UKIPT Nottingham: Day 2, level 12 – 15 updates (1,500-3,000 300 ante)

April 14, 2012


4.50pm: New post
We’re now over in a new post, for all the action from level five onwards. — HS

4.45pm: Pearce still at the sharp end
Here’s a quick update for one of our Twitter followers: this is for you @GossipHub. Your man Richard Pearce is now up to about 225,000 after knocking out Amrik Kang up on the hand immediately before the Grand National break. After Kang limped from the small blind, Pearce was able to see a king-high flop, with two diamonds, for free. Pearce had a king and they got it all in. Kang had two diamonds, and another did not appear.

That sent Kang out and keeps Pearce around for a good while yet. @GossipHub is perhaps better known as Bex Pearce, Richard’s wife, who has also confessed via the medium of Twitter that she has been keeping an eye on the payouts page to learn how much he is bringing home.

With 151 players left, Pearce is now guaranteed at least £1,480. That will no doubt furnish a nice nursery for the parents to be – but let’s hope it will be significantly more and enough for a couple of dinners and a few pints too.


Richard Pearce: Popular on Twitter

You too can follow PokerStars Blog on Twitter if you like. We’re @pokerstarsblog. — HS


Yep, we’re pausing for 25 minutes for the Grand National. Come on, Three-Legged Stumbler! One time!

4.10pm: No Ken do
And then there was one…

We’d just lost one end of Day one chipleader (see below) and now we’ve lost another, some would say that’s careless. Anyway all that is a long-winded way of telling you that Day 1B chipleader Ken Stian Isaksen is out. — NW

4.10pm: Milde mauled by Ahmed
Marcin Milde was our chip leader at the end of day 1A and his stack stayed the biggest through two further opening flights. But Milde is now on the rail, the latest victim of the unstoppable force that is Iqbal Ahmed. It was tens versus ace-queen, all in pre-flop, and the pocket pair (in the hand of Ahmed) stayed good.

Ahmed now has at least 500,000 and is right up the top of the leader board. About this time last year, Ahmed went to the Estrellas Poker Tour event in Alicante and finished second for €48,200. The way he’s going here, he could be on for significantly more. — HS

4.05pm: Oh Nikita! Clarke clobbers Staroverov
Nikita Staroverov was one of the chip leaders late last night. He was one of the chip leaders this morning. But now he has barely double his original starting stack having just doubled up Tim Clarke in an absolute whopper of a hand. Clarke is up to about 475,000 as a result.

Staroverov opened to 7,300 from mid position and Clarke, in the cut off, bumped it up to 18,000. It was folded back to Staroverov, who called, and it was the two of them to a flop of 8♠2♥10♦.

Staroverov checked. Clarke bet 17,600 and Staroverov called. That brought a A♥ turn. Staroverov checked again, and he also called again when Clarke bet 32,000.

The 3♣ rivered and the pattern repeated, but with added value. Staroverov checked and Clarke moved all in, for what was about 170,000. Staroverov seemed to contemplate folding but didn’t. He called and was sickened by the sight of Clarke’s 2♦2♠ for a flopped set.

Staroverov had A♦K♠, which he flipped over, more than a mite peeved. It’s a long way back for him from here. — HS

4pm: Manic
That’s the only way to describe what’s happening out there at the moment, all-in and call is the buzz phrase of the moment, stacks are getting shipped in all over the place. Here’s a little flavour of what’s been going on:

– Marc Macdonnell doubled through Andrew Seden, queens holding against tens, his all-in was for 63,900.
– Kevin Iacofano is on a table that’s pretty inaccessible but he’s holding steady on 240,000.
– EPT champion Pieter De Korver is still grinding and is up to 91,000 (he had been as low as 35,000). I saw him three-bet to 17,000 over Paul Haycock’s 6,000 open and after Haycock folded De Korver showed just the 3♥.
– Micky Wernick, Rob Angood, Charles Fabian and Rowan Schaap are amongst the latest fallers.
– 162 players are left. — NW

ukipt nottingham_day 2_pieter_de_korva.jpg

Pieter De Korver

3.45pm: House for Oloughlin
For the first time since the bubble burst I’ve actually seen a short stack double up, rather then getting eliminated. I joined the action live to see a board of Q♠K♥6♣9♥, Oloughlin was all-in for 56,200 with K♠Q♦ and Rowan Schaap had called/shoved with A♥J♠.

The Q♣ completed the board to give Oloughlin a full house and a much needed double up. — NW

3.35pm: Get out get paid
We’re down to 183 players here in Nottingham which means 30 people have so far seen a return on their £770 investment.

One of them is UKIPT Galway champion Emmett Mullin who bust in 204th, “I got it in with queen-nine suited for 18 big blinds against ace-eight. The flop was queen high but turn eight, river eight, get out! I’m not too disappointed though because I never really got going,” he told me.

Another UKIPT champ to bust out in the first payout rung is Sam Razavi who was out in 189th. We’re currently updating the payouts page so if you want to see who has won what so far click here. — NW

ukipt nottingham_day 2_sam_razavi.jpg

Razavi – out but in the money

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,500-3,000 300 ante

3.25pm: Chirpy Craig
Back in February Craig Burke finished fourth in the UKIPT Galway main event, he’s made it two cashes from two events here in Nottingham and he’s also up with the chip leaders thanks to a cold deck.

He had pocket aces against an opponent’s ace-jack, an ace and a jack appeared on the flop and that was that. Burke up to 350,000. — NW

3.20pm: Shipping
What would have been an insta-fold during pre-bubble play rapidly becomes an insta-shove hand in the period immediately after. A suited king – let’s say K♣10♣ for instance – in the hand of a small stack now represents a certain ship.

Such was the case for Grzegorz Matla, from Poland, who moved all in for about 30,000. Ben Dobson didn’t have to think too hard about the call. He had a monstrous stack and A♥K♥. The flop brought possibilities. It came 6♣A♦3♣. But the J♠3♠ turned and rivered and Matla was out.

That kind of action is going to define the coming few levels. — HS

3.08pm: Min-cash
It didn’t take long for the first exit now that everyone left is guaranteed at least £1,240. Mohammed Ashfaq, who was short on chips, moved all-in with A♦6♥ Michael Leng looked him up with Q♣10♥ and by the river of a 7♣Q♥7♠10♣Q♦ board Leng had made a full house to send Ashfaq to the payout desk.

I suspect they’ll be a queue at that desk before long. — NW

3pm: Bubble bursts silently
Well that was an odd bubble. With 24 tables still in play, and a lot of short-stack action, Leon Campbell and Chris Parker were both eliminated almost simultaneously but on opposite sides of the tournament room. It meant that no one saw any of it, there was no need for hand-for-hand play, and there were no tears.

James Glossop beat Parker and Andrew Jeffrey bested Campbell. Both beaten players – as you might expect – scooted away double quick, leaving everyone else in the money and a smiling Jeffrey to pose for our photographer.


Andrew Jeffrey, bursting the bubble

From here on in, it’s cash time. See who gets what on the payouts and prizewinners page. — HS

2.50pm: Stressing the positives
The bubble is getting very close, and the only positive thing you can say on behalf of either Luke Jones or Ceri Rees is that they are not the stone bubble boy. They have both just bust simultaneously on neighbouring tables in about 212th and 211th place. Remember 207 players are paid.

Jones’s J♥9♥ couldn’t beat Mukesh Morjaria’s A♦2♠ when the board ran 6♦4♠8♥10♣5♥. And Rees’s 4♠4♦ got out-raced by Neil Harvey’s A♥10♣ when a ten turned. — HS

2.45pm: Clinging on
Three of the players clinging on and praying they aren’t going to be the dreaded bubble boy (or girl) are Emmett Mullin, Piter De Korver and Mickey Wernick. The experienced triumvirate are are well below average. Both Mullin and De Korver have around 35,000 whilst Wernick – surely the king of the short stack grinders – is on 65,000.


King of the grinders: Mickey Wernick

213 players left, 207 paid. — NW

2.35pm: Big slick not good enough
With 222 players remaining, and only 207 to be paid – as noted below – priorities tend to change. The short stacks have to make a decision whether to try to cling on and make the money or game to get a stack to make a charge to the deep stages.

Christopher O’Loughlin has clearly opted for the former approach. He just opened to late position to 6,800 and then open folded A♣K♠ after Pawel Czartoryski shoved the small blind, covering O’Loughlin’s 37,000 stack.

Player 207 wins £1,240 for their time in Nottingham. Player 208 gets nothing. O’Loughlin is keen to make sure it isn’t him. — HS

2.30pm: Chips
Here’s a few chip counts from my latest lap of the room: Jack McDermott (320,000), Ben Dobson (350,000), Jamie Dale (276,000), Scott Van Der Vliet (260,000), Ben Carpenter (135,000), Phil Long (200,000), Marcin Milde (170,000) and Lee Dixon (270,000). — NW

2.20pm: The bubble approaches
In a whirlwind opening two levels 124 players were eliminated. When we do the math, that tells us that 222 players remain, of which 207 will get paid. On current pace then the bubble should burst in about 15 minutes, but we suspect it will take a little longer than that.

Cards are back in the air and play is underway. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,200-2,400 300 ante

2.01pm: Break time
That’s two levels done and dusted the players are on a 20 minute break of the day. And Simon Trumper had so many requests from players about the Grand National that the clock will be paused so players can watch the race at 4pm.

2pm: Third time lucky?
Paul McTaggart has had a couple of deep runs in UKIPTs before, perhaps this time will be the time he really converts one. He’s had a great opening two levels as he’s up to 230,000 from a start of day 86,500. — NW

1.55pm: Brammer drops a few
But he’s still got plenty. The Day 1C chip leader just doubled up Jay Scott in a pair versus pair encounter. Brammer had sixes, Scott sevens and a board of 3♥8♣Q♦2♦7♥ meant Brammer had to send 73,700 in Scott’s direction. Despite that dent Brammer still appears to have about 380,000. — NW

1.45pm: Sometimes it happens
“When does that even happen?” said Mark Karoullas. In this context “that” meant getting it all in pre-flop with kings, running into aces, and rivering a third king. The answer? About five minutes ago.

Karoullas had four-bet jammed with K♥K♦ and was snapped off by Nikita Staroverov’s A♥A♠. “I wasn’t even looking,” Karoullas said. “I was looking over there.”

What he missed was the dealer peel off 9♣5♣J♠4♦ and then the bingo K♣ on the river. Karoullas had about 140,000 at the start of the hand. He now has about 280,000.

Staroverov is still healthy with 130,000, but it’s not as good as it has been for the Lithuanian. — HS

1.40pm: Chip leader!
Jack McDermott is the new chip leader the youngster is up to 400,000 after eliminating Marius Lietuvninkas. He told me that in a pot worth about 120,000 he had pocket jacks and they held against Lietuvninkas’s ace-king. — NW

1.30pm: Ahmed on a roll
Iqbal Ahmed is growing quite a stack this afternoon, and has just sent Milorad Dobrijevic scuttling to the exit. It looked like there had been a raise and a call between the two of them pre-flop because there was about 10,000 in the middle before these cards were exposed: A♥3♥7♦.


Iqbal Ahmed

Ahmed bet 8,000. Dobrijevic raised to 19,500 and then Ahmed set his opponent all in, for what was about another 20,000. Dobrijevic dwelled but probably figured he couldn’t fold. He called.

Dobrijevic: A♠9♣
Ahmed: A♦Q♥

Neiter the 4♥ turn nor 8♥ river helped Dobrijevic and Ahmed took everything he had. — HS

1.25pm: One a minute…almost
Earlier we said how the flurry of exits hadn’t quite been as furious as the one exit a minute we’ve witnessed previously on the UKIPT, well we spoke too soon. There’s no easy way to say this but we’re 80 minutes into the day and a total of 78 players are out including: Nikhil Persaud, Jeff Kimber, Ian LeBruce and Osman Mustanglou. — NW

1.15pm: Lots of chips
The bottom left end of table 71 is weighed down with chips as it contains two of the top five stacks in the tournament in the shape of Neil Harvey and Marcin Milde, the latter’s been on our radar for a while, having been Day 1A chip leader but Harvey just won a big pot to bring him into contention and his stack up to 260,000.

I missed exactly how but about 80,000 apiece went in pre-flop with Harvey holding A♠K♣ and Tom High a pair of nines. The flop of A♥7♣A♦ and High was out of his seat as the board ran 8♦J♠. The local lad just wanted to leave but he’d just paid for a jacket potato so will have to wait around for a hot carb injection.

Sam Razavi also resides at this table he’s on 120,000. – NW

ukipt nottingham_day 2_neil harvey.jpg

Neil Harvey

1.10pm: Double up!
Until the following hand, every called all in I’d seen this morning had resulted in an elimination. Truth be told, I thought this one had followed the pattern – as did its central protagonist Wayne Smithson – until people who know more about poker than me noticed that he had rivered the best hand.

Smithson opened from under the gun to 4,100 and picked up two callers: Kenny Prazer in the cut off and Ken Isaksen in the big blind. The flop came 4♣K♠9♥ and Isaksen led for 8,000. Smithson instantly moved his stack in, which was counted at 30,200, and although Prazer folded, Isaksen made a pretty quick call.

Isaksen had flopped top pair with his K♣10♠, but was still trailing Smithson’s A♠A♥. But Smithson’s heart sank when the 10♥ turn, and it was still so low that he thought the 4♦ river was a blank.


Ken Isaksen, beaten this time

But it was far from a blank. As table-mates immediately pointed out, that four had paired the board giving Smithson aces up, to beat Isaksen’s kings up. He double to more than 60,000. — HS

1.05pm: UK legends
The PokerStars Blog has ‘run good’ with regards to the players on the table nearest to media row this week. Currently situated on that table are UK poker stalwarts Marc Goodwin and Surinder Sunar. The latter is two seats to Goodwin’s left.

Both though have some work to do as they are currently below average. Goodwin has 80,000, Sunar 56,000 with the biggest stack on their table belonging to Arrash Zafari (160,000).

Whilst I was watching their table I saw Hagen Schuetze double up to 42,000 through Jon Young. The former’s K♣J♦ spiked against Young’s dominating A♦K♥ on the 5♠J♠10♣6♣10♦ board. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000-2,000 ante 200

12.55pm: Palmer enters purgatory
Busting major poker tournaments is a miserable experience, and no one makes it any easier for you. Any condolences sound fatuous, so people tend to stay silent. Mark Palmer was one of the latest players to depart, moving all in under the gun for something like 22,000. One seat to his left Sarah Berry instantly called and everyone else got out the way.

Palmer had A♦J♦ and tutted, exasperated, when Berry showed A♥K♦. No one else batted an eyelid. The flop came 2♠6♥A♣ and again Palmer looked disconsolate. No one said a word. Then the 9♦2♣ came on turn and river, which sealed Palmer’s fate. No one blinked.

“Good luck guys,” said Palmer as he put his jacket on. Silence. Palmer wandered away.

You may be surrounded by hundreds, but it’s a lonely place on the rail. — HS

12.50pm: Break it up
As is customary in poker tournaments as players get eliminated the tournament staff condense the players into fewer tables, breaking the ones they no longer need. And by our reckoning there are some very dangerous and chipped up players on the tables that are next in line to break.

On table 47 there’s Veronika Pavlikova. She’s up to 170,000 from her start of day 120,000. Two seats to her left is Marcin Milde, the chip leader at the start of the day, and he seems to have maintained his overnight stack. He sits with 285,000. I saw him raise to 4,000 and win the blinds and antes uncontested.

And one table along from those two sits Jack McDermott who has shot up to 260,000 from his start of day 196,200. — NW

12.45pm: Boeree bust
Capping a disastrous first level for Team PokerStars Pro, Liv Boeree is now also out. She returned to day with a short stack and it is now gone. In case you missed it earlier, Jude Ainsworth was one of the first casualties of the day. — HS

12.40pm: Camel’s grind ends
Keith “The Camel” Hawkins is out, sent to the rail by another short stack Andrew Jeffrey. Peter Haslam started things, raising to 3,200. Jeffrey moved all in from one seat to his left, for 27,400, and then Hawkins under-called all in for his remaining 16,300. Haslam folded.

Hawkins had found a pocket pair: J♣J♠. But so had Jeffrey: Q♠Q♦. The board ran A♥9♥4♣A♦8♥ and that was it for the Camel. “Did you have an ace?” Jeffrey asked Haslam. He shook his head.

12.35pm: Clay’s day is done
There are few cruller ways to depart in hold’em than getting it in with the same hand and losing. That’s what just happened to Dean Clay; down to 18,000 he moved all-in with A♣K♣, Sharbel Koumi called with A♠K♠ and caught his flush on the river. Brutal. — NW

12.30pm: Nikita kull’s Kenneth
On the list of the early exits one name stood out – that of Kenneth Kull. Whilst most of those who are out came back short stacked and in need of a double up, Kull had 126,300 – good for 38th overall.

However, he had two players at his starting table who not only had bigger stacks, but also position. One of those – Nikita Staroverov – looks to have got Kull’s chips as he’s up to 270,000 from a starting stack of 140,000. — NW


Nikita Staroverov, scooping up chips

12.25pm: Lightborne sabres Hussain
Here’s a “for example” of how these things work in the early stages of day two. Iaron Lightbourne opened from the hijack to 3,300. Mohammed Hussain, returning with a short stack of about 21,000, moved all in from the small blind and everyone else folded.

Lightborne, who came back with 192,000, made a mandatory call even though he was sitting with the mighty K♦3♦. Hussain had A♥Q♦ and allowed himself a slight fistpump when the window card on the flop was A♦.

But what then followed is more common than you would think. The rest of the board ran 10♦7♥7♦6♦ and Lightborne’s bigger flush took it.

Already 25 players have departed. We are not yet half an hour in. — HS

12.20pm: Exits
As mentioned the start of day two usually sees a flurry of exits, often as many as one a minute. Whilst the carnage hasn’t quite been on that scale the following players have had a very short Saturday excursion: Kajetan Masiewicz ,Thomas McCready, Kenneth Kull, Alina Salnikova, Donald Elliot, Ian Gwynne, Joseph Grech, Jude Ainsworth, Jonathan Walker, Todd Swain Matthew Maule, Daren Lury and James Brady. There’s no easy way to say it fellas. — NW

12.10pm: How Brammer bust Ainsworth
Here’s the details of that Ainsworth elimination, courtesy of Rich Prew, who watched the hand go down. Brammer opened to 3,200 and Ainsworth made it 8,000 from the button. Brammer called, taking them to a A♣J♦6♦ flop.

Brammer checked, Ainsworth bet 9,500 and Brammer check-raised to 24,000, which Ainsworth called. That took them to a 10♦ turn, and this, as it soon turned out, was the bingo card for both of them.

Brammer bet 17,000. Ainsworth moved all in for his last 60,000-ish, and Brammer snap called. Brammer tabled A♦7♦ for the nut flush, and Ainsworth showed his K♣Q♣ for the Broadway, beaten, straight.


Chris Brammer, tangle at your peril

Brammer adds Ainsworth’s 98,000 to his 180,000 and becomes our new chip leader.

Remember during the first orbit yesterday, Brammer knocked out a player with set over set, which got his day 1C going in style. He’s done even better today, and one fancies he won’t be joining the trend of poker players arriving late to the table. The first orbit is where it all happens. — HS

12.05pm: Carnage begins as Brammer scalps Ainsworth
Although 346 players brought chips back to the table this lunchtime, history tells us that the opening levels will be carnage. We will lose approximately one player per minute for the first couple of hours.

Word has just reached us that the Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth, who battled so meticulously to get his stack up close to 100,000 late last night, has perished in the first orbit, to Chris Brammer.

Brammer is now up beyond 250,000. Full details to follow. — HS

Noon: Sad faces and smilers
UKIPT hotels on a Saturday morning are not an especially pleasant place to be. The lobby is filled with sallow-faced poker players, their dreams dead, their hopes dashed, their mini-bar bill bigger than they thought it would be.

As those souls drag suitcases down cobbled streets to the railway stations, taxis deemed an expense too far, another happier bunch of folk are hopping in limousines and directing the chauffeur to Dusk Till Dawn. They are the Day Two players, and each clings on to dreams of more than £200,000 for first place.

Play begins at noon today and we will play eight one-hour levels, no dinner break, before living it up at the PokerStars party tonight. By then, a good number of the 346 players will have departed, and all of them that remain will be in the money.

The full list of day two counts, combined from days 1A-1C, show that Marcin Milde leads the way. The payouts page shows what they are all battling for.


Marcin Milde, clung on to his day 1A lead


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