UKIPT Brighton: Day 2, level 11 & 12 updates (blinds 800-1,600, ante 200)

July 16, 2011


4.02pm: End of level
It’s a 20 minute break. Meet us back in a new post shortly. — RD

3.58pm: Duvall ‘owning’
Jeff Duvall is owning the table, claims Jen Mason. Tucked quietly to the right of the dealer Duvall has chipped up from 45,900 to 120,000. Things are also going well for Sinem Melin who has pushed her stack up from 76,3000 to 150,000. Things aren’t going so well for Mason who has sunk down to 145,000 after losing a small flip with queens to ace-rag. — RD

3.50pm: Two different sets of circumstances
Just minutes apart the respective Day 1A and Day 1B chip leaders suffered different fates holding similar hands:

Hand One: Day 1A chip leader Chris O’Donnell flopped a set of tens against Jeremiah Goldman’s pocket aces on a 10♠5♦8♠ flop. It wasn’t until the Q♣ turn that all the chips went in though. But Goldman lived up to his name spiking the A♣ on the river to double up and reduce O’Donnell to 95,000.

Hand Two: Rod Albright also flopped a set, middle set in fact on a [Q][8][9] board and eliminated a player who had [K][Q]. That pot was worth 120,000 and Albright now has 240,000 and the chip lead. — NW

ukipt brighton_day 2_rod albright.jpg

Albright – set fair to make the money

3.39pm: More for Mario
Daniel Spencer appears to be a Super Mario fan. He’s wearing the t-shirt and has a pair of Mario and Luigi soft toys guarding his stack, a stack which has just grown considerably with the knockout of Andreas Eugster.

Eugster had opened the button for 3,500 and Spencer had three-bet to 10,800 from the small blind (although that stack of yellow 1,000 chips he could well have signified that he was all-in). Eugster stuck the rest of his 20,000 stack.

Eugster: K♣Q♣
Spencer: A♦K♠

The tall Swizz was sent to the rail as the board blanked out for both players. Spencer up to 80,000. We have 135 players remaining, 81 pay. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_mario.jpg

On the lookout for mushrooms

3.33pm: Busted!
Another dozen players have hit the rail including James Williams and Roberto Romanello. We’re not as much inching as leaping closer to the money bubble here in Brighton. — NW

3.28pm: Rudling-Smith on the up
David Rudling-Smith had looked like a potential chip leader yesterday. He was up to 100,000 at one point and seemed happy at his table, then it all went wrong and he finished the day with just 17,000 – one of the shortest stacks to make Day 2.

The mouthy chatty short stack is now up to around 85,000 after busting two players, Stephen Efthymiou and Martin Hogarty, in a double knockout. Efthymiou was short stacked but Hogarty was packing around 40,000 and had called all-in with pocket tens on the turn of a 7♦9♣4♣9♦ board. Rudling-Smith showed J♠9♠, Efthymiou a small pair for just two outs. Rudling-Smith dodged the four outs and is very much back in the game. — RD

3.20pm: Romanello cut in half
Not literally of course, it’s his chip stack which has been halved. He lost a flip with [A][K] against Stuart Osborne’s pocket nines. The Welsh wizard is down to 25k. — NW

ukipt brighton_day 2_roberto romanello.jpg

Romanello still in the running

3.15pm: Chip leader watch
Day two usually sees a spate of bust outs and today has been no different but how have the big stacks coming into today faired in the opening level? Here’s how: Chris O’Donnell 182,000 (+1,500), Rudi Johnesen 155,000 (-18,000), Rod Albright 156,000 (-10,100), Daniel Laming 130,000 (-11,900), Jen Mason 139,000 (-10,000) and Patrick Thompson 130,000 (+10,000). — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600, ANTE 200

3pm: Like a Leed balloon
Michael Leedham, Brian Yates, Mark Southwood, Nathan Gallichan, Richard Swerling and Lucas Brookes are among the most recent knockouts. Leedham lost ace-king to queens then [a][t] to [a][q] to bust out. — RD

2.55pm: How can you pass?
I arrived at the table to see Jeff Duvall check-raising all-in from the cut-off on a 8♥6♠6♣ flop. There was around 17,000 in the pot from pre-flop action (suggesting a three-bet pot) and a bet of 8,000 in front of Nathan Lee who was the button.

Lee was busily riffling chips and leaning round the dealer (they were in the one and nine seat respectively) to get a good look at Duvall. “I put you on nines pre-flop,” said Lee to Duvall. He then asked for a count – it was 53,400 total – and then went back to riffling his chips.

After another bout of contemplation Lee folded pocket tens face up and as he took the pot Duvall said: “How can you pass?” and showed Q♣Q♦. — NW

2.50pm: Buckaroo Bedi getting loaded up
Rupinder Bedi has had a busy first level grinding his stack up from 65,000 to 160,000. He was a keen supporter of the game Buckaroo yesterday, which seems to suit his explosive playing style. The most recent player to load him with chips is Michael Norris who fired 9,000 into the turn of a Q♠A♦A♠4♠ board. Bedi, in the big blind, made the call and checked the 6♣ river over to Norris, who also swiftly checked. Bedi showed 8♠6♠ to take the pot and move up to just over 160,000. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_rupinder bedi.jpg

Rupinder Bedi

2.45pm: One Romanello down
And it’s Nicky Romanello who is the early faller on Day 2 and it was a bit of a sickener. He raised pre-flop with pocket queens and got a call from Sinem Melin. On a flop of 9♣6♣[2] he bet around half his stack and Melin called. The turn was another nine and he moved all-in and was called by Melin who had turned trips with 9♠7♠, Melin now has around 115,000.

After the hand the busted Romanello was seen discussing the hand with his brother who is still in and has around 50,000. — NW

2.40pm: Mason and O’Donnell
Jen Mason and Chris O’Donnell both came into today with top five chip stacks, both are in seat five of their respective table and, as I arrived to see how they were doing, both were in the big blind. That’s where the similarities seem to end.

ukipt brighton_day 2_jen mason.jpg

Jen Mason

Oxford graduate Mason is a twist of wiry energy, constantly shifting in her chair. Foot up, foot down, chips riffling, leg bouncing, Mason rarely stops moving or chatting. O’Donnell is more akin to an aggressive sloth; his hand moves slowly from cards to chips as he ponders the under-the-gun raise he’s facing. He slowly turns his calling chips in his hand and I swear that as he drops them across the line they resist the usual pull of gravity, as if falling through a thick plasma. Mason faces a large late position raise of 9,000 from Nessa Rogers – around half her stack – and she quickly flicks her cards away before returning to the important job of frenetic chip riffling. They may play at different speeds but both players showed quality in Day 1 and with their stacks it’s unlikely they won’t make the money – it would make for a bizarre fast forward/slow motion heads up. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_chris odonnell.jpg

Chris O’Donnell

2.35pm: More fallers
Dinh Nguyen, Richard Pearson and Gary Campbell are amongst another nine players who’ve been eliminated. That’s 15 in the opening 30 minutes of play. — NW

2.30pm: Not the best draw in the house
On Day 1A we tracked Paul Keighley who we noted looks like a young Dave Colclough. He came back with an average stack of 54,600 but has been plonked to the right of Day 1B chip leader Rod Albright.

And the big stack has wasted little time putting it to use, three-betting to 6,100 from the small blind after Keighley had opened to 2,600 from the button. The latter showing the A♠ as he folded. — NW

2.20pm: The man with a plan
Tournament staff have just announced that the plan for today is to play to the final table or 11 levels of play, whichever comes first. — NW

2.15pm: Clay’s exit hand
Dean Clay was kind enough to recount his bustout hand to us. He was eliminated by David Trigg who the previous hand had doubled up Anthony Mackay. So when Trigg raised again Clay thought he might be steaming and moved all-in for his 20 big blinds with A♥5♥ only to find Trigg had pocket jacks. Despite two hearts on the flop, Clay missed the turn and river and has a break before playing the £300 side event. — NW

2.10pm: Early exits
Half a dozen players have exited in the opening 10 minutes: David Clarkson, Matthew Heap, Tom Karlsson, Katie O’Connor, Dean Clay and Georges Tohme are all out. — NW

2pm: Shuffle up and deal
The charge to the money has begun. The seat draw can be found by clicking here. O’Donnell in the driving seat. — RD

1.48pm: WSOP-UKIPT success stories
We’ve been trying to keep an eye on the UKIPT regulars that have been having a great run in the WSOP Main Event. Here’s a quick update for you:

Bust outs:
– Last year’s UKIPT Brighton champ Jamie Burland bust in 525th for $23,876.
– David Docherty was despatched in 424th and bagged $27,103.

Through to Day 5:
– UKIPT Season 1 leader board champ Chris Brammer is still in with a below average 344,000.
– UKIPT Champion of Champions David Vamplew is also short with around 26 big blinds (213,000).
– Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly and fellow Brit Sam Holden are going very strong on 1,332,000 and 1,412,000 respectively and are very near the top of the chip tree.

A total of 378 players are left in the WSOP Main Event and it’s a great showing from some of these UKIPT success stories. — RD

1.35pm: Day 2 set to start
At 2pm sharp the dealers will start shuffling and play will begin. Chris O’Donnell is sat at the top of the chip counts with 180,500 as the final 169 players start the charge to the money. Georges Tohme is the shortest stack on 16,400. Stay with us as we play through the day. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_cards.jpg

The action is set to start at 2pm

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Brighton (in order of breakfast eaten): Rick Dacey (three shortbread biscuits, dunked in tepid coffee) and Nick Wright (about to buy a Twix, the breakfast of champions). Photos by Mickey May.


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