UKIPT Brighton: Day 1B, level 9 & 10 updates (blinds 500-1,000, ante 100)

July 15, 2011


2.10am: Play ends for the day
Bagging and tagging has taken place and it looks like Rod Albright is our chip leader with 166,100. The board says 110 players left for the day, we’ll get numbers confirmed when we can. Full wrap of the day’s play is on its way. Plenty of top WSOP content to feast your eyes on in the meantime. — RD

1.55am: Chip leader up for grabs
As play ticks into the final ten minutes of the day the title of Day 1B chip leader is very much up for grabs. Long time chip leader Paul Zimbler appears to have slipped to around 70,000 and there are a number of player close to the 90,000 mark, but no one in six figures. It’ll be close that’s for sure. — NW

1.50am: Ainsworth’s exit
The Team PokerStars Pro filled me in on his exit hand: “I had about 35,000 to start the hand and there was a raise from seat two (Mark Smith) a flat call and I called with 9♦8♦. The flop was [A][K][X] with two diamonds, Smith bet out and I moved all-in. He called with a set of kings and the turn and river were both bricks.” As Ainsworth left the table he was joking with tablemates about keeping up his record of having never made a day two!

After that hand Smith is up to 90,000 and is up near the top of the chip counts. — NW

1.40am: Ainsworth out
Jude Ainsworth is out. Details being gathered right now. — RD

1.35am: The woe of Wooldridge
A bespectacled Warren Wooldridge wandered over to my desk and asked me if I wanted his exit, “Always,” I nodded. “I’d never been above starting stack all day,” he said. “Then I get pocket aces and double up from 14,000 to 28,000. The the very next hand in a battle of the blinds I four-bet shove with pocket eights and I’m up against [A][J] and lose the flip. I could’ve gone from 14k to 70k in two hands.” — NW

1.25am: Life in them yet
Here’s a few chip counts garnered on my last lap of the room: David Trigg (54,000), Robin Dhinsa (44,000), Ashique Miah (90,000), Dave Rudling-Smith (70,000).

ukipt brighton_day 1b_ashique miah.jpg

Ashique Miah

1.15am: No runaway chip leader
It’s all pretty tight here as we move into the last hour of play. Unlike on Day 1A when Chris O’Donnell took and kept a massive chip lead for the last few levels, no one seems to be able to break free from a pack of players who all have between 70-100k. The overnight chip lead may well be decided very late on today. — NW

1.08am: One level short
All these players have fallen just one level short of making day two: Mike Hill, Paul Twaddle, Steve Hall and William Berry. Around 140 of the 354 who started today are still in. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500-1,000, ante 100

1.03am: Final numbers
Just as confirmation we can say that we had 355 players today and 248 yesterday to make a total field of 603 players. Prize pool to come. — RD

12.59am: One eye on each main
Warren Wooldridge is nursing a 14,000 stack at the moment but seems more concerned by the goings on at the WSOP main event knowing (and likely having percentages of) several players now laddering up through the money spots.

Talking of players still in the main event, which includes Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly, last year’s UKIPT Brighton winner Jamie Burland is still in there and swinging. — RD

12.55am: Ainsworth holding steady
Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth’s stack has hovered between 40k and 50k over the last few levels. Currently he’s on about 44,000 and I saw him raking in a pot of about 6,500 and get this he was smiling! Our eagle eyed photographer even got pictorial evidence of this crack in his poker face, we promise it’s not doctored. Maybe it was really Ainsworth who scooped the recent Euro Millions jackpot?– NW

ukipt brighton_day 1b_jude ainsworth2.jpg

An Ainsworth poker table smile = a collectors item

12.45am: Two Romanellos still in
We lost Frank Romanello from the tournament fairly early on but the other two Romanello’s are still in and going strong, here’s their current state of play:

• Nicky has 66,000 but just lost a 25,000 pot to Stephen Efthymiou with the latter showing down Q♦J♥ on a 10♥8♣3♥J♦6♣ board to win the pot

• Roberto is on 34,000 which is his high point of the day and to celebrate he’s currently getting a massage. — NW

12.36am: Shout out to the man in the lift
Due to a serious case of padrunnethoutus I was forced to nip back to my room to get fresh material – rock and roll, I know. In the lift I bumped into one Simon Morrison who was packing a can of fizzy beverage and what looked like fish and chips in a takeout box.

Morrison had played the main but had busted with aces getting cracked by queens. The bad beat wasn’t forced on me, I asked, so I felt he should get a mention. You can’t do more than get your money in good. At least he ended up with a fish supper. — RD

12.30am: Old school grinders
With Mickey Wernick in the field he’d usually win the Old school grinder of the day award but as it stands we’d have to split it between two other poker stalwarts.

Both Mike Hill and James Browning have had grind on their mind all day although both told me it could’ve been very different if recent hands had gone their way: “I lost ace-king against jacks for a 20,000 pot,” said Browning who is back to his 15,000 starting stack.

Meanwhile Mike Hill told me: “I lost with king-jack against a diamond draw all-in on a king-high two diamond flop,” despite that set back Hill has a 16,000 stack with which to do some damage. — NW

12.20am: Bedi has iron grip
Rupinder Bedi has been plonked to the direct right of James Browning as a result of a table break and he wasted little time in getting involved at his new posting.

He raised to 1,700 from utg+1 and it folded to Charlie Iron in the small blind who meant to call but threw out too much. It was ruled that he must min-raise to 2,600. This sent Dimps Maker into the tank but he folded from the big blind. Back on Bedi, he moved all-in and Iron folded instantly. — NW

12.10am: Chip counts
As well as the chip leaders mentioned below we’re also keeping an eye on the notables in the field, one of those is Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth who has 49,000. To see some more chip counts click here. — NW

12.05am: Zimbler in front
Paul Zimbler is our current chip leader with 97,000 just ahead of Ole Kristian Haugland and Rob Lacey (both 93,000). Zimbler broke the 100,000 mark a few levels ago and is still ahead. Plenty of players catching up with stacks in the 70,000-80,000 region. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 1b_paul zimbler.jpg

Paul Zimbler: big stack still ahead

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Brighton (and their favourite type of bubble): Rick Dacey (Bobble – the 1986 video game) and Nick Wright (“errrr, protective?”). Photos by Mickey May.


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