UKIPT5 Series 1 Day 2 – Levels 13-19(5,000/10,000/1,000)

March 29, 2015

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3:50pm: Stylianou perishes in 9th, Final table set!
With less than ten big blinds and a relatively premium holding in Q♠J♦ given the situation, Nicholas Stylianou made an obligatory shove on the button when it was folded to him.

Mark Hitchens vacillated over his decision in the big blind as the rest of he table watched on with great interest, eager to see a bustout.

Eventually, he announced call, tabling A♠3♠ – a small favourite over Stylianou’s hand.

The board of 6♣6♠7♥10♦10♠ saw his ace kicker play and Stylianou tapped the table to signal defeat, departing in 9th spot – £950 his reward.

That is the final table set then! We’re on a short break and we will have full chip counts incoming shortly when we return. Good luck all!


Stylianou was the unfortunate final table bubbler

3:40pm: Hancox out in 10th
Stephen Hancox made a move to chip up, jamming over a late position raise with A♣7♣ but was unfortunate to run into Jesus Castro’s ace-king.

A board of K♦K♠4♠10♣10♦ gave Castro a dominant full house and Hancox swiftly exited to collect his £750.

We continue 9 handed as the players are being consolidated onto one table. The official final table will begin once we have had one further elimination.

3:22pm: Final Sheils succumbs(11th place)
The Sheils family have done well at this event, but Brandon is the man who will have the bragging rights over the dinner table, having run the deepest.

Finally the increasingly menacing Joseph Pateman has seen his challenge expire though, picking off Shiels attempt to win the blinds by calling his shove with pocket jacks.

A significant favourite over Sheils fours, his equity edge holds and Sheils winds up finishing just short of the final table positions in 11th place, good for £705.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 5,000-10,000-1,000

3:19pm: Germaine jacks it in (12th)
Jack Germaine has cemented his reputation as a young player with some great game by making another deep run here, but his challenge has been put on ice by Joseph Pateman, whose ace-king saw off Germaine’s move with T-J suited.

12th place for Germaine earns him £665.


A bright future and a toasty present

3:17pm: Eliminations keep coming; Zeki(14th); Khuu(13th)
Brandon Shiels has knocked out Sertan Zeki, his ace-king besting Zeki’s fours on a decisive T-J-Q flop. Easy game, Zeki finishes 14th collecting £575.

Chuc Khuu has been short for some time, gellfully revelling in every elimination prior to his, and his advanced laddering skills have netted him a hard-earned £610. Well played!

3:15pm: Wing clipped(15th)
Wing Yeung’s challenge has faltered, his overcard and flush draw combination with K♥J♥ failing to topple an opponent’s pocket queens.

He collects £525 for 15th.

3:00pm: Rachael’s aces Costa dear(16th)
Rachael Costa came into the day as the chip leader but couldn’t quite convert that position into a final table berth.

Her exit saw her 3-bet to 31,500 having witnessed an open raise to 12,000, which Chris Yong had flat-called.

Yong alone peeled her 3-bet and the pair saw a J♣8♦2♥ board appear.

A 43,000 lead from Costa saw Yong ponder his options before slowly raising to 85,000. Costa shoved and Yong called instantly.

Aces for Costa but she had been cruelly out-flopped, Yong’s J♥8♥ connecting sweetly with the flop.

“Ah nice hand,” she said graciously as she departed, her reward for a deep run – £525.
“You hit so good!” Chuc Khuu commented to Yong, whose recent run-good has seen him rise to over 600,000, which is good for the chip lead.


Chris Yong – connecting with flops and garnering chips

2:45pm: Merfeldas finishes 17th
Lithuanian Arvydas Merfeldas has been a tough opponent for his tablemates over the last few days, but their life has just been made a touch easier.

Chris Yong has dusted him off, making a huge bet on the river of a 4♥7♣4♣J♥K♣ board and Merfeldas feeling like he needed to make a call for all his stack.

Whatever doubts about Yong’s hand he had before he called dissipated as Yong rolled over K-6 for top pair. Shrugged shoulders from Merfeldas told you he was beaten and he leaves in 17th place, collecting £465.


Arvydas Merfeldas’ deep run ends in 17th

2:30pm: Maitra suffers from set up on flop
Tuhin Maitra must have been loving life when he saw a flop with Nicholas Stylianou holding tens and a binked a set.

The board read J♣10♥5♥ and the pair went to war, unsurprisingly, as Stylianou held K♥J♥ for top pair and the flush draw.

The board however did the Canadian no favours as it ran out 3♥Q♣ to give Stylianou a winning flush and after a quick count ascertained he had Maitra covered, we were down our first player in the money.

Maitra is out in 18th spot collecting £465 for his run. Good game sir.

2:25pm: Costa doubles through Yong
Chris Yong has just lost a chunk of chips to Rachael Costa, taking her on with ace-jack preflop only to find himself in deep water versus her queens.

A jack on the flop was insufficient to turn the equity tables in his favour and he drops to 110,000 whilst Costa, the overnight chip leader, rises once more after a so-so day back to a 200,000+ stack.


Costa is back amongst the big guns

2:20pm: Hitchens leads final 18 into payout slots
Mark Hitchens 425,000 is a chip leading stack with the final table in sight. Full counts can be found here.

The players are just filtering in and we’ll be resuming on level 18 shortly.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000-6,000-1,000

2:00pm: Bubble breached!
We were just writing up Morrison’s elimination when two players were simultaneously knocked out, leaving 18 players left, all of whom are in the money. Fistpumps were the order of the day and the players are now taking a twenty minute break before they come back to play to a finish.

We’ll have news of the remaining players shortly, along with full chip counts.

1:55pm: Morrison bows out
Short-stacked, Benjamin Morrison made the move for a double-up with Q♠J♥, only to run into the pocket nines of Richard Paul.

A board of 10♣7♥2♣A♦4♥ saw him fail to spike one of his overcards and crash out just short of the payout slots.

1:45pm: Down and out
22 players remain now with a whipfast pace keeping up. These players have all succumbed in the last few moments

Timothy Craze, Cheok Lao, David Stratful, Ettore Mezzone.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,500-5,000-500

1:30pm: Dempsey Down
James Dempsey has expired, his tournament ending courtesy of three-bet jamming ace-ten for twenty big blinds.

“Sevens overcalled and I lost the flip.”

“Back to brighton to gaze into the ocean!” he nebulously revealed as he zipped out of the casino.

It’s been a bad hour for Brightonians!

1:20pm: The Cauldron continues to bubble
It’s so hot in here right now. Players continue to bust with feverish regularity.

Latest to experience the sharp end of the executioner’s axe are:

Andrew Scott,
Roland Redhead,
Tim Wong,
David Wellings,
and Mark Thomas.

We continue 28 handed as the we close in on the final.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,000-4,000-500

1:00pm: Hitchens storms into chip lead
Mark Hitchens has just won a monster pot off Arvydas Merfeldas.

The pair went to war over the 2♣5♠A♦A♥4♠ board. As bets were made and called, there were a series of intense staredowns between the two of them.

The air was crackling with electricity. When showdown was reached, it was clear why.

A-Q for Merfeldas for trip aces and A-2 for Hitchens for a full house.


Mark Hitchens’ laser-like stare

A seismic pot, Hitchens now holds the chip lead with over 320,000 whilst Merfeldas has taken a big hit, though is still in contention.

12:50pm: Dempsey rises
A good start for James Dempsey has seen him eliminate Amirreza Davoudzadeh in an interesting spot.

Dempsey raised to 5,000 with K♥5♥, only for Davoudzadeh to re-raise him from the big blind to 10,200.

Dempsey peeled and the pair went heads up to an 8♠5♣2♥ board. Check, check.

The 9♣ on the turn saw Dempsey call a bet before the slightly-dangerous looking 7♣ arrived on the river.

Davoudzadeh moved all-in and Dempsey made a quick call with his comparatively weak holding.

“Ace high” muttered Davoudzadeh before collecting his things and departing.

“He’s never got it there,” Dempsey explained of his call.

He’s up to 120,000 now, moving toward the chip lead.

12:44pm:Tongue bitten off
Alas, the blog curse was placed upon Richard Tongue and he too has expired in the early salvoes.

Holding ace-jack, he peeled a Dempsey raise on the button, only for big blind Richard Paul to 3-bet.

Tongue now 4-bet and called the rest of his stack off when Paul 5-bet set him in.

Tongue’s ace-jack needed help versus Paul’s queens and although a jack appeared to increase his potential outs, there was no further improvement for Tongue and he departs short of the final run-in.

“Off to get the replacement bus service now!” Tongue revealed in what seemed an unduly merry manner as he sauntered off to make his way back to his Brighton home on the South coast.

Good game sir!

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,500-3,000-400

12:38pm: Tongue Wagging
Richard Tongue is not one of the bigger stacks but he has clearly had his weetabix today, looking fresh-faced and upbeat about his chances.

“I’ve already won a hand in a row,” he joked. “It’s a Personal best!”

“I’ve lost a hand in a row,” laughed Dempsey beside him.

“That’s not a personal best!” piped in a joker from the rail.


Tongue on form in the early stages

12:30pm: Fast Start
Already heading to the rail are:

John Law, Ruslanas Rudycevas, Amirreza Davoudzadeh, John Nikas and Jesse Algranti have all perished in the early going.

36 players remain but this will be dropping fast if the rate of attrition continues unabated!

12:15pm: Seman loses Vitalii important pot
Vitalii Seman started the day as the shortest stack and the epic spin-up he had planned in his dreams overnight has failed to materialise.

His exit was somewhat standard, he jammed A♠J♥ and was called by Timothy Craze, who held pocket tens..

A board of 5♥2♦8♠4♥5♠ saw him fail to spike and take his leave as the first elimination of the day.

12:05pm: Ready,steady, deal!
After a short technical delay, the cards have been dealt and the day is underway. It looks as though a couple of players have forgotten to adjust their clocks but we hope these vacated seats will be filled shortly.

Good luck everyone!

11:45pm: Day 2 about to start
Welcome back to The Hippodrome for the conclusion of the the first UKIPT series event of Season 5.

We’ve had two hard-fought days here in London, the result of which has left 42 players still contending the title.

The vivacious flame-haired Rachael Costa bagged up 176,600 on Day 1B to cap an excellent day’s poker – sufficient to put her at the head of the chip tallies. She’ll return today with high hopes of a deep run and perhaps victory – a victory which would see her crowned as the first female UKIPT series champion.

She’ll face stiff competition however from the rest of the field. One notable who will be looking to deny her that historic spot is James Dempsey. Dempsey has a trophy cabinet full of illustrious wins and performances, a locker full of hard-won experience and no small tally of chips to back up his assault on the title.


Dempsey is all plans, strategies and bobble hats

There are numerous interesting permutations that could play out through the day. As usual we’ll be detailing all the highs, lows, drama and mayhem that ensues throughout so keep them locked here for all the latest as we close in on the title.

The players will be kicking off at 12:00pm sharp, hopefully all will have factored in the adjustment to their clocks from last night. We’ll be playing to a finish so one way or another today there will be a new UKIPT Series champion crowned.

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT5 Series 1 from The Hippodrome Casino: Rod Stirzaker. Photos courtesy of Mickey May.


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