UKIPT Brighton: Day 1A, level 9 & 10 updates (blinds 500-1,000, ante 100)

July 14, 2011


2.10am: Play is done for the day
Players have bagged and tagged their chips and will return on Saturday at 2pm to combine with those who make it through Day 1B. Approximately 65 players have advanced with Christopher O’Donnell leading the way with 180,500. A full wrap of the day’s play is on the way. — NW

1.48am: Five more hands
The floor staff have announced that five more hands are due to be played tonight. The clock has been stopped. Chris O’Donnell still odds on for the Day 1A chip lead. — RD

1.42am: Action table
Table two – the table that contains Jen Mason, Rudi Johnsen and Jan Mueller is providing plenty of action right now – Mueller just moved all-in for his last 9,000 with K♠9♠ and Mike Shaw called with pocket nines.

The flop of 9♦10♠A♠ saw Mueller pleading for a spade, which arrived on the 7♠ turn. “Don’t pair the board,” implored Mueller and the K♥ river saw his wish granted as he secured a much needed double up. — NW

1.30am: Johnsen jamming on up
The Scandinavians have a reputation for fearless aggressive poker and Norwegian PokerStars qualifier Rudi Johnsen just showed why. I joined the action with the board reading 9♣J♣10♦4♠ and there was about 17,000 in the pot. From the small blind Johnsen checked, from the big Jan Mueller did likewise and the third and final active player – Mike Shaw – followed suit.

The A♦ river wasn’t exactly a brick and Johnsen checked to Mueller who bet 11,000, after a dwell Shaw flat called, before Johnsen moved all-in. It prompted a sigh and a fast fold from Mueller, but Shaw went into the tank before folding what he said was [A][Q]. As he raked the pot Johnsen showed pocket eights for a well timed bluff. — NW

1.20am: Hail(e) Mary
One of the latest exits is Richard Haile. The UKIPT regular cashed in Manchester and Cork but won’t be making it a trio of trips to the cashiers cage on this occasion. — NW

ukipt brighton_day 1a_richard haile2.jpg

Richard Haile

1.10am: Some doubling up, some going home
The last level of the night is often somewhat of a ‘shove fest’ as those in danger look to double up their short stack, their bowl or their red zone stack depending on the vernacular of the day.

One player who flipped a coin that ultimately landed on the ‘home’ side was Van Pham who got his last few big blinds in with Q♣6♣ against Daniel Spencer’s pocket fives. The flop of 5♦4♥J♦ basically ended things and the 10♣8♦ turn and river saw Pham hit the rail. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500-1,000, ANTE 100

12.55am: More for Mason
Jen Mason is stacked up to around 120,000 and seems to be running rampant at her table. Rudi Johnson tried to stand up to her check-raising the turn of a 5♣9♦8♣3♥ board before passing to a 16,000 bet on the 4♠ river. Johnson still holds 80,000. — RD

12.50am: Michael on the move
As the players enter the home straight of Day 1a they’re jostling for Day 2 position and one of those to have made a good run in the two and some levels since the dinner break is Michael Leedham. The youngster, who first came to our attention when he made a deep run in Edinburgh last August, is up to 52,000. — NW

12.45am: Martin mort
Alex Martin has bust out after a period of get-chips-or-hit-the-town poker. After a couple of tussles with Alexander Ferguson it was Leon Campbell who took Martin’s chips. Campbell had three-bet to a little over 4,000 from the small blind and Martin made the call from the cut-off. The 5♣3♣7♦ flop was checked by both players before Campbell shoved the 10♠ turn. Martin snap called.

Martin: 5♦3♦ for two pair
Campbell: A♣7♣ for a pair and flush draw

“I’ve got a lot of outs,” said Campbell. Indeed he did.

“That will be one of them,” said Martin gregariously as the A♥ hit the river. Martin exchanged pleasantries and quickly left. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 1a_alex martin.jpg

Alex Martin (in a more sober moment)

12.36am: Exits
We’re down to under 100 players now and the recent exits show just how cosmopolitan the UKIPT is. Amongst those to hit the rail recently were: Charalampos Lappas (Greece), Gentian Shpellzaj (Albania) and Ollie Schaffmann (Germany) the latter tweeted about his exit saying: “QQ<1010 aipf for jus under avg. Yawwwwn gg,"

I’ve put that through the Twitter translate tool and he said. “Pocket queens were no good about pocket tens. Had i managed to hold I’ve have had an average stack. However it is standard for me to lose in such situations and I’m bored of it.” — NW

12.26am: No hey-presto for Piper
One of the first casualties of level nine is Michael Piper. He told us: “There was a raise to 2,025 and two calls and I jammed pocket fives on the button for 17,000. The last caller (Paul Stevens) looked me up with pocket jacks and I didn’t spike a five.” Piper was bitterly disappointed not to have made a day two saying: “I’m yet to make Day 2 of a UKIPT, maybe it’ll be the same as the EPT where first time I do I’ll final table.”

We told Piper that he was just in time to register for the midnight £50 turbo and he scuttled off to do so. Every cloud… — NW

12.18am: O’Donnell huge
The rumours were true, Christopher O’Donnell has a monster 171,000 stack in front of him, more than enough to carry him through as Day 1A chip leader. That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of players that couldn’t run up a huge stack in these last two levels. Rudi Johnsen (83,000) and Jen Mason (93,000) are just two seats apart – Johnsen holds position – and a clash there could make another huge stack. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 1a_christopher o'donnell.jpg

Christopher O’Donnell has a huge chip lead

12.11am: Big stacks building
It could be Chinese whispers but we could have a monster chip lead with Christopher O’Donnell. We’ll check it out and report back with some of the big stacks. — RD

12.05am: Into the last two levels
Level nine has started and we have 108 players left from Day 1A, a fair chunk of which won’t be making it through the day. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 1a_mark chantler.jpg

Mark Chantler

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Brighton (in order of tic tacs consumed today): Rick Dacey (circa 12, fresh mint) and Nick Wright (circa 5, but has hammered the 5 Pulse chewing gum). Photos by Mickey May.


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