UKIPT Coventry: Ross Jarvis takes the day 1 chip lead

April 09, 2010


It’s been end to end stuff here at the Ricoh Arena. From the knockout of Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren after just twenty two minutes (who found herself in a couple of very ugly spots early on) to the aggressive stack building of Toby Lewis, Marius Lietuvnikas and our chip leader Ross Jarvis there has been some electric football poker.*

A total of 368 players entered the £500 main event across the two days 1’s putting £184,000 into the prize pool. We had 191 runners on day 1a and 177 today for day 1b – and would have been more had there not been some motorway issues so we’ve been told. Players that did manage to get here included a holy trinity of British poker players in Marc Goodwin, Paul Jackson and Surinder Sunar who have $7m in live tournament winnings between them. All three are predictably through to day 2. A well known player that won’t be gracing the felt tomorrow is Team PokerStars Jude j.thaddeus Ainsworth who had a nasty case of king-as-an-over-pair-to-someone-else’s-set. It proved to be terminal and Ainsworth will have to wait until another UKIPT or EPT for a deep run at the money.

Talking of making a run at the money we have 137 players coming back tomorrow with 45 places paying. Although some players will be happy to grind to the money and then take their chances from there others will be gunning to make it through to the final table on Sunday and where £46,000 and the UKIPT Coventry title await the winner.

ukipt coventry_day 1b_goodwin and sunar.jpg

Marc Goodwin and Surinder Sunar are through to day 2

One such player that was going all cylinders firing was Matthew Heaps who was up to some 120,000 towards the end of the day before he lost a big pot with kings to a set courtesy to Marius Lietuvnikas who himself finished the day on 87,200. The Lithuanian finished 11th at the UKIPT Manchester and will be keen to make that final push onto the final table this time around.

ukipt coventry_day 1b_matthew heaps.jpg

Matthew Heaps had a huge stack now he’s got merely heaps

Fellow hack Ross Jarvis is a player that we know well and has been on a hit streak of late winning the last two live tournaments that he’s played (albeit smaller £100 and £150 tournaments for £4,000 and £7,000 respectively). The PokerPlayer magazine writer is used to being the one covering events rather than being the focus on the PokerStars blog but, hey, it’s a change that he relishes. So how players have you knocked out, Ross? ‘Well, if it was bounty tournament I’d be very happy right now.’ And how did Jarvis celebrate his overnight chip lead? He came into the press room and grudgingly agreed to buy us drinks. The 25-year old journalist will be wearing a special ‘Saturday Night Fever’ shirt tomorrow (his words, not ours). One things for certain he’ll have players dancing from the start of level 10 at 2pm tomorrow. Join us then.

ukipt coventry_day 1b_ross jarvis chips.jpg

Ross Jarvis (backgorund) is the day 1 chip leader with 131,100

Our combined top ten chip leaders going into day 2 is as follows:

Ross Jarvis – 131,100
Alexander Jackson – 116,100
Jeffrey Burke – 111,900
Mike Lacey – 110,900
Paul Rigg – 102,100
Toby Lewis – 91,100
Marius Lietuvnikas – 87,200
Sam Grafton – 80,600
David Mobbs – 73,600
Fintan Gavin – 68,000

Click below to catch up with the day’s action and here for the chip counts

The second half kicks off
Level 1&2
Level 3&4
Level 5&6
Level 7,8&9

*The Ricoh Arena where the G Casino is located is also the home to Coventry City Football Club cue the football analogy for anyone out of the football loop.


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