UKIPT5 Nottingham: Day 1D level 7-10 updates (600/1,200 ante 200)

April 17, 2015

8:40pm: After four long Day 1s, it’s time for Day 2
Day 1D is now in the books. 214 players survived the ten-levels of play and will return tomorrow for Day 2 of the UKIPT5 Nottingham main event. We’ll be back with a full round-up of the day’s events shortly, including chip leaders and late bust-outs. Stay tuned. –JS

8:20pm: Last three hands
Dealers have been told to deal just three more hands before Day 1D play wraps up. –JS

8:10pm: Tough blow for Boeree
PokerStars Team Pro Liv Boeree just had a dent put in her chipstack with just 17 minutes of play remaining. We arrived on the flop, but Liv filled us in on the pre-flop action.

After an under-the-gun limp, Mark Hitchens raised it up and got Liv and two others to call. The flop was the K♣8♦2♥, which Hitchens saw as an opportunity to c-bet 3,200, which Boeree called. The turn was the 5♣ and Hitchens checked over to Liv who bet 7,200, and got a call. The A♠ on the river wasn’t the prettiest card if either player had a king in their hands, and Hitchens bet enough to put Liv all-in. It was certainly a tough decision – “Did you just call down with ace-high and get there?” she asked her opponent. Ultimately she decided to fold her K♥Q♦ and live to fight another battle – but Hitchens turned over 6♣7♣ for nothing but a busted straight and flush draw. Liv’s got 7,200 left and will be hoping to make something happen before play ends. –JS


Liv needs a double-up

8:10pm: So close
It’s so close but yet so far for: Craig McCorkell, Tom Langely, Dean Clay, Fergal Nealon and Daniel Stacey who’ve all busted out during the last level of the day. — NW

7:57pm: Tann and Trigg out
Unfortunately, right after our post ‘The Dice Man’ Willie Tann got knocked out. Some of the other names to have exited recently include Rick Trigg, Daxi Zhang, Stuart Toogood, Hak-mann Lee, and Ben Spraggons. –JS

Blinds up: 600/1,200, ante 200

7:50pm: A race as old as time
It’s a classic. It’s always been there. For as long as the game of Texas Hold ’em has existed, there have been pocket pair versus overcard battles that have seen many hearts broken and many lives changed for the better. Although it’s still only Day 1 here in Nottingham, perhaps we’ve just witnessed one.

Rob Tinnion min-opened and Michael Jolyt raised it up. With the action back on Tinnion he raised again to 15,000 and Jolyt shoved. After some careful thought, Rob made the call and the pair were flipping for about 50,000 each. The racing hands? J♥J♦ for Tinnion, and A♣K♥ for Jolyt.

The flop put Jolyt in the lead, as it fell 3♣K♠2♠. The 6♥ turn changed nothing, but the miracle J♣ on the river certainly did. Heartbreaking for Jolyt but triumphant for Tinnion, who now sits pretty with 108,000. –JS

7:40pm: Old guys can play too!
Willie Tann had a disastrous opening level, dropping to 8,000 at one point. He’s since recovered and is going along nicely with 67,000 — NW


The wily Willie Tann

7:30pm: The Poker Gods care not for reputation
Whilst some might claim they’re unlucky at the poker table (they must be lucky in love then!) the truth is the Poker Gods – and the cards – have no memory and they aren’t stacked against or in favour of any one individual. Got your aces cracked? That’ll happen. As will busting a tournament and some big names have been left potless in Nottingham, which is after all the home of robbing the rich and giving to the poor. That’s all a long winded way of saying that: David Lappin, Leigh Wiltshire, Caicai Huang, Andrew Hawksby, Sunil Mistri, Ivan Luca, Fraser Macintyre, Jude Ainsworth and Patryk Slusarek are all out.
286 players remain on Day 1D. — NW

7:25pm: Silver wins the race
With a raise and a shove in front of him, Max Silver decided it was time to make a stand and called off his 7,200 short stack. Only the all-in player – Mark Roberts – called, and when cards were on their backs it was Silver’s A♠J♠ against the 9♣9♥ of Roberts. The 5♦6♥3♠ flop was no help for Max – nor was the Q♣ on the turn – but an ace from outer space arrived on the river and Max is now sitting with 21,500. –JS

7:10pm: Chip leaders
With two levels to go on Day 1D these are the players contesting the chip lead.

Sam Mitten-laurence, United Kingdom, 146,000
Charlie Combes, United Kingdom, 143,000
Carretero Santos, 136,000
Joao Almeida, Portugal, 132,000
Ian Bosley, United Kingdom, 130,000
Hui Jin, United Kingdom, 130,000
Phillip Mighall, United Kingdom, 130,000
Kestutis Kristapaitis, Lithuania, 117,000
Mark Hitchens, United Kingdom, 115,000
William Kassouf, United Kingdom, 112,000

Blinds up: 500/1,000, ante 100

6:50pm: And…break
The players are now on their final 20 minute recess of the day. — NW

6:45pm: More gold for Gomez
Diego Gomez is situated at the same table as his compatriot Leo Margets. The Team PokerStars Pro, who has 44,000, looked on as Gomez tangled against Thales Salomao. The latter opened to 1,200 from under-the-gun+1 and Gomez defended his big blind. Both players checked the 6♣2♥6♠ flop and the J♠ landed on the turn. Gomez checked again, Salomao bet 2,200 and called when Gomez check-raised to 4,600 total.
The river was the 3♣ and a bet of 9,300 was enough to win the pot for Gomez, although Salomao tanked for a long time before folding. — NW

6:40pm: Falling fast
Just 326 of the 557 players who entered today’s Main Event remain as we approach the end of level eight here at Dusk Till Dawn. Among those on the rail are: Carl Froch (he re-entered and then busted), Ben Jenkins, Brett Angell, Gordon Huntly, Paul Simmons, Jack Ellwood and Lee Taylor. – NW

6:35pm: Tough hand for Cody
Jake Cody has had a lot of well-known tablemates today – Tom Hall, Surinder Sunar, Marcel Luske and now Liv Boeree – but unfortunately his tables keep breaking.

The last hand before Jake and Liv’s table split, however, was a tough one for the PokerStars Team Pro. He opened to 1,900 and found two callers in the small and big blinds. The flop was 8♥9♥3♦ and it was checked around to Jake who bet 2,700 and got one caller – Mehtab Shabir. The Q♦ fell on the turn and Shabir checked once more, resulting in a 7,000 bet from Cody. After some interrogation and finding out that Jake had “started the hand with about 50,000”, Shabir raised it up to 15,200, and Jake made the call. The river was the 5♣ and Shabir put Jake all-in. He went deep into the tank for about four minutes but eventually decided to give it up. Shabir showed his hand – 9♠7♠ for second pair – and Jake couldn’t help but look like he regretted his decision.

Who will Jake and Liv have on their new tables? We’ll soon find out. –JS

6:10pm: Luske on the up
Over at Jake Cody’s table we noticed that Marcel Luske had joined him, sitting in the seat to his right. We found Luske among the action, raising to 1,800 and getting three-bet by Charles Denton to 3,000 (although he initially tried to raise to just 2,450 – something which intrigued the Flying Dutchman). Luske made the call and the flop came 2♣10♣10♠, which was checked round – as was the 7♠ turn. When the 3♦ came on the river Luske led out for 4,000 and was quickly called by Denton, who mucked when Luske turned over 5♣7♣ for two pair, tens and sevens.

What with Cody and Luske as neighbours, the table seemed like it might have been a fun one to rail, but unfortunately the table has now broke. Shame. –JS


Luske – on the move in more ways than one

6:05pm: Guarantee reached!
The final numbers are in and with 557 runners total today (494 uniques and 63 re-entries) the final number across all start days is 1,026!

Blinds up: 400/800, ante 100

5:55pm: Counts from the break
Below are the chip counts of the names, notables and big stacks from the start of level seven. We’re starting to see a few 100K stacks emerge now. Still some way to go though if anyone wants to catch Alex Harriman, who accumulated 205,900 yesterday.

Phillip Mighall, United Kingdom, 108,000
David La Ronde, United Kingdom, 104,000
Martyn Frey, United Kingdom, 90,000
James Sassi, United Kingdom, 85,000
Jason Tompkins, Ireland, 85,000
Man Hei Lam, Australia, 84,000
Jamie O’Connor, United Kingdom, 74,000
Carlo Citrone, United Kingdom, 72,000
Osman Mustanoglu, Turkey, 65,000
Ludovic Geilich, United Kingdom, 63,000
Ciaran Heaney, Ireland, 61,500
John Duthie, United Kingdom, 60,000
Keith Johnson, United Kingdom, 60,000
Ben Heath, United Kingdom, 58,500
Alan Gold, United Kingdom, 58,000
Leon Louis, United Kingdom, 55,025
John Eames, United Kingdom, 54,000
Marcel Luske, Netherlands, 53,600
Neil Raine, United Kingdom, 53,000
Alex Goulder, United Kingdom, 52,000


Tomasz Raniszewski, Ireland, 50,500
Paul Jackson, United Kingdom, 46,000
Liv Boeree, United Kingdom, Team PokerStars Pro, 44,100
Rapinder Cheema, United Kingdom, 42,000
Jake Cody, United Kingdom, Team PokerStars Pro, 40,000
Morten Mortensen, Denmark, 40,000
Carl Froch, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 39,000
Ryan Spittles, United Kingdom, 37,000
Marc Convey, United Kingdom, 37,000
Caicai Huang, United Kingdom, 37,000
Chaz Chattha, United Kingdom, 37,000
Peter Barrable, Ireland, 36,200
Dara Davey, Ireland, 35,500
Rick Trigg, United Kingdom, 32,000
Jason Beazley, United Kingdom, 30,000
David Lappin, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, 29,900
Diego Gomez, Spain, 29,400
Willie Tann, United Kingdom, 29,000
Mick Graydon, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, 27,000


Jake Cody

Fergal Nealon, Ireland, 26,800
Charlie Carrel, United Kingdom, 25,250
Nick Hicks, United Kingdom, 25,200
Surinder Sunar, United Kingdom, 25,050
Niall Farell, United Kingdom, 25,000
Charlie Combes, United Kingdom, 25,000
Patryk Slusarek, Poland, 24,000
Leo Margets, Spain, Team PokerStars Pro, 23,400
Simon Hemsworth, United Kingdom, 23,000
Daniel Stacey, United Kingdom, 21,700
Angelo Milioto, United Kingdom, 21,000
Jack Ellwood, United Kingdom, 21,000
Dean Hutchison, United Kingdom, 19,000
Paul McTaggart, United Kingdom, 17,400
Ben Jenkins, United Kingdom, 17,000
Max Silver, United Kingdom, 16,500
Dara O’Kearney, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, 16,000
Craig McCorkell, United Kingdom, 14,000
Fraseer Macintyre, United Kingdom, 12,000
Owain Carey, United Kingdom, 12,000
Paul Simmons, United Kingdom, 7,000


Fergal Nealon

5:45pm: The champ’s chipping up
Speaking of champs, four-time super-middleweight boxing world champion Carl Froch seems to be faring better on his second bullet of the day after taking down a nice pot which took his chip stack up to 39,000.

Alex Goulder opened to 1,400 and Froch called in the small blind, as did Arvin Ravindran in the big. The flop was 4♦J♥7♠ and it was checked around to Goulder who continued for 2,000. That wasn’t enough for Froch, though, who doubled it to 4,000. Ravindran got out of the way, Goulder called, and we went heads-up to the turn. It was the 2♦ and Froch thought about betting whilst tapping on his arm. “Was that a check?” Goulder asked, but the two players laughed it off. Froch’s bet size was 3,000 and again Goulder called. The K♥ river led Froch to fire out a blue 5,000 chip, a bet Goulder would look up. It was a nice river for ‘The Cobra’ who turned over A♥K♦ for the winning hand, as Goulder mucked. –JS


Carl Froch earlier today

5:30pm: High Roller champ’s back
Ivan Luca arrived just in time to buy in on Day 1D. He managed to become chipleader yesterday before busting not long after – will he fare better today? –JS

5:25pm: It’s a lock out
Anyone who busts from this point on will not be able to re-buy as late registration has closed. Plenty of players have already gone broke today and opted not to re-buy. The likes of Nicolas Cardyn, Thomas High, Tim Davie, Dale Garrad, Tom Hall Tamer Kamel and Kelly Saxby are already on the rail. Perhaps they’ll opt to play the £100,000 GTD Notts Cup which starts at 7pm tonight.


Kelly Saxby – one of many casualties in the opening six levels

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT5 Nottingham: Jack Stanton and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May


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