UKIPT Coventry: Jostling for position at the UKIPT Coventry

April 10, 2010


Today is the Grand National. At 4pm there’s going to be a thunder of horses tearing around Aintree at breakneck speeds all aiming to be the first across the post. It’s going to be no different here with our runners and riders jostling for prime position come the end of the day. We’ll have plenty of fallers from the outset with many of the 137 returning players coming back very short stacked at this 600-1,200, ante 100 level.

ukipt coventry_day 2_ross jarvis.jpg

Chip leader Ross Jarvis has 131,100

Players that won’t be unseated at the first couple of jumps include chip leaders Ross Jarvis, Alex Jackson, Jeffrey Burke, Michael Lacey and Paul Rigg who all have over 100,000 chips. Jockeys with plenty of experience include Marc Goodwin, Paul Jackson, Surinder Sunar and Mickey Wernick. We’re playing down to the final table today so that’s 128 horses we need to fall. Well before that takes place we’ll be finding the bubble with 45 players being paid.

ukipt coventry_day 2_jeff burke.jpg

Jeffrey Burke has over 100,000

Win or lose at least the players have had a good time in Coventry – some more than others, of course. Many turned up for our welcome party on Wednesday night and got thoroughly involved mentioning no names, Dan Oswtson, a couple of players prepared for their tournaments with a lot of energy and vigour.

Owston returns today with a respectable 42,800. At the back of the field we have Michael Berry (5,500) and Carla Goddard (6,500) who will need to double up in the first couple of orbots if they stand any chance of jostling their way back into the middle of the pack.

Bags are being emptied and chips are being stacked. Let’s get to it.


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