Updated feature: Exchange your Stars Rewards progress bars

August 25, 2020inPoker

We recently updated a feature on Stars Rewards program, and we think you’re going to like it. The reason: there’s absolutely nothing to lose for players.

You’ll now be able to Exchange your Stars Rewards progress bar for a free lower tier chest easier than ever before and with no restrictions. The feature is available for all players at Bronze level or higher.

The “Exchange” feature is now always on. Click the button to drop down a tier and earn a free chest at that level

Let’s say you collect 10 Blue chests and move up to the Bronze level. Then you realize that you won’t earn enough reward points to secure your Bronze chest before the expiry dates (or you just preferred the lower tier).

You can now Exchange your progress bar without limit.

Previously, your progress bar had to be at least 50% full, and you also had to wait until within 10 days of the expiry date in order to make the “Exchange” to a lower tier.

With the updated feature, the “Exchange” option will always be available, so as long as you are Bronze level or higher you can make the trade.

Click the “Exchange” button and your progress bar will reset to a lower tier. You’ll also receive a free bonus chest at that level.

For example, If you Exchange at Bronze, then your progress bar will reset and you’ll be awarded a Blue chest. If you Exchange at Gold, you’ll receive a Silver chest, and so on. Technically, you can Exchange multiple times down the tiers.

This gives you total control over your tier level in the Stars Reward program. It’s just one of the ways we’re looking to improve our products and increase our offerings to players.

The updated feature is already live. Go ahead. Give it a go and capitalize on your free chests and your new found sense of control.


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