UKIPT Brighton: Day 3 level 29 & 30 updates (blinds 50,000-100,000)

July 17, 2011


12.55am: See you from the seaside
A full wrap of today’s play is on the way shortly, but from your PokerStars blog team it’s goodbye from Brighton and we’ll hopefully see you in Edinburgh. — NW

12.50am: Chris O’Donnell wins UKIPT Brighton (£71,100)
From the button Richard Hasancebi raised to 200,000, Chris O’Donnell then three-bet to 475,000 from the big blind. Back on Hasancebi he moved all-in for around 4,000,000 and O’Donnell made the call. On their backs:

O’Donnell: A♦K♦
Hasancebi: A♥7♥

Hasancebi was the at risk player and the J♠3♣2♠ flop was no help. The A♣ turn took away any chop outs and Hasancebi was down to just three outs. The dealer rapped the table one more time and turned over the K♥.

Almost immediately O’Donnell was hoisted in the air by his friends who’d been railing all day and cries of, “Get in the Bob,” and “I know Bobby big head,” rang out from his supporters.

Local boy Richard Hasancebi was gracious in defeat and takes home £41,300 for his efforts. — NW

ukipt brighton_day 3_trophy.jpg

The UKIPT trophy isn’t it shiny!

12.45am: Three bet closes the gap
After Chris O’Donnell had made it 200,000 to go, Richard Hasancebi three-bet to 550,000 from the big blind. It was good enough to win the pot and bring the chip stacks ever closer. — NW

12.40am: Play resumes
We’re back into it with each player having over 40 big blinds. Plenty of play left here potentially. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 50,000-100,000

12.25am: Break
Chris O’Donnell takes a small lead into the break with 4,910,000. — RD

12.14am: O’Donnell doubles, back to evens
For the first time in this heads up contest Chris O’Donnell limped from the button and Richard Hasancebi checked his option. The flop of 5♦6♣9♦ was where all hell broke loose. After Hasancebi checked, O’Donnell bet 180,000, Hasancebi check-raised to 400,000, O’Donnell moved all-in for 2,205,000 and Hasancebi made the call.

O’Donnell: Q♠9♠
Hasancebi: J♦9♣

O’Donnell’s enthusiastic rail called for low cards and the dealer obliged as the turn and river fell 3♠7♠. After that hand the stacks are almost dead even about 4,520,000 for O’Donnell and 4,400,000 for Hasancebi. — NW

12.10am: Hasancebi takes the lead
Hasancebi had lost 1,000,000 since his double up against O’Donnell’s pocket jacks and he was all-in again against a pocket pair (tens), this time with A♠K♥.

Hasancebi had three-bet to 530,000 out of the big blind and O’Donnell had moved all-in over the top. Hasancebi made the call, flopped a king and raked in the 6,000,000 pot. The Brighton man now holds a two-to-one chip lead. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 3_richard hasancebi2.jpg

Swings and roundabouts – not just confined to Brighton pier

12.05am: Hasancebi spikes a three outer
After Chris O’Donnell had made his standard button raise to 160,000, Richard Hasancebi three-bet to 455,000 from his stack of two million. Back on O’Donnell he moved all-in and Hasancebi made the call. On their backs:

O’Donnell: J♣J♥
Hasancebi: A♠9♦

O’Donnell was a 71.8% to take the title and those odds increased to 86.5% on the 6♥6♠Q♣ flop. The turn though was the A♥ making Hasancebi a 95.45% favourite to double up and he did so as the river was the 5♦.

After that hand the chip stacks are now almost back to even as O’Donnell has 4,900,000 to Hasancebi’s 4,000,000. — NW

12am: Hasancebi up against it as O’Donnell bluffs him down
O’Donnell opened his button and was called by Hasancebi. O’Donnell fired all three streets of the A♠Q♣J♥5♠10♥ board for 180,000. 315,000 and 1,075,000 with Hasancebi finally giving way on the river. O’Donnell tossed 10♠2♠ on its back. Hasancebi down to 2,000,000, O’Donnell up to 7,000,000. — RD

11.50pm: O’Donnell wins big pot, takes two to one chip lead
On the button Richard Hasancebi raised to 160,000 and Chris O’Donnell made the call. On the flop of 7♦J♥5♥ O’Donnell checked to Hasancebi who bet 225,000 a bet O’Donnell check raised to 575,000 total. After getting confirmation of the amount, Hasancebi made the call.

Fourth street was the 10♦ and O’Donnell bet 475,000 and Hasancebi made a quick call. The 6♣ completed the board and O’Donnell stared straight ahead (although not at Hasancebi) before leading for 1,075,000. Again Hasancebi asked for confirmation of the bet size before announcing call.

O’Donnell turned over K♥J♣ and Hasancebi mucked, the chip stacks are now roughly 6,100,000 to 2,800,000 in O’Donnell’s favour. — NW

ukipt brighton_day 3_christopher o'donnell2.jpg

O’Donnell once again has the chip lead

11.40pm: No you have the chip lead, no you take the chip lead
And Richard Hasancebi is now back in the lead, although it’s so close that by the time I’ve finished writing this it might have changed again.

Anyway, after calling a pre-flop raise of 160,000 and a flop bet of 160,000, Hasancebi changed tack on fifth street leading for 350,000 with the board showing 9♣9♦10♠3♠K♦, it was enough to get Chris O’Donnell to muck his hand and give Hasancebi a slender chip advantage — NW

11.35pm: Chip lead switcharoo
And just like that Chris O’Donnell is back in the chip lead. He called Richard Hasancebi’s pre-flop raise of 185,000 and then check raised his bet of 200,000 to 600,000 on the A♣J♣10♠ board to force a fold. — NW

The lead seems to be changing by the hand so keep an eye on this page for up to the minute counts. — NW

11.30pm: Kicker plays
Richard Hasancebi just won a 1,350,000 chip pot to regain the chip lead. The final board read 8♦7♥2♣Q♣A♠ and both players showed an eight for one pair but Hasancebi’s nine kicker played as Chris O’Donnell’s kicker was a four. — NW

11.26pm: Chip counts
As we enter level 29 the chip counts are as follows:

Chris O’Donnell – 4,900,000
Richard Hasancebi – 4,000,000

The chip lead has been swinging back and forth but both players look focused and in the zone, we know it’s late (in the UK at least) but don’t close that browser just yet. It really is too close to call, just over 10 big blinds separate the two players.

ukipt brighton_day 3_christopher o'donnell.jpg

Chris O’Donnell Bobby Big Head

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Brighton (in order of time spent thinking of an in order of before giving up) : Nick Wright (too long) and Rick Dacey (not long enough). Photos by Mickey May.


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