UKIPT Coventry: Day 1a, levels 7, 8 and 9 (blinds 400-800, 100 ante)

April 08, 2010


1.00 am: Jackson leads top five
20-year-old student Alexander Jackson leads the way with 116,100. Jackson, who lives in Coventry and is studying history at Warwick University qualified in last night’s live satellite at the casino. Mike Lacey who has 110,900 sits second in the overnight chip counts. Also near the top of the pile are Rajesh Verma, Michael Dobbs and Rupinder Bedi.

1am: Play ends for the day
We’re working on chip counts but that’s it for the day. Check back with us for the end of day round up and final chip counts.

12.45 am: Last four hands
We’re almost there, folks. The last four hands of the day have been annouced and then we’ll be bagging and tagging stacks. Expect a few players to drop or double here otherwise they’ve got a two day wait until day 2 begins. — RD

12.30 am: Owston vesus Bedi
On the river of a 2♠9♦A♦7♠J♠ Dan Owston checked to Rupinder Bedi, who eyed the pot up (which was about 18,000) and after a moments deliberation he settled on a bet of 8,600. Owston cut out the required call from his stack picked up the chips and began talking. Not everything was audible but the jist was that he believed that Bedi had him beat. Eventually he put the chips back into his stack and folded and Bedi raked in the pot.

12.25 am: Over 100,000
Alex Jackson is the first player to break the 100,000 mark. In fact he actually has 105,000 and bar any late madness he stands to be our overnight Day 1a chip leader. Expect the next post to be ‘Madness ensues.’ — RD

12.15 am: No luck for the Irish
Dara O’Kearney must have thought he had found a sweet spot getting his dwindling stack into the middle from the small blind with J♠J♦. Unfortunately for him Michael Justensen’s button raise wasn’t light. How’s pocket Queens for you? Not so good for O’Kearney who couldn’t make the outdraw. — RD

12.05 am: One lady lighter
Lisa Bright put her last 5,200 in the middle with J♠10♥ from under the gun. She was flat called by Stephen Devlin in middle position, before the button, Dan Carter, shoved all in for around 20,000 with A♣K♠, the flop contained and ace and there was no miracle runner-runner for Lisa. –NW

12.00 am: Chips being sprayed around the room
Table 11 which contained a lot of big stacks has just been broken and their holders have been moved to various corners of the room. Mike Lacey is now seated at the same table as probable chip leader Alex Jackson and Peter Charalambous is to the direct left of Mickey Wernick.–NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 400-800, 100 ANTE

11.55 pm: Final level of the day
The final level of the day has just started. The green 25 denomination chips have been raced off, the price of poker is now 400/800 with a 100 running ante. 90 players remain and the average is 31,800. –NW

11.35 pm: Lacey hits lofty heights
Mike Lacey, who’s often on the other side of the felt running poker tournaments, has doubled up through long time chip leader Tristan Taylor and now finds himself near the top of the leaderboard. Lacey raised pre-flop and Taylor called the flop came 7♣2♥3h]. Lacey checked to Taylor who bet, Lacey raised, Taylor shoved and Lacey called creating a 66,000 chip pot. Lacey rolled over 10♥10♠ which was ahead, but Taylor still had six outs twice with A♠J♠ but he missed on both fourth and fifth street.

11.25pm: Jackson’s Lord of the Ring?
Alex Jackson is up to around 75,000 and is looking good for the chip lead. There’s just an hour or so of the day to play out and 99 players. There is the small matter of day 1b, of course, but we’ll resolve that tomorrow… — RD

11.15pm: Owston cracks Aces
There is no stopping Dan Owston at the moment. Either he’s got the Aces or he’s cracking someone else’s. Vincent Pasdeloup was the unlucky player that picked up the aces to Owston’s Kings. It all went in preflop and the Welshman turned a king after the J♠J♥3♣ flop appeared to give Pasdeloup the double up that he sorely needed. A blank 2♠ on the river was no help and Owston is up to 40,000. — RD

10.55 pm: Rupinder has chuckling chips
Rupinder Bedi has topped the 50,000 mark after winning a 45,000 chip pot with Q♦Q♣ against A♥K♣. It was fortunate for Bedi that his opponent missed as a tablemate of Bedi, who folded pre-flop, informed him that he also had pocket queens.


10.45pm: Bradpiece groans
Jerome Bradpiece raises to 1,100 under the gun and is called by Michael Lacey in the cut-off before Peter Charalambous squeezes on the button to 3,500. Bradpiece tank folds before Lacey makes the call. Both players check the 4♠A♥9♦ flop before the Lacey fires 4,400 at the 7♦ turn. Charalambous moves all-in for 20,000 more. The raise covers Lacey’s stack and he folds.
Bradpiece looks a little frustrated telling Charalambous that he had A♦4♦ for what would have been a flopped two pair that picked up the nut flush draw on the turn. Lacey is down to 14,000. Charalambous moving his stack up to 34,000. — RD

10.40 pm: Mickey Wernick looking short
Mickey Wernick has a couple of big stacks to his left in the shape of Ben Dobson and Chris Brammer. He’s got less than 20 big blinds with around 10,000 but Wernick is a player that knows how to grind a short stack. He’ll probably be chip leader come the bubble. — RD

10.35 pm: Kennedy flushes Lucas
Anthony Kennedy beckoned me over to tell me about a massive pot that happened at his table during the 200/400/50 level. Joseph Lucas opened to 900, and picked up two customers, Paul Watson and Kennedy. On a 10♦6♦[x] flop Lucas led for 2600, Watson flat called and Kennedy moved all-in for 16,000 total. Lucas made the call and Watson folded. Kennedy had a gutshot straight flush draw with 9♦7♦ and Lucas held A♣10♠. The 10♣ hit the turn to improve Lucas’ hand but the 8♦ on the river propelled Kennedy from worst to first and also made him a straight flush.

10.30 pm: Charles in charge
Charles Smithson and Rick Trigg just tangled in one of those unavoidable 20 big blind races. Action folded to Trigg on the button and he made it 1050 to go. Smithson, in the small blind, threw out three of the gold 1k chips, Trigg moved all-in and had Smithson covered but barely. After a short period in the think tank, during which the dealer almost inadvertently turned over the first flop card, Smithson put his tournament life at risk and made the call. Trigg held A♣Q♦ and Smtihson had J♠J♦, the board ran out 10♥7♦9♣3♥K♥ and after a chip count Trigg had to send 10,875 the way of Smithson. — NW

10.20 pm: Bad read
Earlier we reported that Steve Jelinek, as he often does, was reading a book whilst playing in the tournament. Well now he can concentrate solely on the paperback as he’s out. We didn’t catch his demise, however there’s no respite for table five as Jack ‘doctorfun’ Powell has been moved to Jelinek’s empty chair. — NW

10.05 pm: Action board but no action
As is so often the way an action heavy board let to a lot of…checking. Dan Owston raised pre-flop and picked up one caller in the shape of James Williams. A big pot looked to be brewing as Owston bet 1550 and was called by Williams on the A♠10♦Q♣ flop. However they checked down both the K♥ and A♥ river with Williams’ A♦9♦ good enough to win the pot. — NW

9.50pm: Tristan Taylor is our chip leader
Tristan Taylor is our chip leader on 67,575. We’re updating chip counts as you read. — RD

9.40pm: Curry break over
For those players that love a curry buffet you really should come to Coventry. The field has been fed and watered and is back on the tournament floor. We have three levels left in the day but we already have some big stacks growing and they are… Well, to tell the turth we’re just collating that now so we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with that. — RD

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Is Ben Dobson the chip leader?

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Coventry: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright.


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