UKIPT Coventry: Day 2, level 16, 17, 18 & 19 (blinds 5,000-10,000, ante 1,000)

April 10, 2010


1.45am: Ben now slightly bigger
Ben Sweetman has doubled through Anthony Kennedy during the last hand of the level although he is still in relative short stack territory. Sweetman moved all-in for 79,000 from the button and big blind Anthony Kennedy looked him up.

Sweetman: K♥Q♥
Kennedy: J♠9♦

By the river Sweetman had made two pair and now has around 175,000. –NW

1.35am: Just like buses
No-one gets knocked out for ages and then two arrive at once. First we lose Dane Michael Justesen (14th) then mere seconds afterwards it’s Sam Grafton (13th). Grafton had moved all-in under the gun for around 150,000 and Ben Dobson moved all-in directly after him for 260,00.

Grafton: Q♣9♠
Dobson: A♠J♦

The 4♦10♦5♦7♠3♠ board is no help for Grafton and he’s out in 13th.

BREAK TIME! That’s fifteen minutes for the players to reload on coffee. –RD

1.35am: Carter turning up the heat
Dan Carter raises to 25,000 and Paul Rigg three-bets to 60,000. Sam Grafton considers moving it in but thinks better of it. Carter slides out a large bet and Rigg passes.

Carter makes another open raise to 25,000 and is called by Ben Dobson. Carter bets 31,000 on the 2♦Q♦4♠ flop and Dobson calls. The 9♦ brings the flush and Carter thinks for a while before making it 90,000. Dobson calls again. A second nine on the river with the 9♥ doesn’t slow Carter down with a heaving 200,000 bet. Dobson calls and is shown A♦3♦ for the nut flush. It’s a monster pot and puts Carter on 1.2m. — RD

1.30am: Joker Joe more jovial after filling up
You wait all level for one big hand and then two came at once. Marius Lietuvnikas opened from early position to 25,000, Joe Grech moved all-in for his last 150,000 and Marius playing a stack of 400,000 made the call.
Grech: 10♦10♣
Marius: 5♦5♣

Grech flopped a full-house and the complete board was J♣10♠J♥Q♠J♥ –NW

1.25am: Dobson dodges diamonds to double
Sam Grafton opened to 25,000 in early position, next to act Ben Dobson flat called, it folded to Dan Carter on the button who three-bet to 85,000. Grafton responded by four-bet jamming for around 400,000. Dobson called to put his tournament at risk and Carter folded.

Grafton: 3♦9♦
Dobson K♠K♦

The board was A♠J♠10♦7♠2♥. Dobson doubled to 600,000 and Grafton slipped to 150,000. –NW

1.20am: Player grumbles
The players are starting to get tired after nine levels of play and some are hoping that maybe we won’t play down to the final table. Unlucky gentlemen, it seems that is still the plan. Redbull for table one! — RD

1.15am: Grech takes a hit against the nuts
Chris Brice raises pre-flop with A♥K♦ to 32,000 and is called by Joe Grech in the big blind. Both players check down to the J♦2♣10♠5♠Q♦ river where Brice makes a nice value bet of 67,50 with the nuts. Grech makes the call and nods as he’s shown the world.

Grech is looking short with 160,000 (he shoved in to big up the blinds). — RD

1.05am: Chop it up
Anthony Kennedy checked to Dan Carter on a river of K♠K♥9♠6♣4♥ Carter fired out a bet and Kennedy, in his own words, ‘snapped him off’, they both showed 3-4 to chop the pot. –NW

1am: Sweetman doubles up
Anthony Kennedy open limped from early position and it folded to Ben Sweetman in late position who moved all-in for 65,000 total. It folded back to Kennedy who made the call.

Sweetman: A♣8♣
Kennedy 4♥4♦

Sweetman didn’t have to wait long for his overcard as the board ran out 8♥2♥7♣K♦Q♥. –NW

12.50am: An orbit observing table two
With two tables left we can focus a lot on both tables so we decided to take an entire orbit in at table two, which is home to most of the big stacks. There’s a lot of respect for the big stacks and also a lot of three-betting going on. In our small eight hand sample size we saw: six three-bets, two all-ins, one flop where there was still betting and one all-in showdown, information on that showdown coming right up. –NW

12.35am: Three-bets at dawn
Or it certainly could be at this rate. The amount of late position folding to three bets is huge at the moment. Ben Crellin raises to 17,000 from the cut-off and Gilles Augustus makes it 49,000. Michael Justensen folds in the big blind. Crellin doesn’t waste much time in folding. We’re almost doing an in-depth looking at the other table, which features Sam Grafton, Dan Carter and Ben Dobson. Join us for that shortly– RD

12.20am: The Brice is right for Chris
Circuit regular Adam Wilkinson has been knocked out in 16th place. Chris Brice was the assassin. Brice opened to 20,000 from late position and Wilkinson moved all-in, next to speak, for 70,000 total. Brice made the call and it was showdown time.

Brice: Q♣10♥
Wilkinson A♥10♠

The flop was Q♠J♣[x] to give Brice the lead but Wilkinson still had outs, another queen on the turn left Wilkinson with just the four kings as outs and he missed his straight draw. –NW

12.15am: Dobson left cold
Ben Dobson raises from early position to 18,000 and is raised by Dave Jones to 46,000. Dobson gets it all-in for around 260,000 and is called by Jones who shows A♦J♣. Dobson is in great shape with A♣K♥ until the board drops a choptastic 3♥3♣Q♥3♦A♠. — RD

ukipt coventry_day 2_two tables.jpg

Just two tables left at the UKIPT

12.05am: Jackson whacked by Jones
Alex Jackson, who led the field at the end of day 1a, has just been knocked out in 17th place by Dave Jones. Jackson open-shoved 124,000 from the hi-jack and Jones moved all-in from the cut-off. Everyone else folded.
Jones: A♥Q♠
Jackson A♦7♦

Board: 6♥A♣9♣5♠J♠
Jones is now on 550,000. –NW

11.50pm: The word from the tournament director
The UKIPT tournmanet director Toby Stone has just told us that in all likelihood we’ll play beyond level 18 (as was initially scheduled) and down to a final 10 players. We’ll then come back tomorrow and have one knockout before the ‘real’ final table begins.
Break time and we’ll be back soon.

Quick revision on this: the decison will be made when we get to eleven players as to whether the final table will be played nine- or ten-handed tomorrow. — RD

11.40pm: Phil Gold’s out in 18th for £1,750
You’re running low on chips with just two tables left at the UKIPT and you look down at pockets aces. Hurrah and hurray! Then you get them all-in against pocket nines and lose to a set. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Still, it’s a great run for the PokerStars freeroll qualifier. Could have been a dream win for Gold. — RD

ukipt coventry_day 2_phil gold.jpg

Phil Gold is out in 18th

11.30pm: Two tables left
With the recent exits of Ivan Bird and Rajesh Verma we’re down to two tables. Dan Carter is still the chip leader. –NW

ukipt coventry_day 2_ dan carter.jpg

Dan Carter

11.25pm: Booth bests Grech
Andrew Booth just doubled up to 140,000 at the expense of Joe Grech. Booth opened shoved from the hi-jack and Grech in the big blind made the call.
Grech: K♥J♥
Booth: A♠8♠

Board: 5♠9♠9♥Q♥2♠

Booth flopped a massive draw and although he missed the turn and river ace high was enough to win the pot. –NW

10.55pm: Heaps of laughter
It’s the small blind and Heaps moves all-in with 2♦3♠ and is called by Grafton with K♥7♥. No help with the flop and Heap is out with a laugh at his poor hand. Great attitude, wp Mr Heap. — RD

10.45pm: We’re down to twenty two
Your latest casualties are…

23rd David Iftakhar £1,250
24th Mike Lacey £1,250
25th Simon Morrison £1,100
26th Jake Cody £1,100

10.30pm: Dan nears the million mark
Dan Carter has just eliminated EPT Deauville winner Jake Cody and as a result he is closing in on the million chip mark. In Cody’s exit hand Alex Jackson opened to 15,000, Cody three-bet to 39,000, Carter made it 72,000, Jackson folded. Cody moved all-in for 210,000 and Carter called.
Cody: A♥Q♣
Carter Q♠Q♥
The board ran out 2♣4♣9♥4♦6♥. Carter is now the clear chip leader. –NW

10.25pm: Chip inequality
Of the final three tables there’s quite a difference in terms of how many big stacks there are on each table. Table two, with the half million plus stacks of Dan Carter and Sam Grafton clearly has the most chips, table three has got the big stacks of Dave Jones and Marius Lietuvnikas. Meanwhile table one, which we’re told will not break has the least chips of all, chip leader on that table appears to be Ben Crellin who has 250,000. –NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000-6,000, ante 500

10.15pm: Live poker is so (not) Rigg
Paul Rigg and Dave Jones just tangled in probably the biggest single pot of the tournament thus far. Rigg got the action started by raising to 12,000. Jones three-bet to 32,000 which prompted a four-bet to 79,000 by Rigg, Jones then five-bet all-in for 223,000 total and Rigg made the call.

Rigg Q♦Q♣
Jones K♦K♣

Jones even had Rigg suit dominated and there was no miracle straight or queen as the board ran out ten high. Jones is now challenging Dan Carter for the chip lead whilst Paul Rigg is down to around 150,000. –NW

10.25pm: Down to three tables
We’re down to three tables and 27 players so the big money is just around the corner. — RD

10.20pm: Players that have cashed so far
Of the 45 paying out spots so far filled we have…

31: Mickey Wernick – £900
32: Ross Jarvis – £900
33: Fintan Gavin, PokerStars player – £900
34: Thomas Ward – £900
35: Tony Drew – £900
36: Dimitrios Ermogenous – £900
37: Hans Astrup, PokerStars qualifier – £850
38: Andrew Liperis – £850
39: David Mobbs – £850
40: Simon Mairs – £850
41: Richard Sutcliffe – £850
42: Matt Myford – £850
43: John McGoldrick – £850
44: Ross Johnson – £850
45: Richard Stanley – £850

10.15pm: Carter continues to chip up
The Carter/Cody/Grafton table is currently playing six handed and Dan Carter appears to be making the most of the short-handed action. After Joe Lucas raised to 13,000 and Mike Lacey had three-bet to 33,000, Carter made a cold four-bet to 80,000 from the button. Whilst Lucas was debating what action to take Sam Grafton, who had folded his small blind, got up from the table to tell me what a great spot this was for a cold four-bet and had been considering doing it himself. Grafton’s words proved prophetic as both Lucas and Lacey gave it up.
Then the very next hand Lacey opened to 13,000, Carter decided to three-bet to 34,000 and Lacey called. They both checked the 2♣Q♥K♥K♣4♠ board until the river when after Lacey had checked for the third time, Carter made a bet of 64,000. Lacey talked the hand through some of it audible, some of it in his head, before eventually calling. Carter showed J♣J♦ to take his stack to around 580,000. — NW

9.50pm: Crellin double up
Ben Crellin moves all-in for 65,000 over Chris Brice’s open raise. Brice makes the call.

Crellin: A♣9♦
Brice: K♠9♠

An ace on the river seals it for Crellin and he’s up to 135,000. Brice takes a hits. — RD

9.45pm: Short stacks shot down
Once play re-started the shorter stacks lost no time in making their move but have been less than successful. Both Mickey Wernick and Ross Jarvis and now on the rail, the latter’s last 25,000 went to the burgeoning stack of Dan Carter. –NW

9.40pm: Dinnner break over
The final 34 players have returned from the dinner break to play down to the serious money. A decision will be made by the tournament director towards the end of the day about whether we’ll play to the final nine or come back tomorrow. We’ll keep you informed. Our joint chip leaders are Sam Grafton and Dan Carter who are both on close to 400,000. — RD

ukipt coventry_day 2_sam grafton.jpg

Sam Grafton is the joint chip leader

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Coventry: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright.


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