UKIPT Brighton: Day 3, level 22 & 23 updates (blinds 10,000-20,000, ante 2,000)

July 17, 2011


4.40pm: O’Donnell takes another before the break
Chris O’Donnell has left Richard Hasancebi with just 1,200,000 after barrelling a A♣5♦10♠10♦ board. Hasancebi had called the 65,000 c-bet but had passed on the turn. It’s a 15 minute break with four players remaining.

That’s seven player gone in two levels. Don’t expect that tempo to be maintained. Join us in a new post in 15 minutes. — RD

4.35pm: Quite Hasancebi strikes
Richard Hasancebi had been quietly sitting back as the carnage has raged around him but he just took a small pot to level himself on 1,400,000. Chris O’Donnell opened the button for 40,000 and Hasancebi three-bet to 125,000. O’Donnelll passed. — RD

4.30pm: Sinem Melin eliminated in fifth place (£14,900)
The action folded to Jeff Duvall in the small blind. He completed and Sinem Melin checked her option. The flop was 8♣10♣J♣ and Duvall checked to Melin who bet 30,000, Duvall instantly announced all-in for around 700,000.

He had Melin covered, she had about 300,000 back and after thinking for about 20 seconds she softly said: “Okay,” indicating a call and showed J♠2♣, Duvall rolled over Q♦7♣ for the combo draw.

The turn was the 3♣ leaving Melin drawing dead and as the 9♥ completed the board she and Duvall shook hands and our last remaining female player exited the main event. — NW

ukipt brighton_day 3_sinem melin.jpg

Sinem Melin: out in fifth for £14,900

4.22pm: Melin’s gains lost
Senim Melin has lost half her stack just moments after doubling through. Melin had raised from the small blind into Rudi Johnsen who had made the call. Melin c-bet 51 into the 7♣Q♥2♣ flop and Johnsen raised to 126,000. Melin made the call. Both players checked the 5♥ turn.

Melin led 225,000 into the J♥ river and Johnsen slowly made the call with 8♠7♠. Melin showed 9♣8♣ for a missed draw. Melin back down to 350,000. — RD

4.14pm: Sinem Melin doubles through Richard Hasancebi
The possibility of a first female UKIPT winner remains as Sinem Melin just doubled up. She pushed all-in for 359,000 from the big blind with A♦9♠ after Richard Hasancebi had made it 42,000 from the button with A♥3♥. After getting a count he called the extra.

There was a brief stoppage before the board was dealt as tournament staff asked Melin’s sizable and enthusiastic rail to remain behind the ropes. Once they obliged the dealer spread a flop of 5♠Q♠7♦, Melin did a little fist pump. The turn was the 9♦ giving Melin a lock on the pot and her rail erupted saying: “Pay her quicker,” they shouted. The meaningless 6♠ completed the board, Melin up to 750,000, Hasancebi knocked down to 1,900,000. — NW

4.08pm: O’Donnell paid off
Chris O’Donnell just got paid off in a 1,600,000 pot. Rudi Johnsen had opened the button and O’Donnell has called the 50,000 in the small blind before check-raising Johnsen’s 80,000 c-bet to 205,000 on a 2♠3♦10♣ flop. Johnsen made the call.

Both players checked the 9♦ turn before O’Donnell, aka Bobby Big Head, pushed out a pot-sized 565,000. Johnsen made the call and was shown 2♦2♣. Johnsen down to around 2,700,000, O’Donnell up to 2,200,000. — RD

4.02pm: Chip counts
With the spate of recent eliminations the chip stacks have shifted, here’s how it currently stands:

Seat one: Christopher O’Donnell, United Kingdom, 1,400,000
Seat three: Richard Hasancebi, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 2,200,000
Seat four: Jeff Duvall, United Kingdom, 1,400,000
Seat six: Sinem Melin, United Kingdom, 400,000
Seat eight: Rudi Johnsen, Norway, PokerStars Qualifier, 3,700,000

Jeff Duvall is yet to show down a hand at the final table but when he’s three-bet twice and it’s definitely been a case of ‘respect your elders’ as his opponent’s have swiftly folded on both occasions. — NW

3.55pm: David Rudling-Smith eliminated in sixth place (£11,400)
From the cut-off Rudi Johnsen raised to 50,000 and then David Rudling-Smith moved all-in for around 500,000 from the big blind, Johnsen swiftly called. On their backs:

Johnsen: 10♥10♣
Rudling Smith: 7♠7♥

The board ran 3♣9♥9♠3♦8♥ and Rudling-Smith cheekily said: “Does he have me covered?” before shaking hands and leaving the table. Quick as a flash just five players remain, Johnsen the chip leader with 3,700,000. — NW

ukipt brighton_day 3_david ruddling-smith.jpg

Rudling-Smith out in sixth

3.57pm: Trigg sent to the rail in three-way all-in (£8,950)
David Trigg has busted in 7th in a 1,500,000 pot which saw Senim Melin open the pot to 50,000 and Trigg shove for 540,000. Chris O’Donnell called all-in for 477,000 from the small blind leaving Melin with a tough decision. She stood up, took a swig of a sugary energy drink and made the call.

Trigg: 4♠4♦
O’Donnell: A♥K♥
Melin: Q♥Q♣

The 10♥7♥9♣ flop was good for O’Donnell. Melin was ahead, O’Donnell held a monster draw and Trigg was drawing to one out. The K♠ hit the turn and the 8♠ on the river change nothing. O’Donnell up to 1,500,000, Melin down to 350,000, Trigg out. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 3_david trigg.jpg

David Trigg: out in 7th

3.50pm: David Trigg doubles through Chris O’Donnell
It folded to David Trigg on the button and he moved all-in for 259,000 with A♣4♥, Rudi Johnsen folded the small blind but Chris O’Donnell announced call from the big blind and showed K♥10♣. The board ran 5♦9♠9♥J♣8♦, Trigg back up to around 575,000, O’Donnell down to 480,000. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 10,000-20,000, ANTE 2,000

3.42pm: O’Donnell doubles, Trigg in trouble
David Trigg has lost back to back hands to be left with just 200,000 after a small river bluff into Senim Melin and then a 800,000 all-in pot against Chris O’Donnell.

Trigg opened to 42,000 and was shoved on by O’Donnell for 350,000. The action folded round to Trigg who counted his stack and made the call. O’Donnell flopped a king and that settled the hand. Trigg is now the endangered stack. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 3_chris odonnell.jpg

Chris O’Donnell

3.35pm: A few hands
Here’s what’s happened in the last few hands:

Hand One: David Rudling-Smith raised to 35,000 and took the blinds and antes uncontested.

Hand Two: Sinem Melin raised to 38,000 from the button and Rudi Johnsen called from the big blind. The flop was 3♦2♦Q♥ and Johnsen check-called a bet of 41,000. That was the end of the betting as they both checked down the 6♣ turn and 4♠ river. Melin announced king high and Johnsen showed 4♣3♣ to win the pot.

Hand Three: It folded to Sinem Melin in the cut-off and she raised to 38,000, David Trigg flat called on the button and then Rudi Johnsen pushed out two towers of blue chips, signifying a three-bet to 208,000. Both Melin and Trigg quickly mucked. — NW

3.28pm: Wait, there wasn’t an all-in?
No but there was a four-bet. After four hands of frenetic all-in action, it slowed down just a touch. From under-the-gun David Trigg made it 41,000, David-Rudling Smith then three-bet to 85,000 and it passed back to Trigg. As he was thinking, Rudling-Smith said: “Is this where I’m supposed to do a Romano Pizzo and get out the prize sheet and get you to fold pocket nines?” referring to the Italian’s antics at the final table of UKIPT Nottingham.

Trigg was unperturbed by this attempt at speech wizardry from the Welshman and announced re-raise and Rudling-Smith mucked his hand. — NW

3.25pm: Horak all-in four hands on the bounce, out in 8th (£6,900)
After that huge 2,850,000 pot Horak has been all-in for the following three hands. The first was with K♦Q♠ against David Rudling-Smith’s pocket fives, he doubled to over 600,000 leaving Horak short.

The Czech got it in the next hand with Q♦10♣ against David Trigg’s K♦J♥ to double up to 170,000, which went in again the next hand! Horak moved in under-the-gun with A♠K♠ and was looked up by Richard Hasancebi with A♦5♦. The board ran out 6♠5♣6♥3♥8♠ to send Horak to the rail in 8th. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 3_jaroslav horak.jpg

Jaroslav Horak: all-in four hands in a row

3.12pm: First hand monster for Johnsen
Rudi Johnsen is up to 2,850,000 after doubling through Jaroslav Horak in a monster pot in the first hand of the official final table.

Horak had opened for 38,000 from the hijack and Johsen had three-bet from the small blind to 108,000. Horak came back over the top for 240,000 and Johnsen didn’t hesitate in five-betting to 608,000. Horak moved all-in. Call.

Horak: J♠J♦
Johnsen: K♠K♥

The board ran out 2♠Q♣8♥4♥A♦ and Horak is now down to 400,000. Johnsen has been one of the most impressive players in this field over the last few days and should be a terrifying proposition for the rest of the table with this many chips. — RD

3.09pm: Play back underway
There was a short break whilst interviews were done but the final eight players are now back in their seats and here’s how they stack up:

Seat one: Christopher O’Donnell, United Kingdom, 382,000
Seat two: David Rudling-Smith, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 333,000
Seat three: Richard Hasancebi, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 2,174,000
Seat four: Jeff Duvall, United Kingdom, 1,123,000
Seat five: Jaroslav Horak, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,814,000
Seat six: Sinem Melin, United Kingdom, 812,000
Seat seven: David Trigg, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 814,000
Seat eight: Rudi Johnsen, Norway, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,415,000

2.51pm: Ferguson out in 9th (£4,930)
Alex Ferguson has just been flipped out of the tournament by Jeff Duval. Duvall opened for 40,000 and was three-bet shoved on by Ferguson for 400,000. Duvall made a quick call.

Duvall: J♥J♦
Ferguson: A♠K♠

No joy for Ferguson as the board ran 2♦9♠Q♣8♣7♦. Duvall up to 1,000,000. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 3_jeff duvall.jpg

Jeff Duvall is adding to his $1,170,000 of live winnings

2.43pm:Final table re-draw and chip counts

Seat one: Christopher O’Donnell, United Kingdom, 496,000
Seat two: David Rudling-Smith, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 269,000
Seat three: Richard Hasancebi, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 2,219,000
Seat four: Jeff Duvall, United Kingdom, 627,000
Seat five: Jaroslav Horak, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,784,000
Seat six: Sinem Melin, United Kingdom, 794,000
Seat seven: David Trigg, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 874,000
Seat eight: Alex Ferguson, PokerStars Qualifier, 419,000
Seat nine: Rudi Johnsen, Norway, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,441,000

Richard Hasancebi has been the big mover so far today, eliminating both players are increasing his stack to over 2.2 million. He now has the chip lead. — NW

2.37pm: Play has restarted
The nine players have been put onto one final table. Seat draw and chip counts to come shortly. — RD

2.25pm: Barron out in 10th (£3,350)
Neil Barron has been knocked out in tenth to set up a final table (redraw to come). Barron had 600,000 and pocket tens in the small blind and Richard Hasancebi held pocket aces and had him covered. The rest happened as nature dictates with all the chips going in pre-flop. Hasancebi must be close to 2,000,000 now.

ukipt brighton_day 3_neil barron.jpg

Neil Barron coolered in tenth

2.22pm: Ferguson ruffled
Alex Ferguson is looking on edge after what could be considered angle shooting from Jaroslav Horak. The Czech had raised pre-flop to 35,000 and had been called by Rudi Johnsen on the button and Ferguson in the big blind. Horak had c-bet the 2♦4♦9♠ flop and when Ferguson had looked like check-raising Horak had picked up a stack of 25,000 stacks to set him. Ferguson just called and passed when Horak set him in blind before the turn had been dealt. Ferguson passed showing a nine, Horak showed the Q♦. — RD

2.20pm: Johnsen empties the clip
From under-the-gun Alex Ferguson opened to 32,000 and Rudi Johnsen three-bet to 86,000 from the small blind. After some contemplation Ferguson made the call.

The flop was 5♣9♠J♠ and Johnsen led for 125,000, call from Ferguson. The 2♣ fell on fourth street and Johnsen lined up a second barrel and pushed out 250,000, after getting confirmation on the amount Ferguson called again. The 6♦ completed the board and after perhaps 10 seconds thought Johnsen announced all-in for around 400,000 and rested his head on his chips.

After about 20 seconds Ferguson kicked his hand into the muck saying: “I had tens, I should’ve set you in pre-flop.” — NW

2.10pm: Andrew Miles eliminated in 11th place (£3,550)
Richard Hasancebi raised to 35,000 and Andrew Miles moved all-in for 400,000 and Hasancebi made a swift call:

Miles: 10♦10♠
Hasancebi: Q♠Q♥

Miles was a 4:1 dog and needed help and he got some on the 8♣6♠9♣ flop as he now had a gutshot straight draw too. The turn bought gasps as it was the 8♠ and some on the rail thought it was a nine. The dealer rapped the table for the final time and turned over the J♦, Miles said: “Nice hand,” to Hasancebi before exiting stage left. — NW

ukipt brighton_day 3_andrew miles.jpg

Andrew – couldn’t quite go that extra mile

2pm: As they stand
The final two tables are as follows:

Table one
Seat one: Richard Hasancebi, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 1,009,000
Seat two: Sinem Melin, United Kingdom, 832,000
Seat three: Andrew Miles, United Kingdom, 415,000
Seat four: Christopher O’Donnell, United Kingdom, 465,000
Seat five: David Trigg, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 1,027,000
Seat six: Neil Barron, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 637,000

Table two
Seat one: Rudi Johnsen, Norway, PokerStars Qualifier, 889,000
Seat two: David Rudling-Smith, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 305,000
Seat three: Alex Ferguson, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,000,000
Seat four: Jaroslav Horak, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,649,000

Seat five: Jeff Duvall, 597,000

David Rudling-Smith and Andrew Miles are the players currently at risk. Rudling-Smith has just under 20 big blinds. — RD

1.55pm: Eleven remain
We have 11 players left here at UKIPT Brighton and just ten exits away from a new champion who will walk away with £71,000. That’s a lot of fish and chips. The players are getting quick interviews and opening their chip bags. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 3_alex ferguson.jpg

Alex Ferguson is one of the players chasing down chip leader Jaroslav Horak

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Brighton (in order of pre-final table ritual): Rick Dacey (tea, iron short, don tie and jacket, coffee, breakfast) and Nick Wright (wake up, shower, put glasses on, arrive five minutes before it starts). Photos by Mickey May.


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