UKIPT Brighton: Day 2, level 15 & 16 updates (blinds 2,000-4,000, ante 400)

July 16, 2011


8.50pm: Melin folds queens on cusp of break
When I arrived at the table Sinem Melin had 51,000 of her 190,000 stack across the line and her chin resting on the padded rail of the table. Andrew Miles had all of his chips across the line putting Melin to the test. She failed. She passed and showed queens. Miles showed pocket nines and the break couldn’t have come soon enough for Melin.

Dinner break, come back in one hour. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_sinem melin.jpg

Big fold from Melin at the break

8.45pm: Chris O’Donnell doubles through Rupinder Bedi
I reached the table to see a board of J♥4♦2♥3♣Q♦ and there was around 70,000 in the pot. The action was on Chris O’Donnell and he moved all-in for 91,700. After getting a count Rupinder Bedi rocked back and forth in his chair before resting his head on his chips and announcing ‘call’. O’Donnell turned over Q♥J♠ and Bedi mucked his hand.

After wining that pot O’Donnell is up to 250,000 whilst Bedi slips to around 280,000. — NW

8.35pm: Chip counts
Here’s how some of the players that are still in are getting on: Jen Mason (130,000), Richie Lawlor (240,000), Sinem Melin (200,000), Mark Smith (270,000), Rod Albright (226,000), James Browning (64,000) and Paul Zimbler (110,000). — NW

8.30pm: Rudling-Smith shoving
David Rudling-Smith isn’t afraid to get his chips in, sometimes even showing his hand down after getting a pass. He just shoved on Mohammed Ibrahim and flashed A♣Q♥ after raking in the pre-flop pot. — RD

8.25pm: Johnson doubles Tanner
Rudi Johnsen has doubled up a short stacked Terence Tanner who now has 80,000. The Norwegian is still healthily above average with 240,000. — RD

8.20pm: McMahon bounces Barron
Guy Barron is the latest to leave the tournament. He had about 90,000 at the start of his exit hand but his A♣K♥ was crushed by Ross Mcmahon’s A♦A♠. The board of 5♠6♠4♠4♣K♠ kept McMahon in front. — NW

8.15pm: Tricky Trigg
David Trigg now has a monster stack after winning a huge pot against Michael Kossov. By the time I joined the action there was already 280,000 in the pot and Trigg had moved all-in for 95,100 on the turn of a 2♣Q♦5♠2♦ board. His opponent was in the tank and there was a bit of chat going down. Eventually Kossov opted to preserve his 170,000 stack and folded what he said was pocket eights. He asked Trigg to show if it was a bluff and he obliged tabling A♥J♣ for a gutsy move. “I’m playing to win this one,” said Trigg. — NW

ukipt brighton_day 2_david trigg.jpg

Trigg just took down a monster pot

8.05pm: Those that have fallen
It’s been a furious hour or so with players getting knocked out left, right and centre. Here are the most recent fallers.

61st: Derek Murray, Ireland, PokerStars player, £900
62nd: Andrew Sweeney, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, £900
63rd: Rob Lacey, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, £900

64th: Vaclav Prokes, Czech Republic, £825
65th: Darren Wright, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, £825
66th: Dimps Maker, United Kingdom, £825
67th: David Zermon, United Kingdom, £825
68th: James Irwin, USA, £825
69th: Samuel Welbourne, United Kingdom, £825
70th: Jonathan Reynolds, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, £825
71st: David San Roman, Spain, PokerStars qualifier, £825
72nd: Stephen Lennon, United Kingdom, £825

Forty minutes left of the current level. — RD

7.58pm: Girl on girl action
Charlotte Gouldsborough has just been eliminated by Lynne Beaumont, the former had pocket queens but Beaumont’s A♠J♠ flopped two pair to win the pot. — NW

7.52pm: Monster flip
Jaroslav Horak just won a 280,000 flip against Dan Laming in a cooler of a hand. Laming had opened the button with A♠K♥ and Horak had three-bet with J♣J♠ from the small blind. Unsurprisingly it all went in. Shouts from the rail for an ace were ignored as the board ran out nine-high.

Laming did well to not look too shaken. He was left with close to 80,000, around half average. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_dan laming.jpg

Dan Laming: down but not out

7.50pm: Those dancing days
At the end of every level to signify that the blinds are up a 10 second piece of ‘trance music’ with the lyrics ‘everyday I’m shuffling,’ blasts out the speakers here in the conference room. At the end of level 15 everyone on Paul Zimbler’s table and Alex Ferguson at an adjoining table stood on their chairs and danced around in unison.

Don’t give up the day job lads. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,000-4,000, ante 400

7.45pm: Shaw thing
Mike Shaw has doubled up again and now has 200,000. He found another premium hand – this time pocket aces – and got action from Adriano Luzzi who had A♦Q♦. Despite the latter’s plea for diamonds, the board ran 6♥4♥K♣A♠J♣ and Luzzi is now down to around 45,000. — NW

7.38pm: Paul ‘The Rock’ Zimbler
From late position Paul Zimbler made it 8,000 to go with 4♠2♥, Andrew Sweeney* moved all-in for 31,000 with A♥7♣ and Zimbler tank-called the extra.

The flop was J♣10♣Q♥ keeping Sweeney in front. The 9♠ hit the turn and Zimbler said: “I’ll take an eight,” before the dealer slid the 3♠ river onto the felt.

“You want to write this one up,” said Patrick Thompson. “He’s been telling us what a rock he is,” added David Rudling-Smith. “I am a rock,” quipped Zimbler, who slips down to 105,000 after that hand.

* A few minutes later we saw Andrew Sweeney being taken to the payout desk meaning he’s now out. — NW

7.36pm: Wright blown out, O’Donnell big again
Darren Wright’s monster stack has finally been flattened. A couple of hours again he held 330,000, now he has none. The killing blow was inflicted by Chris O’Donnell after Wright opened the button for 8,900 and was shoved on by O’Donnell in the big blind. Wright grimaced before making the call for the rest of his 70,000 stack.

O’Donnell: A♦8♠
Wright: A♣6♦

Both players flopped a pair but O’Donnell turned trips to settle the hand. O’Donnell up to 160,000. — RD

7.32pm: Making back to back cashes
Dimps Maker has made back to back cashes here in Brighton but chances of another deep run have been curtailed by a lost flip versus Scott Elsden. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_dimps maker.jpg

Dimps Maker

7.25pm: Bedi gets river value
There was a pot sized bet of 26,000 in front of Rupinder Bedi and Darren Wright was eyeing up the K♥8♦6♣9♦9♠ board. Eventually he made the call but mucked when Bedi showed J♠9♣

Bedi has been moved to table six and sat in a row from seats one to five at that table are: Rod Albright, Bedi, Wright, Lynne Beaumont and Chris O’Donnell. There’s a lot of chips and a lot of talent at that table, one to watch undoubtedly. – NW

7.22pm: The first pay scale
The first pay scale has been filled out. Players are now guaranteed a minimum of £825 but the four digits payouts start at 54th. Verified payouts are being filtered over to us by the floor staff.

73rd: Kyp Kyprianou, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, £750
74th: David Lloyd, United Kingdom, £750
75th: Stephen Else, United Kingdom, £750
76th: Paul Keighley, United Kingdom, £750
77th: Krzysztof Budka, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, £750
78th: Bernard Magee, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, £750
79th: Steven Bayliff, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, £750

80th: Andy Gowland, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, £750
81st: Alex Evans, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, £750

You can check on the payouts by clicking on ‘Prizewinners and payouts’ in the widget at any point. — RD

7.16pm: Two double ups, one exit
To describe the action as fast and furious would be doing fast and furious a disservice. It’s positively frantic with all-in and call the phrase of the level.

Gerry Ofarrell doubled up with pocket nines against Stuart Osborne’s A♥Q♠, the board was a rollercoaster though coming J♠10♣A♦2♥9♣. Ofarrell doubled to 100,000.

James Browning doubled up Scott Elsden with the latters’ A♠J♠ spiking an ace against Browning’s pocket eights, Elsden up to 115,000.

And Kyp Kyprianou’s 8♦7♦ lost out to Daniel Laming’s A♥10♥.

Down to less than 75 players already. — NW

7.12pm: Chip counts from the break
Click here for a full chip count from the break. There have been some knockouts and changes since, such as Daniel Spencer doubling up to 200,000 with queens versus tens on a low flop. Some 71 players remain. — RD

7.10pm: Calling Paul Stevens
It seems Paul Stevens has got his wires crossed. He’s yet to return from the 20 minute break, thinking mistakenly that it was a one hour dinner break. So if anyone knows him give him a buzz. — NW

7.05pm: Keighley and Else eliminated
The exits continue here with Paul Keighley and Stephen Else the latest to hit the rail with cash in their pocket.

Keighley got it in with K♣J♥ against Gonzalo Pro Fernandez’s pocket nines and missed. And Else’s A♠7♦ lost out to Mike Shaw’s pocket queens. — NW

7pm: Remarkable double up for Coleman
Dominic Coleman has doubled up to just over 100,000 after getting it in with pocket aces and getting a call from Andrew McBean’s A♥K♣. The board ran 2♣A♠10♦6♥J♣ to leave McBean with just 12,000. — NW

6.55pm: Flurry of exits
The short break seems to have galvanised a lot of the short stacks who have realised that they’re in the money with little to lose. Steven Bayliff got J♠10♦ in against pocket queens and failed to catch a gutshot, while Krzysztof Budka was despatched by Mark Smith’s aces.

Paul Keighley lost around a third of his stack doubling up Stuart Osborne’s pocket aces. — RD

6.50pm: Laddering
Seventy-nine players remain all of whom are in the money. Today we’ll be playing 11 levels or until the final table, whichever comes first. Thanks to a swift bubble it’s slightly more likely that we’ll make the final eight players. Either way, the players have still got a long day ahead of them.

Full chip counts were taken at the break and we’ll get them posted as soon as possible. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_nathan gentry.jpg

Nathan Gentry is among the final 79 players

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Brighton (in order of their randomly generated wrestling name): Rick Dacey (Lightning Pirate) and Nick Wright (Silver Monk). Photos by Mickey May (Falcon Mysterio).


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