UKIPT5 Nottingham Day 1D: Level 1-6 updates (250/500 ante 50)

April 17, 2015

5pm: Break time
That’s the end of level six, players can still re-enter during the break but as soon as level seven starts late registration will close. You’ll find updates from level seven (and beyond) in a new post shortly. — NW

4:55pm: The luck of the Irish

4:50pm: Ainsworth out
Jude Ainsworth has busted and has just ten minutes to re-buy before the late registration period closes. On a flop of 6♦7♦K♣, Nick Weaver raised to 2,500. The Irishman made it an even 10,000 to go and it didn’t take long for him to get his remaining 15,000 in the middle too after Weaver shoved. Ainsworth’s 6♣7♣ gave him two pair, but he was far behind Weaver’s set of kings. The 8♦ turn and 9♦ river gave Weaver a flush and that was that. Good game Jude. –JS

4:45pm: King clouted by kings!
Rob ‘hippy’ King is part of the poker media pack but he was playing the game he loves to write about today having satellite into this event for just $12.

He’d dropped to about 16,000 by the time his tournament defining pot took place. There was a limp in early position from Martin Frey, King then raised to 1,250 and action passed to UKIPT4 Isle of Man 2 runner-up Ciaran Heaney, he got out some raising chips but before he could act Sameer Singh threw out a four-bet.

The floor was called and it was ruled that if action changed then Singh could take his bet back but if it remained the same his bet it would remain. Heaney, somewhat surprisingly decided to raise to 2,850 and Singh decided to fold. Back on Frey he called and King then moved all-in, Heaney took little to no time in moving in over the top and Frey folded.

King: 9♠9♦
Heaney: K♦K♥

The board ran J♣A♠7♣K♠6♣ and King was out. “I’d been card dead for three hours and I’m happy with how I played,” he told the PokerStars Blog. — NW

4:30pm: All she wrote for Angell
We saw Brett Angell get up out of his seat and feared the worst. Angell had indeed busted, and kindly talked to the PokerStars Blog about how it happened.

“I limped under-the-gun with pocket kings; limping under the gun is something I’d done about five or six times today. Brandon Sheils made it 1,500 from the big blind, another player flats and I make it 4,200. Sheils then shoves all-in for 30,000 and I snap. He had ace queen and turned an ace.” Unlucky Brett. Will he fire another bullet? There’s still time. –JS

4:25pm: Hicklin making moves
As you’ll have read below (4:10pm post), we arrived at Carl Froch’s table to find an empty seat where ‘The Cobra’ once sat. We caught a fun hand whilst we were there though – and it never even got to a flop. Brett Angell limped under-the-gun, and Jacob Hicklin raised it up to 1,500. That wasn’t enough for Brendan Sheils on the button, however, and he made it 2,900 to go. Angell folded and the action was back on Hicklin who fiddled with his chips for a few seconds and then laid out yet another raise to 7,500, which got a fold from Sheils. Hicklin showed the 3♥, which got a few giggles from around the table. –JS

4:20pm: The clock is ticking
There’s just one more level of late registration to go, so if you don’t want to get locked out of this tournament you’ve got around 45 minutes to get yourself to Dusk Till Dawn.

So far today there have been 479 unique entries and 35 re-entries. — NW

Blinds up: 250/500, ante 50

4:10pm: Carl Froch knocked out
That’s not a sentence you hear very often but ‘The Cobra’ has been eliminated from this tournament. We didn’t see the first hand but we’re told he had ace-king against an opponent who rivered trip threes. — NW

4pm: Not you again!
There’s a strong Irish contingent in the field today including Mick Graydon and Jude Ainsworth. The two are sharing a hotel room at this tournament and wouldn’t you know it they’re sat side by side at the moment!

They’re not the only talented players from the Emerald Isle in the field today. It’s a welcome return to the tour for Jason Tompkins, he final tabled UKIPT3 Dublin but has been living in Australia until recently so UKIPT’s were off the menu. He’s in form too having won the SCOOP Low Main Event on earlier this week.

Tour regulars like Dara O’Kearney, David Lappin, Dara Davey, Peter Barrable, Fergal Nealon and Tomasz Raniszewski add to the depth of talent from Ireland in the field today. They’ll all be hoping to emulate Chris Dowling who finished amongst the chip leaders on Day 1C. — NW

3:45pm: Get your coat Mac
“Wow wow wow,” said Fraser Macintyre with a shake of the head, the Scotsman had just been rivered in a big pot and was now short on chips. He didn’t show his cards at the end but you suspect from the way he double checked them twice that he had a strong hand. Let’s rewind though…

We picked up the action on the 9♥7♠8♠ flop, Macintyre – who was in early position – bet 1,100, his two opponents were the small and big blind and both David Hipperson and Paul Frost stuck around to see the 3♥ peel off on fourth street. When he was checked to for a second time Macintyre – who finished second at EPT8 Madrid – wasted little time in betting 3,100, this time only Frost called.

The 4♥ completed the board and after fidgeting for a bit Frost decided to lead for 6,000, Macintyre instantly flicked in a chip to signify the call and Frost showed A♥J♥ for the nuts and Macintyre’s rueful reflective routine began. He’s now short on chips. — NW

Blinds up: 200/400, ante 25

3:35pm: Aces for the Conv
Speaking of the four bet klaxon, EPT commentator and member of the PokerStars Blog Marc Convey – the term’s creator – just picked up a pot with pocket aces. The Conv is now up to 45,000. –JS


Convey in the main

3:32pm: A Cody cold four-bet
Over at Jake Cody’s table, Charles Denton opened to 800 but it was three-bet by Owain Carey to 1,900. Then the four bet klaxon starting wailing, as Cody made it 5,400 to go. Both players folded and Jake raked it in. –JS

3:30pm: She’s not wrong
Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree sat down shortly before the end of level three. “I’ve played three pots and won one of them,” was her succinct summing up of how her day has gone so far.

3:15pm: Exits
We’re up to 472 entries in total but only 446 players remain in their seats. Alli Mallu, Vincent Mcaulay, Dan Carter, Jonathan Kalmar, James Walsh, Gareth Coles, Luke Davies, Jesus Castro Reyes, Zack Rosen, Fergal Ocathain and Jonathan Haughian are among those who’ve been eliminated. — NW

3pm: Counts from the break
We’re keeping track of the names, notables and big stacks over on the chip count page. Diego Gomez, the eccentric – and talented – Spaniard has almost doubled his starting stack whilst Ian Simpson’s latest shot at the tournament is going very well. At the other end of the scale Paul McTaggart, Dan Carter and Jon Kalmar might need to reload soon.

Diego Gomez, Spain, 55,000
Ian Simpson, United Kingdom, 52,000
Tomasz Raniszewsk, Ireland, 51,000
Leon Louis, United Kingdom, 50,700
Tamer Kamel, United Kingdom, 46,000
David Lappin, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier 45,000
Keith Johnson, United Kingdom, 43,000
Marc Convey, United Kingdom, 40,000
Dara Davey, Ireland, 37,000
Jason Tompkins, Ireland, 36,100
Carlo Citrone, United Kingdom, 35,000
Jake Cody, United Kingdom, Team PokerStars Pro, 35,000
Caicai Huang, United Kingdom, 32,000
Max Silver, United Kingdom, 32,000
Alex Goulder, United Kingdom, 32,000
Kelly Saxby, USA, 31,600
Fergal Nealon, Ireland, 31,500
Patryk Slusarek, Poland, 31,500
Jamie O’Connor, United Kingdom, 31,500
John Eames, United Kingdom, 31,300


Gomez has got off to a great start

Marcel Luske, Netherlands, 31,300
Dean Lyall, United Kingdom, 30,700
Neil Raine, United Kingdom, 30,000
Ryan Spittles, United Kingdom, 29,500
Alan Gold, United Kingdom, 29,350
Ben Heath, United Kingdom, 29,075
Tom Hall, United Kingdom, 29,000
Rick Trigg, United Kingdom, 29,000
Surinder Sunar, United Kingdom, 29,000
Angelo Milioto, United Kingdom, 28,100
Dale Garrard, United Kingdom, 28,000
Niall Farell, United Kingdom, 28,000
Rapinder Cheema, United Kingdom, 28,000
Mick Graydon, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, 28,000
Ben Jenkins, United Kingdom, 27,000
Liv Boeree, United Kingdom, Team PokerStars Pro, 26,700
Nick Hicks, United Kingdom, 26,000
Chaz Chattha, United Kingdom, 25,300
Nicolas Cardyn, France, 25,100
Eleanor Gudger, United Kingdom, 25,050


UKIPT5 London winner Rapinder Cheema

Ali Mallu, United Kingdom, 25,050
Carl Froch, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 25,000
Morten Mortensen, Denmark, 25,000
Craig McCorkell, United Kingdom, 24,500
Fraseer Macintyre, United Kingdom, 24,000
Paul Jackson, United Kingdom, 24,000
Leo Margets, Spain, Team PokerStars Pro, 23,400
Jude Ainsworth, Ireland, 23,000
Daniel Stacey, United Kingdom, 22,000
Paul Simmonds, United Kingdom, 21,500
Dean Hutchison, United Kingdom, 21,000
Simon Hemsworth, United Kingdom, 17,525
Owain Carey, United Kingdom, 17,000
Brett Angell, United Kingdom, 17,000
Charlie Combes, United Kingdom, 16,000
Dara O’Kearney, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, 14,400
Willie Tann, United Kingdom, 14,000
Mitch Johnson, United Kingdom, 13,000
Jack Ellwood, United Kingdom, 8,500
Jon Kalmar, United Kingdom, 7,300
Dan Carter, United Kingdom, 6,300
Paul McTaggart, United Kingdom, 3,100


Vamos Leo!

2:50pm: Shoving prowess
An interesting hand just took place at table 67. We arrived at the action as Hui Jin had three-bet an early-position open from Tamer Kamel to 2,500. Kamel, who made a deep in run in the main event at EPT Prague in December, opted to call but then Vamshi Chaitanya Vandanapu to his left shoved his entire 5,500 stack in the middle, and that’s where things got interesting.

In what you’d call a standard ‘isolation’ spot, Jin decided to re-raise all-in – for a whopping 41,000. The sheer size of the raise gave Kamel trouble, as he clearly had a touch decision on his hands for his tournament life. He did eventually make the fold, telling the table he threw away pocket tens. It turned out to be a good fold, as Jin had J♣J♠. Up against Vandanapu’s A♥J♥, the board ran out J♦8♥Q♣4♥10♣ and Jin raked in a nice pot, eliminating his opponent. –JS

Blinds up: 150/300 ante 25

2:22pm: First break
Players are now on their first break of the day as level 3 comes to end. –JS

2:20pm: Boeree joins Luske
One face you can’t help but see at Dusk Till Dawn is Liv Boeree’s, due to the PokerStars Team Pro posters proudly on display around the venue. But now the real thing is here; Liv has joined Marcel Luske’s table – we’ll be sure to keep an eye on her movements. –JS

2:10pm: Sing with Jake!
Jake Cody usually runs a #PlaywithJake competition where if you can guess his exact cards in a hand he plays you get a 1% freeroll of anything he cashes for in that tournament. He’s mixed it up in Nottingham though.

2:00pm: Duthie needs another bullet
As the founder of the EPT, John Duthie is a man who knows the game of poker very well indeed, which means he’s also familiar with getting unlucky. Just in case he had forgotten, his first bullet in the main event has just reminded him.

We didn’t catch the early action, but Duthie was all-in pre-flop with 6♣6♠ and was called in a couple of spots. Eventually the board ran out 8♦2♠Q♦Q♥K♠. Vitas Gapsevicius’s A♥K♦ had got there on the river and it was time to reload for Duthie, who went straight to the cashier for another life. –JS

1:50pm: 433 and counting
The field is up to 433 so far and is sure to grow further before late registration closes at the start of level seven. It may well be bolstered by Albert Sapiano, Jonathan Willis and Milorad Dobrijevic who have all been eliminated. — NW

1:40pm: Doke panic
Dara ‘Doke’ O’Kearney was noticeable for his absence from UKIPT5 London in January. Noticeable because he’s been the Online Qualifier of the Year for the past two seasons, racking up more satellite wins to the UKIPT than anybody else.

There was nothing sinister behind his absence though and he’s playing today, he’s got Neil ‘heffs’ Raine for company at his table.

Blinds up: 100/200 ante 25

1:30pm: Leo Margets in the field
Leo Margets flew in from Spain to play in the UKIPT5 Nottingham main event, and the Team PokerStars pro is in her seat among the action. An hour ago she tweeted about the tournament – our Spanish isn’t great, but ‘masivo!’ speaks for itself. Good luck Leo! –JS

1:20pm: Jake Cody – meet your new tablemates
Trickett’s room, a separate area in Dusk Till Dawn usually reserved for high stakes cash games, has possibly one of the toughest of the 73 (and counting) tables here today. Surinder Sunar, Tom Hall, and PokerStars Team Pro Jake Cody are all sat right next to each other. We’re sure they’ll tangle at some point throughout the course of action.

When arrived at the table, Cody was involved in a healthy pot with Ben Ridley-Swanson, who had lead out for 6,000 with the board reading 8♣10♠K♦A♥K♠. Cody just called and Ridley-Swanson tabled Q♥Q♠, but it wasn’t enough to beat Cody’s Q♣J♣ for a straight. With the board paired on the river and plenty of potential full house combinations out there, it’s no surprise Jake opted not to raise. The day is young, after all. –JS

1:15pm: Tann off to a bad start
The legend that is Willie Tann beckoned the PokerStars Blog over, he clearly had a tale to tell. “I walked into a set,” he said wistfully. “I had two pair.” He wasn’t done yet though as his tale of woe continued. “The someone made a hero call against me, I had [Jx][9x] and the flop came [10x][3x][8x], I missed and he called me down with the seven-three!”

After those mishaps Tann is down to 8,000. “That’s plenty,” he said with a smile. — NW

1:00pm: No casualties yet
It’s good news for anybody railing – there was no bust outs in level 1. Players are now in the second of ten levels that they’ll play today. –JS

Blinds up: 75/150

12:55pm: Legends of the game
Among the masses today are some true legends of the game. John Duthie, the founder of the EPT, is saying his hellos before taking his seat, while Willie ‘The Dice Man’ Tann is already in the action. Meanwhile, new tables are being announced all the time, with seats reserved for Surinder Sunar and the Flying Dutchman himself, Marcel Luske.

John Duthie, United Kingdom, 25,000
Willie Tann, United Kingdom, 25,000
Marcel Luske, Netherlands, 25,000
Surinder Sunar, United Kingdom 25,000



The all new John Duthie

12:50pm: Start as you mean to go on
With so many tables it’s not going to be hard to seek out some big pots, and one such hand was taking place at table 47. On a board of 4♦5♦8♥Q♥, Andrew Trujillo put out a bet of 1,650 which was called in two spots before Daniel Stanway bumped it up to 6,000. It was called around and four players went to a river, which was the J♠. It was checked around and Stanway flipped over 4♣4♥ for a flopped set, which beat Trujillo’s A♠Q♣. With more than 24,000 in the pot, it’s a nice start to the day for Stanway. –JS

12:45pm: He can talk and write but can he play?
Marc Convey is more likely to be found working on this tour or the EPT where he’s held various roles including blogger and commentator. He recently picked up ‘Media Person of the Year’ at the European Poker Awards but today he’s on the other side of the felt as he felt this tournament was too good to miss. He’s liking the new structure too.

12:35pm: So. Many. Players.
There are already 395 players in the field today and there are so many notables that we can’t list them all but to give you a flavour of who’s playing we can tell you that Team PokerStars Pro Leo Margets, UKIPT4 leader board winner Dara Davey and UKIPT4 London champion Brett Angell are all playing today. We’re going to keep track of them and other notables (as best we can) over on the chip count page though.

12:20pm: Some notables names
Play has begun here on Day 1D and Dusk Till Dawn is well and truly rammed, as expected. Despite the sea of people we still managed to catch some of the familiar faces who have taken their seats at the felt. Some of the notable names here already include:

Charlie Combes, United Kingdom, 25,000
Rich Trigg, United Kingdom, 25,000
Simon Hemsworth, United Kingdom, 25,000
Eleanor Gudger, United Kingdom, 25,000
Niall Farrell, United Kingdom, 25,000
Jack Salter, United Kingdom, 25,000
Keith Johnson, United Kingdom, 25,000
Brett Angell, United Kingdom, 25,000

We’ll keep an eye on their progress as the day moves forward. –JS

12:15pm: Cody doesn’t want that kind of hat-trick
Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody played both Day 1B and Day 1C he’s back again today but will be hoping he doesn’t collect a hat-trick of bust outs.

12:10pm: They’re off
Cards are in the air here at Dusk Till Dawn. — NW

12pm: The first and last chance saloon
We’ve been here before, three times in fact but this time it feels different. For many this will be their first – and only – shot at the £1,000,000 GTD UKIPT5 Nottingham Main Event. For others this is their second, third or even fourth tilt at the title. But after today there are no more second or third chances, at the start of level seven this tournament becomes a straight freezeout.

All days of tournament poker are the same – the blinds rise and players depart – but no two are exactly alike. We don’t know exactly what will happen today but what we can say with some certainty is that fourth and final starting day of this tournament will be by far the busiest. In fact the safest bet of the week is that the total number of runners today will be higher than the previous three start days combined. A total of 469 have tried so far, we may well get 600 today, perhaps more.


Would you steal this man’s big blind?

Jake Cody is one of those who’s back trying for a third time, fellow Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree is taking her first shot and IBF and WBA Super Middleweight champion Carl Froch is also playing today. The local lad was put through a poker boot camp by Cody earlier in the week so we’re sure he’s up for the fight.

Players are being called to their seats and action will be under way shortly.

Key UKIPT5 Nottingham Facts:
– 25,000 starting stack
– Blinds starting at 50/100 for 250 big blinds
– Day 1D is today, the field will then combine for the first time on Saturday before playing down to a winner on Sunday. Cue quaffing of champagne and awkward posing for the winners photo whilst the runner-up wishes he (or she) was anywhere else.
-The UKIPT structure has been tweaked for Season 5. Levels on Day 1 are now 45 minutes, on Day 2 that increases to 60 minutes.

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT5 Nottingham: Jack Stanton and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May


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