UKIPT Galway, Day 3: Levels 23-24 updates (12,000-24,000 3,000 ante)

February 19, 2012


9.05pm: End of the level
Players are now taking a 20-minute break. We’ll be back with full chip-counts, etc., shortly – and in a new post.

9pm: Ten bigs. Wheeeee!
Thomas Hall is down, significantly, but he’s not out. He lost almost all his chips – all but 72,000 of them – when his A♠J♣ couldn’t beat Ronan Gilligan’s Q♥Q♦ when they got it all in pre-flop. There was a Hollywood flop of K♠J♦A♦ but then the 10♥ swung it back to Gilligan. and the 2♣ was an irrelevance.

“That’s me basically busto,” said Hall. “Gee-gee,” he added. Gilligan was stacking about 1.2m after that.


Ronan Gilligan

Hall was all in under the gun on the next hand, with J♦6♦. Gilligan called with A♠J♥. But the board this time ran 6♣2♦9♣K♦6♦ and the flush took it for Gilligan. That’s when Hall uttered the line: “Ten bigs. Wheeee!”

He’s still alive. — HS

8.45pm: Andre Wade eliminated in 12th place (€4,270)
Don’t call it a comeback…

Ok it might be as Joris Ruijs has damn near doubled up and eliminated Andre Ward in the process.

It was Ruijs who started the action, moving all-in for around 500,000, it folded to Wade in the big blind, he had around 450,000 in total and he announced call.

Ruijs: 5♠5♦
Wade: A♦Q♠

Flop: K♣5♥J♣ – set against a gutshot
Turn: 10♦ – Wade turned his straight
River: J♦ – Ruijs re-sucked and made a full house.


Andre Wade

This pot took him back to around the one million mark and a short time later he won a pot of around 300,000 from John Willoughby to take him to 1,200,000. — NW

8.30pm: Lordy
We’ve been waiting all day for something like this to happen, one of those monster confrontations between two enormous stacks. It finally has happened, and it means that Joris Ruijs is no longer the chip leader here. Far from it in fact. The Dutchman is down to 505,000 and Craig Burke has close to two million, having just doubled up through Ruijs.

It happened like this: Burke opened from the cut off, making it 50,000 to play. Ruijs called from one seat to his left, and everyone else wisely got out the way of them.

The flop came 10♣9♠A♥ and Burke led for 72,000. Ruijs called. So far, Burke was doing to Ruijs what Ruijs has been doing to everyone else all day.

The turn was A♣ and the pattern simply continued. Burke bet 123,000 and Ruijs called. This was now becoming a mighty pot. The river was 4♣ and the inevitable occurred.

Burke bet 221,000. Ruijs raised to 683,000 and Burke then shoved all in. No one was immediately sure if this was a raise or simply an under-call, least of all Burke himself, who almost showed his hand. “How much more is it?” Ruijs asked. “Is it more?”

The dealer chopped down the stacks and revealed that it was 105,000 more for Ruijs to call. He chuckled ruefully, as if contemplating – and then immediately eliminating – the prospect of a fold here. He put in the extra and Burke tabled A♠10♦.

Ruijs nodded and mucked, muttering, “The thing is, I can beat ace-four.”


Craig Burke, chip leader

Ruijs’s comment suggested he mucked ace-nine, and if so, then that’s one huge nuts v second nuts cooler between the two biggest stacks on the table.

Now there’s only one massive stack there, and it’s sitting in front of Craig Burke. — HS

8.20pm: Bounced around the Hall
Thomas Hall has been bounced around the tables today, every time it has come to move the next big blind to another table for balancing purposes he seems to be the one having to rack up his chips and move.

After Shane Dempsey was eliminated it was Hall who inevitably found himself on the move and he took a perch to the direct left of Nick Abou Risk.

It didn’t take him long to get accustomed to his new table though, he raised to 49,000 from under-the-gun and Aleksandras Rusinovas defended from the small blind. On the flop of 5♠4♠9♣ Hall c-bet 67,00 and Rusinovas called. That was the end of the betting though as they both checked the 5♥ turn and 10♥ river, Hall revealing pocket twos, which were good. — NW

8.20pm: Mullin doubles
In a blind on blind battle with Joris Ruijs, Emmett Mullin has just doubled up. Ruijs had Q♥7♦ and Mullin had A♦2♠ and the ace held. Mullin moves to about 600,000. — HS

LEVEL UP. PLAYING 12,000-24,000 3,000 ANTE

8.10pm: Dempsey dies at the hands of Abou Risk
Nick Abou Risk isn’t one to cower away after losing some chips, and he’s just got a bunch back against Shane Dempsey, eliminating the latter in 12th place. It was blind on blind, with Abou Risk shoving from the small and Dempsey calling from the big. Abou Risk’s A♥6♣ faded all the chop outs against Dempsey’s A♣3♠.

The all in was about 270,000, so that gets added to Abou Risk’s stack. Dempsey earns €4,270 for 13th. — HS

8pm: Heading back to Holland
Arnoud van der Werf is out. He shoved for about 304,000 with 7♠7♥ but was picked off by the 9♦9♥ of Aleksandras Rusinovas in the big blind. The board had nothing exciting on it, and Van der Werf leaves in 14th.

7.55pm: Haille takes chunk from Abou Risk
Nick Abou Risk opened to 40,000 from early position and picked up two callers: Ronan Gilligan on the button and Richard Haile in the big blind. The three went to a flop of A♥J♥9♠ and Haile led 89,000 at it. Abou Risk wasn’t going to let that happen unchallenged, raising to what looked like about 250,000.

Gilligan folded, but Haile moved all in, a total of about 280,000. Abou Risk couldn’t fold, even though he clearly suspected his A♣5♥ couldn’t be good here. It wasn’t. Haile had 9♦9♥ and the turn and river brought nothing that could change that.

Haile moves up beyond 600,000. That’s also about as much as Abou Risk now has left. — HS

7.50pm: Gilmore over a million
Alan Gilmore is the second player to break the million chip mark. He’s got there without going to showdown, instead he’s just bludgeon opponent’s off of pots by using the all-in hammer.

It’s poor Ronan Gilligan who seems to be on the receiving end of most of the blows. In the latest skirmish Gilmore raised to 50,000 from the hijack and Gilligan defended from the big blind.

On the flop of K♣Q♣7♥ Gilligan check-called a bet of 70,000. The turn was the 2♠ and after Gilligan checked, Gilmore announced he was all-in. This was a large overbet as Gilligan had about 700,000 back and the latter threw his arms in the air in frustration, he had a hand of that there was no doubt, but how strong?

After mulling it over for a couple of minutes, Gilligan mucked his hand in frustration, he lost this battle but he might yet win the war. We’ll be keeping an eye on those two for sure. — NW

7.45pm: The Joris Ruijs show
If you’re going to play a pot against Joris Ruijs, you know he’s going to make you speculate a load of your stack. Andre Wade just figured that out the hard way.

Ruijs opened to 40,000 from the cut off, which is his general M.O. Wade called in the big blind, and they saw a flop of 6♠4♦7♣. Wade checked, Ruijs bet 52,000 and Wade showed strength with a raise to 110,000. Ruijs couldn’t care less and called.

The turn was 6♦ and Wade checked again. Ruijs fired again (of course) and asked for 133,000 more. Wade called. The river was the A♣ and now Ruijs fired 264,000, a third barrel at this one. Wade deliberated and folded. That’s how Joris does it. — HS

7.40pm: Tumbleweed
Don’t worry we’re still here, it’s just little or nothing blogworthy has happened in the last 10 minutes. Even the rail have been more interested in watching Nick Wealthall and a camera crew film bits and pieces for a tour highlights show that you’ll be able to find on about a week after this event has finished. — NW

7.30pm: John Willoughby doubles through Joris Ruijs
Earlier today Joris Ruijis cracked a pair two pips higher than his when his pocket eights bested pocket tens. But, he couldn’t repeat the trick against John Wiloughby.

The latter three-bet all-in with pocket queens for 299,000 and Ruijis called with pocket tens, the ladies held up though as the board came 3♠8♠5♦7♠9♦. A mere flesh wound for the Dutchamn, although we’ve just learned that the WCOOP bracelet isn’t his, but belongs to a friend who lent it to him for good luck. — NW


John Willoughby, ladies man

7.15pm: One double up, one elimination
George Stewart shoved from the button, for what was about 190,000. Alan Gilmore announced that he was all in too, from the small blind, which persuaded everyone else out the way. Stewart was left rolling his eyes when he saw Gilmore’s cards: A♦9♥. His J♣9♣ were less live than he would have liked.

The board ran K♥6♣4♠2♠6♦ and Stewart made his exit.


Game is up for George Stewart

Shortly prior to that, on the other table, there was better news for Andre Wade. He shoved all in over an open to 35,000 from John Willoughby. Willoughby called the shove with A♣K♥.

Wade had 7♠7♦ and the board this time came 8♠5♠9♥J♦4♣, which was totally blank. Wade’s pocket pair held up and he now has about 790,000. Willoughby is down to 335,000. — HS

7.10pm: Chips
Sure you could get your chip counts in descending order over on the chip count page but we’re a helpful bunch here on the blog so we figured we’d give them to you in table/seat order too.

Table One:

George Stewart 235,000
Alan Gilmore 790,000
Aleksandras Rusinovas 460,000
Nick Abou Risk 750,000
Shane Dempsey 400,000
Ronan Gilligan 950,000
Arnoud van der Werf 340,000
Richard Haile 340,000

Table two:

John Willoughby  675,000
Andre Wade 325,000
Thomas Hall 725,000
Joe Roberts 510,000
Craig Burke 825,000
Joris Ruijs 2,000,000
Emmett Mullin 700,000

7.10pm: Fifteen for it
We now move into level 23, with 15 players still in the hunt. When they get down to nine, the players will move onto a single table, but we won’t finish for the day until we reach eight.

That could take any amount of time, but we’ll keep abreast of all of it on the Blog.

The latest chip-counts are gradually being fed onto the chip-count page. Have a click over there to see how they all stand. (Short version: Joris Rujis is miles ahead. He has more than double anyone else.)

In the meantime, how about a generic image of some chips?


Generic image of some chips

Reporting team in Galway: Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.


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