UKIPT5 Edinburgh Day 1B: Level 1-7 updates (300/600, ante 75)

November 20, 2015

6:15pm: Busted by dinner
The players are on a 75-minute dinner break. Updates for the rest of the day will appear in a new post, found here. The following players have busted so far today:

Kristria Nagaraju, Michael Jones, Thomas Dunwoodie, Jamie Caira, Jonathan Barr, Chuc Khuu, Mike Finan, John Cozens, Adrian Gray, Nicholas Galtos, David Mccallum, Ryan Meilke, Jamie Rutherford, Beyazil Zorlu, Nabil Caballero, Andrew Mckenzie, Anthony Lynn, Anthony Mullen, Jamie Oconnor, Andrew Hedley, Junman To, Alan Gold, Andrew Dobson, Bobby Zhang, Carl Harris, Steiner Edduson, Patrick Clarke, Ian Otobo, Christopher Gatley, Junman To, David Weeks, Lucas Oliver, Richard Pearson, Thomas Hemming, Sebastian Malec, Tom Hall, Anthony Galloway, Vilazslaw Filip, Antonis Poulengeris, Robert Brown, Cheng Zeng, Ben Dobson, Foyzul Hussein, M Pereira, Selim Ogan, Gregor Macbrayne, Mike Bourke, Ian Bosley, John Clark, Jason Mcconnon, Marley Thomas, Diego Gonzalez, James Shea, Elena Slover, Peter King, Lewis Jeal, Gary Bertram, Angel Francisco, Ho Yin Lee, Simon Pham, Andrew Turnbull, John Clements, Paul Gough and Drew Buchanan. — MC

5:55pm: Chips
Below are the stacks of a number of the notables in the Day 1B field:

Vicente Delgado, 85,000
Thomas Ward, 60,000
Jake Cody, 59,500
Niall Farrell, 51,500
Gareth Chantler, 49,000
Ben Jenkins, 30,100
Dan Charlton, 24,500
David Clarkson, 24,450


Farrell’s in form
Paul McTaggart, 17,600
Ciaran Heaney, 15,000
Jack Ellwood, 14,000
Nick Abou Risk, 13,625
Kelly Saxby, 13,300
Max Silver, 12,350
Dan Stacey, 12,000
Jamie Dale, 8,600


Max Silver
5:45pm: Ferguson doubles through Worley-Roberts
A big double up for Andrew Ferguson to tell you about, with Deborah Worley-Roberts the player giving him extra ammunition to play with.

It all started with a raise to 1,400 from under-the-gun, Worley-Roberts was next to act she called and Ferguson then three-bet to 3,100 from middle position. The original raiser folded but Worley-Roberts asked for a look at Ferguson’s stack before calling.
The flop came 4♣5♦10♣, Worley-Roberts checked and Ferguson moved all-in for 9,200. “I might make a loose call just to get rid of you,” said Worley-Roberts before adding. “You’re just too bloody good sometimes.”

About ten seconds elapsed before she said: “This is really loose but I call,” Ferguson showed K♠K♣ and the American said: “That’s bad, that’s really bad, I’m going to need runner-runner,” as she opened K♦Q♦.

The K♥ turn left Worley-Roberts drawing dead and the 3♥ completed the board. “I just keep giving you chips,” noted Worley-Roberts. She’s dropped to about 50,000 after losing that pot. –NW

5:40pm: Cody gets value out of Clarkson
Jake Cody and David Clarkson are two of the better-known players at their table and are sat next to each other. The latter took the seat vacated by the recently eliminated Owain Carey.

Around 5,500 chips sat in a small pile next to five cards that read 10♥A♥5♣7♦9♣. Clarkson checked from the small blind and watched as the Team PokerStars Pro took his time before betting 2,100. Clarkson had a mini tank and called but mucked when he saw Cody’s A♦8♥. He mucked and then tapped his arm to say good bet. Both players have around 43,000. — MC


Clarkson couldn’t draw a better seat to break into

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300/600, ante 75


5:25pm: Brutal bust for UKIPT champion
Chris Ferguson took down UKIPT Newcastle in Season 3 of the UKIPT but he won’t be winning a second title this week as he’s run into cruel lady variance here in Edinburgh.

5:15pm: Ward gets there, gets paid
Thomas Ward tried to win pot with position, couldn’t, but got there in the end and has a 64,000 as a result.

Big stack. Big, beautiful hair
Mark Duguid opened from mid position and was called by Ward (cutoff), along with the big blind. The flop spread 4♥J♦3♠ and the action checked around to Ward who bet 1,200. Duguid was the only caller to the 9♣ turn where both players checked. The river was the 10♥ and Duguid led for 2,000. Ward paused for a minute and then raised to 10,700. Duguid tanked for a couple of minutes and then called but mucked upon seeing Ward’s K♦Q♦ for the nuts.

Duguid mucked and shod his head. Upon questioning, he confirmed to Ward that he held top two pair. He dropped to 11,700. — MC

5pm: New sheriff in town
Kev ‘ace’ Butler is up to 135,000 courtesy of a double elimination. The PokerStars Blog only caught the end of the hand but Butler held pocket queens and the pair held up against Mani Eimarsson and Lars Stockenschinedier – who both had ace-king – in a pot worth around 65,000. As a result of winning that hand Butler is now the chip leader. –NW


Kev Butler and his mountain of chips
4:50pm: Big stack watch
Some bigger stack are starting to emerge now the tournament has reached the sixth level of the day. Below are the ones spotted:

David Antelo, 110,000
Neil Irving, 92,000
Lucas Dimsa, 82,000
Haukur Bodvarsson, 81,000
Paul Fowler, 67,000
Mateusz Zbikowski, 66,000
Hak-Hyun Lee, 63,000
Kim Clay, 63,000
Paul Mchenry, 61,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 250/500, ante 50


4:18pm: Kateian turns nuts, gets flushed away on the river
Scott Kateian came all the way from Seattle to get flushed away on the river. He came by and told the blog about his exit hand.

He raised to 900 from the cutoff with J♠9♠ and called after David Antelo three-bet to 2,800 from the small blind. The flop fanned 8-7-6 with two diamonds and Antelo check-called 3,300 before both players checked the 10♥ turn. The river was the 10♦ and the chips went in. Kateian’s nut straight on the turn couldn’t hold up to Antelo’s flush on the river with A♦5♦ and the latter passed 100k. — MC

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4:10pm: Delgado all smiles
Vicente Delgado let a cheeky smile across his face after he busted an opponent to rise to around 50,000.

After a mid position limp and a raise to 1,500 from the cutoff, the Spaniard called from the button along with Thomas Dunwoodie in the small blind. The limper then decided to move all in for 12,000 and was only called by Delgado who held A♠10♥. His opponent opened 9♣9♥ but failed to survive a board than ran A♥8♦K♣J♣J♥. — MC


Delgado has become a cheeky chappie since moving to London
4pm: Flushed
Did William McClure break a mirror whilst walking under a ladder at the same time as a black cat crossed his path? Who knows but he just suffered some incredibly bad luck in a hand against Vilazslaw Filip. The latter was all-in for about 8,000 with A♦Q♦ and McClure had given him a spin with A♥Q♥.

This pot would end in a chop over 85% of the time, with each player likely to win the entire pot about 7.5% of the time. The first two community cards were blanks but the K♦8♦7♦ were the final three and meant that Filip saw his stack given an unlikely fillip. — NW

3:50pm: Hold’em Manager
Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody’s table has broken and he’s been placed to the right of Owain Carey. The two are both huge football fans, supporting Man Utd and Spurs respectively and went straight into discussing the England team.

“It’s got to be Kane with Rooney just behind him,” said Carey to Cody extolling the virtues of both of their sides main strikers. “I reckon Barkley should be the lynch pin of our midfield,” he added.

“I’d play Barkley behind Kane,” replied Cody who it seems would have no problem ditching his beloved United’s star striker, who also happens to be the England captain. Big call that Mr Cody but then football, like poker, is all about opinions. — NW

3:40pm: Big names (and stacks) from the main tournament room
The players below are notable for the size of their stack, the reputation behind it, or both:

Diego Gomez, 70,000
Niall Farrell, 41,500
Paul McTaggart, 36,200
Thomas Ward, 27,500
Kelly Saxby, 25,200
Steiner Edduson, 23,600
Jamie O’Connor, 23,300
Owain Carey, 22,750
Alan Gold, 20,025
Jack Ellwood, 19,800
Ciaran Heaney, 17,700
Dan Stacey, 16,300
Dan Charlton, 14,000
Alex Ferguson, 11,600

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 200/400, ante 50


3:30pm: Fraser Macbusted
Mateusz Zbikowski had had lots of good results on the UKIPT and EPT, helping him to amass cashes totalling over $100k. He’s looking at a deep run here too, getting up to 75,000 after eliminating Fraser MacIntyre.

The two players had made it to the river where a 3♠Q♦7♥8♦A♥ board rested. Zbikowski led for 5,900 and then called quickly when the Scotsman shoved for around 27,000.

MacInytre opened 3♣3♦ for a set but Zbikowski had him beat with Q♣Q♠ for a bigger set. — MC

3:15pm: Notable stacks in the secondary room
Here’s how some of the names and notables in the secondary tournament room are getting on:

Gordon Huntly, 58,000
Thomas Dunwoodie, 46,000
Gareth Chantler, 42,000
Deborah Worely-Roberts, 36,000
Max Silver, 33,000
Jake Cody, 30,000
Ben Jenkins, 27,900
Andrew Ferguson, 27,300
Jonathan Rees, 26,700
Harry Lodge, 23,000
Mike Panteli, 22,100
Pablo Gordillo, 22,000
Vicente Delgado, 21,500


Cody has increased his stack to 30,000
2:55pm: Early chip leader most probably
Twelve players from Iceland have all made the trip here to Scotland to play the main event, and one of them, at least, must be very happy he made that decision.

Haukur Bodvarsson has gotten off to a blistering start and is mostly chip leader heading into level four:

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150/300, ante 25


2:30pm: Break time
Three levels down, nine to go. The players are now on a 20 minute break. — NW

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2:25pm: Beer good, jäger bad
UKIPT5 London High Roller winner Owain Carey has just taken his seat and he’s one table away from Alex Ferguson. The two are good friends and indeed were chatting at the bar whilst Carey ate lunch before taking his seat.

The two are now both back at the table but their conversation, and drinking, has continued. “Shall we have a beer a level?” asked Ferguson to Carey.

“Sure, I could do 20 beers and be fine,” shot back Carey. “But no jäger.”– NW

2:15pm: Five players have hit the rail before the first break
Conghai Wang was one of the first to go after a bad beat. He got his chips in with aces versus kings and saw a king hit the flop to send him on his way. Harry Steare also busted from his table and further afield, Dusan Privoznik, Anthony Gray and one other were given their marching orders.

There are also a few short stacks around the room, one of them belonging to Elena “The Groupie” Stover:

1:55pm: Bad seat, good stack
Being drawn to the left of Jake Cody is at least preferable to being on his right, but it’s still far from the ideal seat draw in a tournament such as this. That’s the situation that poker writer/poker pro Gareth Chantler finds himself in but he’s off to a very good start as he’s already upped his stack to 37,000. The PokerStars Blog witnessed him winning a big pot to climb to that mark.

We only saw the river action but with a complete board of J♣Q♣4♦6♥6♥ on the felt Chantler called a bet of 5,000 and the third player in the pot did likewise. The Canadian showed pocket fours and both his opponent’s mucked, one of whom claimed to have called with queen-jack. –NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 100/200 ante 25


1:43pm: Coffeegate scandal features Jenkins and rocks Edinburgh
What’s a man got to do to get a coffee round these parts? A lot if your name is Ben Jenkins.

The Full Tilt player tried to order coffees at 11:58am but was told the bar (legally) couldn’t open until midday and he better come back in five minutes. Team PokerStars Blog turned up at 12:05pm to order a round of teas and Jenkins, who hadn’t left the bar in the meantime, now found himself behind lots of other players who were getting served first.

The Blog (being connected round these parts) got the tea order in quickly and did the right thing by ordering his coffee, and two for his friends, whilst making our order. Problem solved, right? No.

The Blog’s teas were promptly delivered to media base and all was assumed well. Play started at 12:15pm and Jenkins was forced to take his seat without the shot of caffeine his body desired.

12:30pm – “I’ve still not got my coffee!” said Jenkins to the blog. “I’m running bad in life but hopefully I’ll run good for two days at the tables,” he spun. Then he spotted a waitress and she motioned she would bring them over after he requested for what must’ve been the third time.

Luckily, as you can see from the picture below, Jenkins finally got his coffee and all is well! — MC


Ahhh, coffee
1:30pm: Enter Firaldo
If you’ve been under a rock or on Mars for the past few weeks you might’ve missed the news that Niall ‘Firaldo87’ Farrell took down the EPT12 Malta Main Event on October 31st.

That victory was worth €534,330, the Scotsman will be the first to admit that he got lucky on the penultimate day, but then taking down a poker tournament without luck is damn near impossible. The final hand of the tournament was pretty special and if you’ve yet to see it you can feast your eyes on it below.

Amazingly Farrell is still searching for his first UKIPT Main Event cash, although he has won a side event on this tour, as he finished first in the £330 UKIPT4 Isle of Man side event in November 2013. — NW

1:20pm: More familiar faces
We’re packing them in here in Edinburgh and another lap of the tournament room has revealed plenty more big names here on Day 1B of the Main Event.

Dan Stacey won the last UKIPT Main Event and he’s now in his seat, he’s sat two to the left of Alex Ferguson so let’s hope he has some headphones with him. On the adjacent table Jack Ellwood has pitched up at the same table as Kelly Saxby. The UKIPT Manchester runner-up is off to a good start as we saw him take down a small pot that didn’t go to showdown.

Whilst Ellwood may have fallen at the final hurdle in his hunt for a UKIPT title, Alan Gold managed to get over the line at UKIPT4 Galway where he defeated Paul Febers heads-up. He’s one table along from Jamie Dale, who finished third here in Season 2 and we’ve also spotted Ben Dobson.

Lastly, we got word this morning that Max Silver and Nick Abou Risk were travelling over from Dublin to play this event. They’ve got three UKIPT Main Event titles between them and have now arrived. They’ve both been seated in the secondary area. — NW

1:10pm: Early woes for Pearson
Richard Pearson is one of the most jovial characters you’ll find on tour; just give him a bit of space right now.

“Loving life!” he said ironically.

A look as his stack (6,500) revealed the reason behind his current state of mind. A problem with pocket aces, and jacks versus queen-three explains the journey to that point. — MC



12:56pm: Social media is your friend
Anyone playing the Main Event, or any other event this festival, can get involved in the online banter taking part on Twitter, just use the hashtag #UKIPTEdinburgh. We’ll post some of the best ones on the blog. Some examples of tweets today include:

12:40pm: Meanwhile in the secondary area…
As mentioned below play is split over two areas, we put a lot of thought into what to call the ‘other’ area and after much debating settled on ‘secondary area’! Genius!

Anyway, there are currently 11 tables in use in what is a brightly lit and spacious part of the casino (got to keep the photographer happy) and that will likely continue to grow as players take advantage of late registration, which is open until the end of level four which will be around 3.30pm.

Dotted amongst the tables are a host of familiar names, there’s online wizard Vicente Delgado, part of a strong Spanish contingent who live in London, a couple of tables along you’ll find Ben Jenkins. The Brit is resplendent in shirt and tie (top button still done up).

The liveliest table is though the one that contains Jonathan Rees, Andrew Ferguson and Deborah Worley-Roberts. The American usually has a booming voice that you can’t help but be drawn to, However she’s decidedly croaky today due to a recent work trip. The three players were discussing the players hotel – which is right next to Edinburgh Zoo – and Ferguson, who lives in the city said: “It’s nice to be near the pandas and all, but I wouldn’t even class that area as being in Edinburgh!”

Elsewhere in that section Harry Lodge and Mike Panteli are settling in for a day at the tables. — NW


Ferguson – likes pandas
12:30pm: It’s a biggie today
The tournament room at the Genting Casino here in Edinburgh is split over two different areas and both are in use today due to the larger field size. At the start of play yesterday only seven tables in the main tournament were in use. All 15 are in use at the start of play and have been organised in a way that makes it much easier to navigate around, making everyone a lot happier.

A few faces already in their seats include Thomas Ward, Kelly Saxby, Alex Ferguson, Diego Gomez and Scott Katelan, who’s come all the way from Seattle. — MC

12:15pm: Shuffle up and deal
Cards are in the air for Day 1B. — MC

11:55pm Start delayed
The start of play has been pushed back until 12:15pm.

11:45am: Welcome to UKIPT5 Edinburgh Day 1B
A total of 115 players played on the first flight yesterday, but judging by the line at the registration desk this morning, that number should be a lot bigger for today’s second flight.

Kevin Whelan ended Day 1A as chip leader on a massive 272,000, closely followed by Michael McGee on 269,600. The only other player over 200k was Roberto Morelli (204,700) and if anyone Day 1B players hope to reach that mark they’re going to need a fair bit of skill, sprinkled with a dusting of luck.

8G2A9611_EPT12MAL_Niall_Farrell_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Farrell after his big win
The skill part we have covered. You want EPT champions? We’ve got them in the shape of Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody and Niall Farrell. The latter is the most recent EPT champion after he won the Malta stop last month for €534,330 and “Firaldo87” kept up the good form by coming sixth in this week’s Super Tuesday for $21,420. You want UKIPT champions? We’ve got those covered too. Buddies, Max Silver and Nick Abou Risk, are travelling over from Dublin together and have three tour, and a High Roller title, between them. Those four will be joined by a bunch of other players all capable of reaching those dizzy heights.

Cards will be in the air in 15 minutes so join us back here then. — MC

UKIPT5 Edinburgh key facts:
– 25,000 starting stack
– Blinds starting at 50/100 for 250 big blinds
– Levels are 45 minutes on Day 1 and they’ll be 12 of them. From Day 2 onwards levels increase to 60 minutes.
– A total of 29 players made it through Day 1A. The field will then combine for the first time on Saturday, before (hopefully) playing down to a final table and then to a winner on Sunday. Cue mad celebrations and swigging of Iron Bru from the trophy.
– No re-entry here, this is an old school straight freezeout.
– Full UKIPT5 Edinburgh schedule here.

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PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at UKIPT5 Edinburgh: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May


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