UKIPT Dublin, S3: Day 2, level 9-12 updates (blinds 800-1,600, ante 200)

May 19, 2012


4.24pm: Break
That’s the end of the fourth level of the day and players are now on a 15 minute break. You can jump through to the new post by clicking on this UKIPT Dublin updates link. –NW

4.20pm: It’s all White for Atherton
Lee Atherton made the final two tables at UKIPT Nottingham eventually finishing 15th for £8,000. He’s just won a huge pot against Leonard White to take his stack soaring to 140,000.

The action was started by Iwan Jones who raised to 3,700, flat call from White on the button before Atherton raised to 11,000 from the big blind. This forced out Jones, but White made the call.

The flop fell Q♥K♠8♦ it was checked by Atherton, White bet 19,000 and Atherton moved all-in for 55,700 total. After White had got a count he cut out the calling chips from his stack and it appeared he’d have about 30,000 left if he called and lost. After mulling it over for about two minutes, he made the call saying: “There’s too much in there to fold.”

Atherton: Q♣Q♠ – set of queens
White: A♣K♦ – top pair top kicker

The board ran 10♣9♥ and Atherton looks set to make another deep run. — NW

4.15pm: No Silver lining
We’re a little bit in shock here on Team Blog but Max Silver is out having failed to recover from the big pot he lost earlier (see post at 4pm). The Englishman had previously finished first and fourth in the two previous UKIPT Dublin events so we were expecting more of the same.

He did though give it a good go at getting back in the game. He managed to double up with 9♦2♣ against Seun Oluwole ‘s Q♥J♠ as he rivered a two on a 6♠5♣5♦10♠2♦ board.

And he was looking good to double again the very next hand as he three-bet all-in with A♥K♠ and got a call from Terry Plummer who held Q♥J♥, but the board came 7♥5♦6♣3♣J♦ to eliminate him. — NW

4.12pm: Grafton’s parting shot
As mentioned below, Sam Grafton is out but his parting tweet was certainly spot on.

“Bust #UKIPT in joke tilting fashion, but overall didnt play my best. Main thing I learnt this trip is children dressed as adults are scary.” – @SquidPoker

Indeed they are. The PokerStars UKIPT has been sharing the huge Citywest Hotel complex with the The Irish National Dancing Championships which means crossing the hotel lobby has meant braving the practice kicks of dozens of pre-teen girls covered in terrifying fake tan and disturbing fake curls. Staring down Phil Ivey? Piece of the proverbial. Trying to navigate between these screeching midgets? Absolutely petrifying. — RD

4.05pm: Quads!
“Nice hand,” said the table almost in unison as Bruce Jones made quads to eliminate Joseph Devaney.

The chips had all gone in pre-flop with an at risk Devaney four-bet shoving A♥J♠ for 47,000 and Jones calling from his stack of 75,000 with pocket tens.

The board ran 10♣4♦7♠K♠10♦ to send Jones up to 120,000, Jones is a very recent marketing graduate who lives in Wales. He is playing this tournament as a treat to himself, as he’s made a bit of money grinding live cash whilst getting his degree. — NW

4pm: Silver rivered by Rankin
Max Silver is down to his last 6,000 after losing a 120,000 pot to Dan Rankin on the river. An open limp had invited Silver to do the same on the button with J♠10♠. Rankin was in the small blind and punished the limps with a raise to 5,400. Only Silver made the call.

The [8][7][3] rainbow had one diamond. Rankin check-called 4,800 on the flop. The J♦ hit the turn and Rankin checked again. Silver bet 9,200 and Rankin moved all-in for close to 50,000. Silver made the call with his top pair. Rankin held A♦9♦.

The river brought the 7♦. The normally smiley Silver is looking more than a little miffed right now. — RD

3.50pm: Fifty fifty
The starting field of 244 has been slashed in half in the opening three levels. Among the fallers who’ll have to wait to Newcastle for a shot at a UKIPT title are: Ross Johnson, Tim Boyle, Niclas Martinsson, Nick Newport and Sam Grafton. — NW

ukipt dublin_day 2_nicholas newport.jpg

Nicholas Newport

3.40pm: Sinclair playing ace(s)
Richard Sinclair is freerolling the entire Season 3 of the UKIPT after winning the Champion of Champions event in Season 2. He’s bricked the first two events of the season but is still going here. He’s got about 85,000 which is above the average of 67,000. “I got lucky,” he told me. “I had aces against ace-king blind on blind and then had aces against jacks. So basically I’ve only been playing aces!” — NW

3.30pm: Mullin getting mauled
It’s not very often you flop a straight and a straight flush draw, get it in and find you have less than 1% equity in the hand.

But, after losing 15,000 in the previous hand (see post below) Emmett Mullin just lost another 45,000 in a sickening cooler.

He raised from the button and Dennis Reyes called from the small blind. On the flop of 8♥9♣10♥ Mullin c-bet 5,000, Reyes made it 12,500, Mullin moved all-in and Reyes snap called.

Mullin: 7♥6♥
Reyes: Q♥J♥

The only way Mullin could win the hand was with runner-runner 4♥5♥ for a straight flush or he could chop it with a running jack-queen combo. But, the board ran A♦K♦ and Mullin is now down to just 13,000. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600 ante 200

3.20pm: Mullin confused as Champion chips up
William Champion is up to 170,000 having knocked out Stanley Smith in a three-way pot with Emmett Mullin. Champion had opened to 3,500 on the button and Mullin three-bet to 8,800 from the small blind. The big blind, Smith, moved all-in for 13,800 and Champion made the call. Mullin called in behind.

The 4♦8♠J♣A♦4♠ board was checked down and Smith showed 10♠10♣ which had been beaten by Champion’s J♥10♥. Mullin looked a little confused and mucked his hand. Mullin’s stack is definitely moving in the wrong direction. — RD

3.15pm: Chip leader Czeched a little
At the last break Martin Balaz was second in chips with 203,000 but he’s just lost a chunk of that. “I have just lost 60k. Btn raise 2.4k, I 3b him to 6.9k with TT and snapcalled his spewy shove. He had KQo, Q on the board,” he tweeted. — NW

ukipt dublin_day 2_martin balaz.jpg

Martin Balaz

3.12pm: White’s favourite hand
“It’s my favourite hand,” said Leonard White to Thomas Hall excitedly.

“King-ten, it’s my favourite hand,” said White to a friend on the rail.

White had just doubled to 45,000 through Szymon Gajda on a 2♦9♠10♣K♣ board. White had led 4,300 into the flop and Gajda had raised to 9,300. Call from White. He then quickly moved all-in on the turn for 14,000. Or rather he tried to but because he’d not put the chips across the line in one smooth movement his black chips had to stay. His bet stood at 12,000 but Gajda shrugged and moved in. The final 2,000 went in.

Gajda: J♣10♠
White: K♥10♥

White had been ahead but the turn had confirmed it. A second king filled him up on the river. — RD

3pm: It’s Christmas for Collins as he eliminated Noel
I arrived at the table to see Noel McMahon move all-in for his last 22,600, one seat along Finbar Loughnane, after getting a count, made the call. Quick folds where then the order of the day until it reached Con Collins in the small blind.

He then tanked for a couple of minutes during which time another player told me that: “This is a crazy table there’s loads of all-ins and shoves happening,” eventually Collins slid out a raise, making it 50,600 in total, Loughnane quickly folded what he said after the hand was ace-king.

Collins: 10♣10♦
McMahon: A♣K♠

The flop of 10♠2♥4♥ left McMahon drawing slim, the 9♦ turn meant that the K♦ river was inconsequential and Collins scooped a near 70,000 chip pot. — NW

2.50pm: Derek Thorpedo’s Catic
When you’re down to 15 big blinds you’re usually pretty happy to get it in with ace-king. What makes you even happier is when your opponent holds ace-queen.

That’s the situation a short stacked Damir Catic found himself in just now. Unfortunately for him his opponent – Derek Thorpe – spiked a queen to send him to the rail. — NW

2.38pm: Silver up to his old tricks
Max Silver is the de facto reigning champion here at UKIPT Dublin. While he didn’t win the last outing, he did win the Season 1 leg and in the absence of Joeri Zandvliet, who opted to play the PokerStars Spanish Estrellas Poker Tour instead, Silver can be considered the defending champ… at a stretch.

Silver won in Dublin, his adopted home, and €72,000 back in September 2010 and he came close to winning it again last year finishing fourth for €63,151.

Silver is up to 96,000, approaching twice the average, having check-raised all-in with ace-king on a [q][t][7] flop and found a call from [k][q]. A jack binked on the river to give him Broadway. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 2_max silver.jpg

Max Silver on winning soil

2.30pm: More exits
A total of 84 players exited during the opening 120 minutes of play, some of the more recent bust outs include: Tim Bettingen, Dennis Henkes, John Daly and Dara O’Kearney. — NW

ukiptdublin_day2_Dara O'Kearney2.jpg

O’Kearney – one of many Day 2 exits

2.20pm: Chip leaders at the break
We have two big stacks over 200,000 here in Dublin and they are Martin Baláž (203,000) and Glen Coroner (220,000). You can find the chip count page by clicking through here. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200, ante 100

2.05pm: Mullin’s brief chip lead, Break
Emmett Mullin was up to 165,000 for a short time but doubled through Miguel Silva up to 140,000. Mullin back down to 95,000. We’re now going into the first 20-minute break of the day. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 2_emmett mullin.jpg

Emmett Mullin: slightly deflated

2pm: Keeping up with Jones
Iwan Jones and Tom Hall (11th UKIPT Galway S3) are sat side by side and they just played one of those interesting blind on blind battles that happen frequently during tournaments.

From the small Jones completed, but Hall raised to 2,800, call from Jones.

Flop: 3♣7♣7♥ – check, check
Turn: 10♥ – Jones bet 4,700, swift call from Hall
River: Q♣ – Jones bet 8,900, tank call from Hall.

Jones immediately mucked his hand and Hall showed A♥J♠ for just ace high, he’s up to 85,000 now. — NW

1.55pm: Not all plain sailing for Captain Kollander
Garbriel Kollander is now sat at the same table as fellow Day 1 chip leader William Champion. From a small sample size of the last few hands, it appears that Kollander is established as the table captain. He’s the player asking the questions but at the moment he’s not getting the answers that he would like.

Kollander opened under-the-gun for 2,400 and the action folded to Robert Scott in the big blind who three-bet to 6,000. Kollander made the call but passed the Q♦A♦J♠ flop to a 5,700 c-bet.

The next hand Kollander three-bet Szymon Gajda’s cut-off open to from 1,800 to 6,600. Gajda made the call and quickly shoved for 70,500 over the top of Kollander’s 9,700 c-bet. Kollander didn’t look like he was calling but neither did he look thrilled to pass. His stack still weighs in at 135,000. — RD

1.45pm: Exits
We’ve lost nearly 75 players so far today including: Thomas Kitt, Shane Dempsey, Simon Deadman, David O’Connor and Scott Shelley. — NW

1.35pm: Levels to be played
We’ll be playing a maximum of eight levels today. UKIPT tournament director Toby Stone has told us that if we burst the bubble in level 7 we’ll play until the end of the level, if it pops in the final level of the day we’ll stop the clock then and there. Clean and simple. We’re an hour and half through the day so far and have 175 players remaining from a Day 2 start point of 244. — RD

1.25pm: Champ or chump?
It’s been a contrasting opening 90 minutes for the remaining UKIPT champions left in the field. Emmett Mullin is flying he’s up to 140,000 and likely one of the top 10 stacks. Max Silver has also had a decent start to to the day as he’s more than trebled the 21,100 he started with. “I’ve got about 70,000 I had queens against ace-king although I wasn’t at risk.” And Richard Sinclair has spun his 30,100 up to 58,000.

But, it’s not such good news for Sam Razavi fans as the UKIPT Cork S2 winner is out. — NW

ukipt dublin_day 2_richard sinclair.jpg

Richard Sinclair: loves a drop of Ed Hardy

1.20pm: Back from the Van Den Brink
Bastiaan Van Den Brink has just trebled through to around 70,000 after getting it in with A♠K♣ against Sam Grafton and Friðjón Þórðarson, both of whom held ace-queen.

Grafton had opened from the cut-off, Van Den Brink had three-bet to 4,500 from the button and Þórðarson had cold four-bet to 8,500. Grafton shoved, Van Den Brink snap-called and Þórðarson tank-called.

“Any green cards,” said Grafton, who held the only club draw.

He got two on the 2♠5♣6♣ flop. The turn was the 7♠, killing the pot right there. Grafton is down to 38,000, Þórðarson on less, around 25,000. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 2_sam grafton.jpg

It’s back to the grind for Sam Grafton

1.15pm: Re-Joyce
Gavin Joyce is now one of the chipleaders he tweeted: “Double up, AA v KK. 145k.” Easy game. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500-1,000 ante 100

1.05pm: Lose some win some
I just saw Darren Lyttle play two three-bet pots in a row winning one and losing the other.

In the first Richard Evans made it 1,700 to go Lyttle three-bet to 4,200 but folded after Evans moved all-in for 30,000.

The very next hand Charlie McCallister made it 1,700 to play, next to act Ann Tran Dinh flat-called and Lyttle then squeezed to 5,100 and only McCallister called.

The flop was J♣A♣6♠ and bother players checked to see the J♥ fall on the turn. This card was deemed safe enough for McCallister to bet, he fired out 8,300 and Lyttle made the call. The 7♥ completed the board, both players checked and Lyttle’s pocket kings took the pot, McCallister inadvertently showed the 10♠ as he mucked. “If he doesn’t call I do,” said Ann Tran Dinh, “I had the ace,” she added. — NW

1pm: Irish spew
Paul McCaffrey started the day third in chips on 112,000 but in just 40 minutes he’s gone from potential hero to absolutely zero as he’s out.

I joined the action live to see a full board of J♦5♣4♠8♣10♠ on the felt and there was about 15,000 in the pot. Another player at the table told me that the previous action on every street had been raise by Martin Balaz (cut-off) and call by McCaffrey (button).

The pattern looked like repeating itself on the river as Balaz fired out a bet of 6,200, but McCaffrey opted to raise, making it 14,800 total. Back on Balaz he wasted little time in moving all-in for around 100,000 total. This is where it got interesting (as if it wasn’t already right!?)

Now McCaffrey was like a jack-in-a-box, first kneeling on his chair and then leaning back as he contemplated his decision. He then got a count on Balaz’s stack to confirm he would be all-in if he called and it was established that the Irishman would be at risk. “It must be a bluff to bet that big,” said McCaffrey whilst looking at Balaz who remained impassive.

A few more minutes passed during which McCaffrey checked his stack to see what he had left (around 60,000 – still well above average) and then he stood up, sat down and stood up again, ants clearly in his pants. Although he had been thinking for at least five minutes no one had called the clock as everyone sensed and knew this was a huge pot and it should simply play out, however long it took.

But, McCaffrey perhaps had his own subconscious clock in his head as around 30 seconds later he announced call. Balaz turned over Q♣9♣ for the nuts and McCaffrey – disgusted with himself – flinged his cards into the muck and walked off. Another player at the table requested to see McCaffrey’s cards and the dealer showed A♦9♦ for an ace high hero call gone wrong. — NW

12.50pm: Haile storm
Richard Haile will not be adding to his long string of UKIPT cashes. “Bust ukipt kk aa bugger,” tweeted @HaileRichard. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 2_richard haile.jpg

Richard Haile

12.38pm: Growing big stacks
Emmett Mullin is up over 100,000 and moving in the right direction. The UKIPT champ is three-betting virulently.

Brandon ‘Mazurite’ Rollinson, a friend of chip leader Gabriel Kollander, is up to 110,000 after stacking Jason Tompkins with A♥A♣ on a 4♠8♣5♣ flop. Tomplins had check-raised all-in from the cut-off with A♦K♣ for around 26,000 after Rollinson had stabbed 7,900 into the pot. The turn and river blanked out. — RD

12.24pm: There’s no easy way to say this but …
Joining Ross Jarvis and Rebecca McAdam are Melvin Buis, Samuel Welbourne, Philip Magenni and Norbetas Jasinskas. The ticker on the clock keeps counting down. It’s currently showing 232 for a loss of 12 players in the first orbits of play. — RD

12.20pm: Jarvis out, steaming
Ross Jarvis has just been eliminated by Day 1A chipleader William Champion and he’s not happy about how it happened at all. He told me: “I lost 10,000 on the first hand with Ace-King against tens so that put me down to 17,000. Then he (Champion) opened to 2,100, I moved in with Ace-eight and he flicked it in with queen-two and rivered a queen. What’s he doing there? That’s an appalling call.”

And with that Jarvis wandered off, Rebecca McAdam is another early bust out on day two here in Dublin. Not a good start for poker journalists/players. — NW

ukipt dublin_day 2_william champion.jpg

William Champion: not Jarvis’ favourite person right now

12.05pm: Play begins
It sounds like there’s plenty of early knock outs.

11.55am: Day 2 set to start
The sound of ripping bags and scattering chips is reverberating around the Citywest conference centre as the 244 players that made it through to Day 2 stack their chips for the day. We will make the money in the back half of the day, 72 places pay – that’s around a third of the field. American Gabriel Kollander leads with 151,900 a short way ahead of the Day 1A chip leader William Champion (129,700). Play should start just a couple of minutes after noon.

The Day 2 UKIPT Dublin seat draw can be found by clicking through this link.

ukipt dublin_day 2_cards.jpg

Play starts shortly

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Galway (in order of chairs sat on): Rick Dacey (two) and Nick Wright (one). Photos by Mickey May (also one).


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