tytkto triumphs in 5/31/11 Super Tuesday

June 01, 2011

Super Tuesday logo.pngOn this first day of the 2011 World Series of Poker, the last Super Tuesday of May drew a larger-than-average field, with a total of 257 buying into the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold’em tournament.

That created a total prize pool of $257,000, well above the tourney’s $150K guarantee. The top 36 finishers would divide the loot, with $52,556.50 due the winner.

Just a short while after the three-hour break 100 players remained, with Aleseed well out in front, pushing the 60,000-chip mark. Laffen20 was next with just over 34,000, followed by patinho77 and Schildy1984, the only other players with more than 30,000.

By then Alexis “J0hnny_Dr@m@” Zervos (Team Greece Challenger) had already exited in 179th, as had André “acoimbra” Coimbra of Team Online in 172nd. Left to represent Team PokerStars were George Danzer (Germany) and Johnny Lodden (Nordics), both of whom were then hovering just outside the top 40 with slightly below-average stacks.

A little over an hour later just 50 players were left, with Aleseed still leading with more than 77,000, followed by ante_geia_AA in second with a little over 56,000 and Monk532 in third with almost 53,000. Meanwhile Lodden had chipped up into 13th place while Danzer had sunk to the danger zone, sitting dead last in 50th on the super-short stack.

Danzer would double-up once, but soon ran Q♦Q♥ into DutchRaise72’s K♠K♦ to be bounced in 45th place. Not too long after there were just 37 left when wizowizo open-raised all in with his 18-BB stack with [A][5] and got called by tytkto who held [A][Q]. No help came for wizowizo, the unfortunate last elimination prior to the money.

Monk532 went out shortly thereafter in 36th ($1,927.50), then the remaining 35 reached the five-hour break. By then RSlijkhuis had pushed out ahead of the pack with more than 124,000, followed by calasanz438 with just over 101,000 and Jamil11 with about 88,000. Meanwhile, Lodden continued to lurk with a touch under 40,000, good for 12th place.

After the players returned, eight more hit the virtual rail over the next 15 minutes, each earning $1,927.50: Rickyroodido (35th), patinho77 (34th), steve3331 (33rd), alexo18 (32nd), Sphinx87 (31st), bastet2004 (30th), Laffen20 (29th), and kartt (28th).

Over the next 45 minutes, nine more players were eliminated, all of whom more than doubled their buy-ins by earning $2,184.50: wh0mp (27th), mobaboba (26th), hardcore1976 (25th), EKANDUTERIO (24th), Gorrioncillo (23rd), Shildy1984 (22nd), Vojta_R (21st), Bushman (20th), and Aleseed (19th).

With two tables left, RSlijkhuis continued to enjoy the chip lead with more than 180,000, but tytkto was closing in having just crested the 174,000-chip mark. ante_geia_AA remained nearby as well, in third place with a little more 150,000.

Vekked soon went out in 18th place ($2,827), then came the six-hour break at which point lone remaining Team PokerStars Pro sat 17th out of 17 with just over 25,000 chips (about 14 big blinds).

But Lodden hung on as three more players were eliminated, 88DrugDealer (17th, $2,827), Jamil11 (16th, $2,827), and Cod Meharly (15th, $3,469.50). Lodden then scored a double-up, picking up K♥K♣ on the same hand calasanz438 drew Q♣Q♥. mrvogt went out in 14th ($3,469.50), then Lodden doubled up one more time, again picking up K♥K♠ which this time stood up against alin111’s A♦K♦.

With 13 left, Lodden was back to an average stack, sitting in 7th place. Before the seven-hour break arrived, four more players exited: philbort (13th, $3,469.50), Sir_winalot9 (12th, $4,112), ante_geia_AA (11, $4,112), and calasanz438 (10th, $4,112).

They were down to nine.


Seat 1: RSlijkhuis — 173,035
Seat 2: tytkto — 399,926
Seat 3: DutchRaise72 — 143,597
Seat 4: delaney_kid — 168,005
Seat 5: alin111 — 128,848
Seat 6: rany01 — 53,270
Seat 7: Iloveyz — 32,956
Seat 8: johnnylodden — 115,657
Seat 9: flashkowski — 69,706

tytkto had pushed out to a healthy lead with more than twice second-place RSlijkhuis. Meanwhile, the table’s short-stack Iloveyz needed to find a double-up PDQ. Or at least ASAP.

About five minutes after the players returned from the seven-hour break, the blinds were 1,600/3,200 when flashkowski opened with a raise to 9,600 from under the gun. RSlijkhuis, sitting to flashkowski’s left, called the raise, and it folded back to Iloveyz in the small blind who promptly pushed all in for 35,356. Johnny Lodden folded from the big blind, but both flashkowski and RSlijkhuis called the reraise.

The flop came Q♠4♥J♥, and flashkowski wasted little time pushing all in with his last 44,350. RSlijkhuis stepped aside, and flashkowski showed K♥K♣ for the overpair. Iloveyz had hit the flop with his A♦Q♣, but the turn was the J♠ and the river the 4♣, and Iloveyz was out in ninth.

About 25 minutes passed before the next elimination. With the blinds up to 2,000/4,000, DutchRaise72 open-shoved from UTG for 44,045, then it folded to flashkowski who reraised over the top from the button. The blinds got out, and DutchRaise72 showed A♦10♦. Meanwhile flashkowski had picked up another big pocket pair with Q♠Q♦.

The flop brought an ace for DutchRaise72, but a queen as well for flashkowski, coming A♠Q♣3♣. The turn was the K♥, which meant a straight was still possible for DutchRaise72. But the river was the 9♣ and DutchRaise72 was out in eighth.

About 10 minutes later Johnny Lodden had become the table’s short stack with 58,581 and was again looking for a spot to regain some chips and start mounting another comeback.


Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden

Lodden then opened with a minimum-raise to 8,000 from early position. RSlijkhuis reraised to 33,500 from a couple of seats over, and it folded back to Lodden who snap-shoved the rest of his stack all in. RSlijkhuis called quickly, too, showing K♣K♥. But Lodden had the one hand RSlijkhuis didn’t want to see — A♠A♣!

Then came the flop, bringing one card Lodden didn’t want to see — K♠4♠9♣! A set for RSlijkhuis! The turn was the 7♠, making a spade flush a possibility. But the river brought the 10♣, and Lodden hit the rail in seventh.

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Soon after the blinds were still 2,000/4,000 when delaney_kid opened for 8,000 from the cutoff, then alin111 reraised to 20,075 from the button. The blinds folded, then delaney_kid shipped it for 119,401 total, getting a call from alin111.

delaney_kid J♥8♥
alin111 J♦J♠

Tough match-up for delaney_kid, and five community cards later — 5♦9♦K♥8♦9♣ — he was out in sixth.

A little later flashkowski would pick up yet another big pocket pair at the final table — A♥A♣ this time — but rany01 had him matched with A♦A♠, and the pair ultimately split the pot.

Shortly after the eight-hour break, the blinds were 2,400/4,800 when tytkto open-pushed from the small blind, having his lone remaining opponent, alin111, well-covered. alin111 called from the big blind with the 74,416 he had left, showing A♣8♦ and having the advantage over tytkto’s A♦6♦. But the flop came 4♥2♦J♦, giving tytkto a flush draw, then the 7♦ on the turn sealed it, making the river no matter and sending alin111 out in fifth.

The blinds moved to 2,800/5,600 and tytkto was soon raising again, making it 11,760 to go from UTG. It folded back to RSlijkhuis in the big blind who reraised all in for 92,199. tytkto made the call, showing J♥10♥ while RSlijkhuis had A♠Q♣. RSlijkhuis remained best through the turn — 2♥5♣K♦6♠ — but the 10♠ on the river paired tytkto, sending RSlijkhuis out in fourth.

A short while later rany01 opened with a raise to 16,800 from the small blind and flashkowski made the call from the big blind. The flop came a provocative 9♣5♥8♦, and both players checked. Then the turn brought the J♠ and a lot of interest from both players. rany01 bet 22,400, then flashkowski bumped it to 44,800. rany01 responded by shoving the 200,000-plus he had left all in, and flashkowski called with the 128,243 he had left.

flashkowski showed K♠J♦ for top pair, but rany01 had him outkicked with A♣J♥. The river was the 2♣, and they were down to two.

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When heads-up play began, tytkto had the advantage with 862,453 to rany01’s 422,547. The two played a couple of small pots, then agreed to pause in order to make a deal. Some time passed while they waited for a host to come help facilitate the deal, during which time the pair chatted a bit.

rany01: congratulation tytkto
tytkto: ty
rany01: well played
tytkto: u2
rany01: ty
tytkto: gg
rany01: was not always easy for me 🙂
rany01: many heartattacks 🙂

Eventually the host showed and the pair agreed to tytkto receiving $45,106.50, rany01 $43,000, with $3,000 left to play for.

Once play resumed, the stacks started to even up after the first dozen hands, but then tytkto retook the advantage, building back to 804,982 to rany01’s 480,018 when the final hand took place.

The blinds were 3,200/6,400. rany01 opened for 19,200 from the button/small blind, then tytkto pushed all in. rany01 made the call, showing A♥6♠ to tytkto’s 3♥3♦. The board came 10♦K♠Q♠5♦7♣, and tytkto’s pair had held.

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Congrats to tytkto, winner of this week’s Super Tuesday!

Super Tuesday results for 5/31/11 (*reflects two-way deal):

1st: tytkto ($48,106.50)*
2nd: rany01 ($43,000)*
3rd: flashkowski ($29,041)
4th: RSlijkhuis ($21,845)
5th: alin111 ($14,906)
6th: delaney_kid ($11,565)
7th: Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden ($8,995)
8th: DutchRaise72 ($6,425)
9th: Iloveyz ($4,883)


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