the hand play out below:

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After the turned pair of jacks for Vikidin overcame the pocket fives of villepn the remaining two went right to work on a chop deal.

Steve Paul-Ambrose

Fortunately for them Steve Paul-Ambrose brushed up on his arithmetic in college because the players kept asking for more money than what was left. After cosine Y was divided by the tangent of X, they came up with the following chop numbers:

Vikidin: $190,000.00
unfadeable1: $170,000.00

This agreement left the players to play for $30,555.00 in their heads-up battle with blinds still at 250K/500K ante 50K with the following chip counts:

Seat 4: unfadeable1 (26481310 in chips)
Seat 5: Vikidin (43418690 in chips)

The first fifteen minutes of heads up was a light tennis match with volleys being traded with a few hard winners for both players in the seven to nine million chip range. Vikidin would extend the lead to 53 million against unfadeable1’s 16 million when the final hand below played out:

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unfadeable1 got a little unlucky slowplaying the flopped top pair holding Q♠10♥ on the 3♠ 10♣ 5♦ 9♦ 9♣ board, as Vikidin shoved in an overbet for value on the river with trip nines 9♠A♦ to claim unfadeable1’s remaining 12 million chips and this week’s Sunday Million title.

unfadeable1 captured $170,000.00 as the runner up thanks to the chop deal as Vikidin took home $220,555.00 laying claim to the extra $30,555 that was set aside in the negotiations.

Be sure to check back tomorrow at PokerStars.TV for the Sunday Million wrap up show.

$1.5 Million Guarantee Sunday Million Results (06-21-09)
(*based on two-way deal)
1. Vikidin (Bellingham) *$220,555.00
2. unfadeable1 (Monroe) *$170,000.00
3. villepn (Kuopio) $120,000.00
4. predator.ger (Karlsruhe) $79,500.00
5. Fulle (Skuldelev) $61,500.00
6. Soelberg (Århus C) $46,500.00
7. Aftret (Trondheim) $32,250.00
8. < Roskolnikov (Rzeszów) $18,000.00
9. Maxxx72alba (Ekaterinburg) $11,625.00


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