UKIPT Brighton: Day 2, level 17 & 18 updates (blinds 3,000-6,000, ante 500)

July 16, 2011


11.55pm: Break
It”s a 15-minute break for the final 30 players. — RD

11.50pm: Kyhl Casper
Yet another tournament life has been extinguished in a coin flip. The protagonists in the latest case were Casper Kyhl (pocket nines) and Mohammed Ibrahim who held K♦10♦ the board of 3♣10♠10♥7♦5♦ decided decisively in Ibrahim’s failure and he now has around 450,000. — NW

11.49pm: The next swathe of fallers
You can check the payouts page for all the cash finishers but here are the most recent confirmed exits.

31st: Daniel Laming, United Kingdom, £1,100
32nd: Rod Albright, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, £1,100
33rd: Rupinder Bedi, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, £1,100

34th: Paul Zimbler, United Kingdom, £1,100
35th: Jen Mason, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, £1,100
36th: Adriano Luzzi, United Kingdom, £1,100

37th: Mukesh Morjaria, United Kingdom, £1,100
38th: Michael Rossiter, United Kingdom, £1,100
39th: Michael Norris, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, £1,100
40th: Paul Stevens, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, £1,100
41st: Andrew Mcbean, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, £1,100

42nd: Leon Campbell, United Kingdom, £1,100
43rd: Gerry O’Farrell, Ireland, PokerStars player, £1,100
44th: Daniel Spencer, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, £1,100

45th: Robin Dhinsa, United Kingdom, £1,100

46th: Terence Tanner, United Kingdom, £1,000
47th: James Browning, United Kingdom, £1,000

Thirty players remain and the final table is within touching distance for these players. Just four tables left. — RD

11.40pm: Chip counts and payouts
Keep an eye on the chip counts page and the payouts page. Players are falling rapidly and the chip counts page is being updated regularly. At the moment there are 30 players left and Alex Ferguson, with 780,000, leads the way. At the next break (about five minutes) full accurate chip counts will be done by the floor staff and we’ll bring them to you shortly. — NW

11.30pm: Mason eliminated
The cry of: “all-in and call on table one” alerted me to the fact that Jen Mason was all-in holding A♠J♥ for her last 110,000 and she’d been called by Parvis Tafreshi who had pocket kings. The board ran out J♣8♥Q♠3♥4♠ and although the stacks were close Tafreshi did have her covered, Mason wished the table good luck before being whisked off to the payouts area. — NW

11.27pm: Kossov scalps Albright
Kossov just flipped Rod Albright out of the tournament with 9♣9♦ to A♦Q♣. Kossov is heavily chipped and has position on fellow big stack David Trigg.

Dan Laming was despatched shortly after with Q♦J♦ to Richard Hasancebi’s A♦K♥. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_michael kossov.jpg

Michael Kossov

11.20pm: Action table
Inbetween Rupinder Bedi being left with dust and exiting there were two more eliminations at his table.

First Chris O’Donnell eliminated Michael Rossiter when his A♥J♦ outflipped Rossiter’s pocket eights on a 2♥A♦A♠5♠6♥ board.

And then Adriano Luzzi’s A♥K♥ lost out to Mike Shaw’s pocket tens. — NW

11.10pm: Ferguson felts Bedi
It’s fair to say that die hard Man Utd fan Rupinder Bedi’s favourite Alex Feguson is still the Red Devils manager, for the Alex Ferguson in this tournament just felted him.

It was a blind on blind battle, Bedi made it 14,000 from the small, Ferguson made it 41,000 from the big, Bedi 4-bet to 101,000, Ferguson moved all-in for around 360,000 and Bedi called. On their backs:

Bedi: J♠J♣
Ferguson: A♦Q♣

The flop of 4♥10♠A♣ gave Ferguson the lead and the 9♦ turn and Q♣ river left Bedi with less than 20,000.

A few hands later that went in with A♣3♦ and Spencer Lawrence’s K♠4♠ sent him to the rail as the board came 9♦5♦K♣Q♥6♥. — NW

ukipt brighton_day 2_alex ferguson.jpg

Massive turnaround for Ferguson

11.02pm: Ferguson sucks out on O’Donnell
Alex Ferguson tabled A♥J♣ and Chris O’Donnell A♠K♥ as I arrived at the table with around 330,000 in the middle. A jack on the flop was enough for the Scotsman who sat back down, he had been on his feet and ready to leave. O’Donnell down to 150,000. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_chris odonnell.jpg

Chris O’Donnell: stack halved again

10.58pm: Lury miles ahead of Andrew
From the cut-off Andrew Miles opened to 10,500 and was three-bet to 27,000 from Daren Lury who was on the button. After giving Lury a good stare down Miles put in the required calling chips. To a flop of J♦A♥7♦, Miles check-called a bet 29,000. Both players checked the 9♦ turn before Lury bet 62,000 on the 9♦ river. After another good look at Lury and a brief dwell Miles made the call but mucked upon seeing Lury’s A♣K♦. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000-6,000, ante 500

10.55pm: Mcbean run out of town
Andrew McBean has been all-in numerous times in the last couple of levels and his luck has finally run out. He got his last 60,000 in ahead with A♥8♠ against Neil Barron’s K♦Q♦. But the board ran 9♣8♦4♠K♥2♠ to send him to the rail. — NW

10.50pm: Campbell soup as Johnson regains chip lead
Leon Campbell didn’t seem too thrilled when his three-bet was four-bet by Rudi Johnson. The Norwegian had opened the cut-off for 10,000 and Campbell had made it 31,000 to go from the button. Chris O’Donnell and Rupinder ‘Buckaroo’ Bedi passed in the blinds and Johnson came back over the top for 110,000.

ukipt brighton_day 2_leon campbell.jpg

Leon Campbell: tough spot with nines

Campbell stared at Johnson, Johnson remained unmoved. Campbell looked back at his cards again, seemed to like them less than before but eventually decided that they had to go in. He pushed the rest of his stack across the line – it must have been close to 200,000. Johnson made the call.

Johnson: A♠Q♣
Campbell: 9♣9♥

The board ran out 10♦J♠10♣2♠A♣ to give Johnson the pot and the chip lead with 735,000. — RD

10.45pm: Two more exits
Both Daniel Spencer and Gerry Ofarrell were eliminated holding pocket sevens. The former got it in against Patrick Thompson’s pocket tens and a 10 on the flop ended it as a contest. And Michael Kossov had A♦K♣ and spiked a king on the flop to eliminate Ofarrell, Kossov is up to 250,000. — NW

10.35pm: Nuts to near nuts
When Robin Dhinsa was min check-raised on a 8♥10♣7♠5♠ board while holding 9♣6♣ he must have been thrilled. He opted to call and allow Mike Shaw to hang himself on the river. Shaw obliged by leading 50,000 into the A♠ river and Dhinsa moved in. Shaw called and showed J♥9♠ for the flopped nuts he’s up to 350,000. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_mike shaw.jpg

Shaw was the nuts

10.25pm: Three times a lady
Although a few have graced UKIPT final tables and Trish Mallin was runner-up in Galway there’s never been a female UKIPT winner…yet.

There are three women left in the tournament right now and they’re all well positioned to make a deeper run than they already have. All three have very different personas and styles at the table.

A bespectacled Lynne Beaumont seems forever calm, almost casual yet you know she’s sharp as a tack. Over $100,000 in lifetime earnings and a string of cashes pay testament to this. She’s on 250,000.

ukipt brighton_day 2_lynne beaumont.jpg

Lynne Beaumont

Jen Mason is a hive of activity eyes darting from side to side, ants seemingly in her pants. If Beaumont looks casual Mason dresses so, hoodie, Big Lebowski t-shirt and vans trainers are her get up of choice. Mason has $140,000 in tournament earnings, plenty of previous and a stack of 240,000, she’d love to win her home town event.

ukipt brighton_day 2_jen mason.jpg

Jen Mason

And then there’s Sinem Melin, the ‘internet kid’ of the bunch. Hoodie, headphones and a knack for running up stacks are her weapons of choice. She was chip leader earlier today and although she’s slipped to a below average 150,000 she’s still very much in it.

ukipt brighton_day 2_sinem mellin.jpg

Sinem Mellin

Odds are one of these three will reach the final, winning it, well only time will tell. — NW

10.20pm: 47 remain
Here are the most recent departures from the tournament:

48th: Robert Glen, United Kingdom, £1,000
49th: Balbir Pottiwal, United Kingdomm £1,000
50th: Gonzalo Fernandez, Spain, PokerStars qualifier, £1,000
51st: Stuart Osborne, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, £1,000
52nd: Johnathon Bland, South Africa, PokerStars player, £1,000

Play is getting tense at the tables and loose on the rails, a lot of support in some quarters. — RD

10.10pm: Trigg takes the top spot
David Trigg has moved into the chip lead with a 550,000 stack after flopping a flush with 7♣5♣ on a 6♣4♣2♣ flop and getting it all-in on the 2♥ turn against Gonzalo Fernandez’s pocket eights (no club). The river did not pair.

“Weeeee at that flop,” said Trigg, who had not only flopped the flush but had the back up of the open ended straight flush draw. You know, just in case.

We have 47 players left. — RD

10.06pm: Chip counts
Click here to see up to date chip counts of everyone left in the tournament. It’s pretty tight over 20 players are just one double up or less from claiming the chip lead. — NW

10pm: One up, one out
The first post-dinner double up belongs to Spencer Lawrence he three-bet to 30,500 over the top of a 10,500 raise from Tom Drew and then called all-in for 187,500 when Drew set him in.

It was a race with Lawrence holding pocket tens and Drew A♠Q♥. The board ran 9♦K♦6♣2♥8♠ to see Lawrence vault into the top five and severely dent Drew.

Whilst this was happening Jen Mason accumulated Stuart Osborne’s last 73,000 when her A♠Q♥ held against Osborne’s K♦Q♦. — NW

9.55pm: Norway leads the way
Rudi Johnson is our current leader with 400,000. The cool Norwegian is just ahead of Jaroslav Horak who weighs in with 390,000. Mark Smith is in the bronze position with 345,000.

The cards are in the air again with 51 players left in the race for the UKIPT Brighton title. — RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_jaroslav horavak.jpg

Jaroslav Horvak is just behind the chip lead

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Brighton (in order of discomfort following Thai curry at dinner break): Rick Dacey (lots of water drinking, bit of a wuss) and Nick Wright (shoulder shrug, could barely feel the heat). Photos by Mickey May.


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