UKIPT Galway, Day 1B: Levels 3-4 updates (100-200)

February 17, 2012


4.25pm: Break time
We’ve reached the half way point of Day 1B, players are being rewarded with a 20 minute break. Join us in the next level post. — NW

4.20pm: Buckaroo Bedi busted
Rupinder Bedi has seven cashes in UKIPT events that’s a record but he’ll have to wait a bit longer for an eighth as he’s just been eliminated. The key hand in his demise was against Max Silver (who had doubled up prior to this).

Both players had around 9,000 to start the hand and according to Silver, Bedi check-raised all-in on a 7♥5♥[3] flop with A♥10♥ and Silver called with pocket tens which held up, he’s now up to 19,000 having had under 4,000 just 30 minutes ago. Bouncbackability.– NW


Rupinder Bedi

4.15pm: Be quiet
‘Don’t tell anyone that I limped under-the-gun,’ said Sam Grafton to me. ‘We’re reinventing poker,’ he added. This was the dénouement to a hand involving Grafton and right hand neighbour Kevin MacPhee, who I think Grafton had surreptitiously roped into his poker revolution.

I’d picked up the action live on a flop of 5♣9♦3♦ Grafton bet 425 and MacPhee made the call. The two of them then checked the 10♥ turn and 2♥ river with Grafton announcing ace high and MacPhee showing K♣5♦ to win the pot.

At the same table sits Gareth Smith, who’s probably the chip leader as he has a stack of 56,000. — NW

4.05pm: Kings crushed
Owen Robinson has played enough major events to know how to get most value out of his big hands. But he is no closer than any other player to being able to master the whole variance thing. Big hands don’t always stand up.

A moment ago, he was involved in a pre-flop confrontation with Jakub Michalak and Paul Byrne. It looked as though Robinson had opened from under-the-gun, Michalak had shoved for his last 3,325 from two seats to his left, and then Byrne had called in the cut off. Robinson then shoved over the top of both of them, which put the decision back on Byrne and left Michalak looking ruefully impotent.

Byrne seemed annoyed to be forced to fold, but he must have known he had made the right decision when Robinson tabled K♣K♥. Michalak was in danger with his 9♥9♠ but the flop brought salvation.

It came A♣3♣9♦. The turned 5♥ and the rivered 7♠ changed nothing. Michalak more than doubled up as Robinson muttered, “Nice hand” and assessed the damage to his stack. He still has about 15,000 to play with. — HS

4pm: No Silver lining
News reaches me via Twitter that Max Silver (who I forgot yesterday has made three UKIPT final tables, like Joeri Zandvliet and Mike Hill) has taken a hit. ‘Just lost a pretty huge one vs jono. Def think I can fold. 3b AKs pre ip, chch J72ddh. He ch/r Kh turn and bets Kd river. He has JJ.’


Max Silver, when he still had chips

Looking at the respective stacks Silver now has 3,825 and Jono Crute has 42,000. — NW

3.55pm: Free falling
As the price of poker goes up, the number of players left in goes down and there’s a steady stream of ID cards being passed to us by floor staff. Among those free to play the first side event of the day at 5pm are: Adrian Gray, Christopher Murtagh, Frank Sander and the excellently named Amadeu De Lima Carvalho. — NW

3.45pm: Boeree takes a bump or two
Liv Boeree is in the wars and not just because she’s got a sore neck due to nighttime fall. Her stack has fallen to 9,500 as a result of losing two hands to the same player – Kevin Monroe.

In the first Boeree had raised with Kings and Monroe had defended with [J][8]. A snowman on the flop and another on the river cracking Boeree’s kings. Then Boeree said she squeezed with [A][K] and Monroe called with what Boeree believes was queens, kings or aces, she bet the five high flop but folded when Monroe min-raised her. — NW

3.40pm: Mickey meet Marty
As reported below, Marty Smyth has joined the day 1B action, and has taken a seat to the immediate right of Team Online’s Mickey Petersen. The dominant force on that table at the moment, however, is Adam Hughes, who is continuing to use his big stack to good effect. Just as Smyth arrived, Hughes was found four-betting pre-flop, getting Richard Lawlor (who had opened) and Petersen (who had three bet) to fold.

Other big stacks in their corner of the room include Shane Keers and Sam Holden, both of whom have more than 40,000. — HS

3.35pm: 400
Late registration is done and tournament staff have informed me that there were exactly 400 runners today taking the total over the two days to 698. The payout structure hasn’t been announced yet but as soon as we have it, so will you. — NW

3.25pm: Didn’t make it
Some more who didn’t make it to the end of day 1B. They didn’t even make it to the half-way point. Robert Scott, Trevor Keon, Carmel Reynolds, Robert Tait and Andrew Miles are out.

Marty Smyth is apparently in the house and will join the action soon. He’s got a WSOP bracelet don’t you know. — HS


The move into level four means registration is now closed. The tournament information board shows that 369 players joined the action today, and although we must wait for that to be confirmed, it seems likely to be at least that. That would make a total field of 667 or more.

3.20pm: More fallers
Hard luck to anyone following Werner Soames, David Scully, James Morris, Anthony O’Reilly or Robertas Zebrauskis. Those five are among the latest eliminations. — HS

3.15pm: Razavi out
Season two leaderboard winner Sam Razavi will have to wait till Nottingham to open his account this season as he’s out. He tweeted his exit saying: ‘Got it all in pre with ak vs aq for 15k pot. Again, can’t beat aq. Out.’

3.10pm: Tracking the horses
Thanks for all your comments in the box below. We’ll do our best to follow your horses. Steve Duffy currently has about 13,500, Nik Downs is on precisely 16,250 and unfortunately Mike Stage’s table has broken, meaning we don’t know where he’s sitting at the moment. He’s not out – his name hasn’t made it onto our list of eliminated players – but he’s the proverbial needle in the haystack right now. If we spot him, we’ll let you know his count. — HS

3.05pm: Risk hoping to be rewarded
Not only is Nick Abou Risk chasing a record breaking third UKIPT title here in Galway he’s also defending the title he won in December 2010. “I’d like to do as good a job as Max did defending his title,’ he told me. That’s Max Silver of course, Abou Risk’s friend who finished fourth when defending his title at UKIPT Dublin in September.

The Canadian will have his work cut out though as there’s almost a hundred more players in today’s field than were in the entire tournament he won here. He’s off to a steady start though as his stack has increased to 17,500. — NW


Nick Abou Risk

2.50pm: Meredith bites it
Ben Meredith is out. After unknown action, he shoved for his last 2,275 on a board of 7♠J♥A♦9♦6♣ and Con O’Sullivan called. Meredith threw his cards to the much and headed away from the table, but the dealer was obliged to rescue them and turn over Q♦10♥ for a missed draw. O’Sullivan opened A♥K♥ which, needless to say, was good. — HS

2.45pm: No Angell
Another five players have fallen by the wayside during the first half of level three, amongst them Brett Angell, runner-up to Gareth Walker at UKIPT Nottingham in 2011. — NW

2.40pm: Chip counts
Some chip counts: Chris Dowling (12,800), Dan Morgan (19,700), Dave O’Connor (18,750), Dean Lyall (17,000), Jason Tompkins (25,900), Owen Robinson (13,000), Richard Sinclair (20,750), Richie Lawlor (13,900), Sam Holden (16,400), Steve O’Dwyer (15,900) and Tim Bettingen (12,450). Click here if you want more chip counts — NW


November niner Sam Holden

2.35pm: Paging the SS
Surinder Sunar has been spotted in the house. Safe to say fireworks are not necessarily expected, but one tough competitor has certainly been added to the mix. — HS

2.30pm: Man alive
Hello to Christie Ellis on Twitter, who asked us to check in on Lewis Higham. He has about 18,000 at the first break, so is going along nicely in the early levels. We’ll try to get a picture as soon as we can.

If there’s anyone you want us in particular to keep an eye on, drop something in the comments box below. No promises – it’s a big old field today – but we’ll try to follow whoever you like. — HS

2.25pm: Not nine lives
Play is back under way, during the first two levels nine players were eliminated, Stuart Schabram, Marc Foggin and Colette Murphy amongst the unlucky nine. — NW

2.20pm: And here’s level three
We enter level three with the tournament information board showing a player total today of 355. Registration is open for another hour, which may snag us a couple more players. Even if not, today’s field, added to the 298 of yesterday, takes us to more than 650 combined. Bonza.

Once final numbers are confirmed, we’ll have a payout structure with you. Full information on all that to come. — HS


Tournament room in Galway

Reporting team in Galway: Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.


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