UKIPT Galway: Gilligan’s Ireland, but Abou Risk lurks

February 19, 2012


Nine players remain in the main event of UKIPT Galway and they will return at noon on Monday to play down to a winner, the third in these parts on this tour.

However that is already maybe misleading. Taking his seat around a remarkable third UKIPT final table tomorrow is Nick Abou Risk, who is actually the defending champion here. Perhaps it won’t be a third individual on the Galway podium after all, but merely a return for the undisputed UKIPT beast that is Abou Risk.

He won in Edinburgh and here last season, and if all things were equal, a third UKIPT main even success would represent a 63,256,968 to one chance. (All things are not equal.)


Nick Abou Risk: the undisputed king of the UKIPT

We’ve seen Vanessa Selbst and Jason Mercier defend their titles before on the North American Poker Tour, and if you’re looking to join that celebrated company, you know you’re doing something right.

Abou Risk will be hogging the headlines, even if he is not in the box seat overnight. At least not yet. The leader of the pack tomorrow will be Ronan Gilligan, another player with some serious form to his name.

Gilligan finished runner up to Max Silver in the UKIPT Dublin main event on season one, and he finished third in the WPT event held in Ireland’s capital only last month.


Ronan Gilligan, chip leader going to UKIPT Galway final

Gilligan is the only man with more than two million chips to carry to the final tomorrow, where he will be leading the following pack. (The numbers by their names are official chip counts.)

Ronan Gilligan – 2,489,000
John Willoughby – 1,382,000
Craig Burke – 1,283,000
Joe Roberts – 1,103,000
Emmett Mullin – 1,003,000
Aleksandras Rusinovas – 1,003,000
Richard Haile – 652,000
Nick Abou Risk – 647,000
Joris Ruijs – 440,000

It was a crazy day today in Galway, with the chip-lead changing hands countless times and no one really managing to appear entirely safe. After the overnight short stacks all perished in double-quick fashion, action slowed once we made it down to the last 24.

At this stage Joris Ruijs was the man to beat. The Dutchman had been effortlessly brutal on his bludgeoning to the top of the charts. But then he got involved in a pot worth close to two million chips with Craig Burke, which cut him to the quick.


Joris Ruijs, leader for ages, final table short stack


Craig Burke, another who had, and lost, the lead

Burke couldn’t cling onto the lead, though, losing a huge chunk to Emmett Mullin. And by the time we went looking for one more man to depart to leave us with a final nine, it was the overnight chip-leader Alan Gilmore who came under threat.

He ended up all in with king high against Aleksandras Rusinovas’s ace, and Unhappy Gilmore came second best, finishing in 10th overall.


Alan Gilmore, out in 10th

The full list of payouts from today is on the prizewinner’s page. And you can look back on today’s action with any of the following links.

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We’ll have full player profiles for the final nine up on the Blog in the morning, as well as all the action from noon as we play to a winner.

Will it be that man Risk again? It can’t be. Surely. Can it?


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