Two-time WCOOP winner Laurie ‘LaliTournier’ Tournier talks Women’s Sunday, Twitch & more

September 21, 2021inPoker


Brazilian poker pro Laurie “LaliTournier” Tournier has been enjoying some success on the virtual felt of late. Her viewers have been enjoying her success, too, on her popular Twitch stream.

Tournier is a member of the Brazilian eSports organization Furia. She used to play chess professionally, but lately poker has been her primary focus.

Tournier has accumulated a number of live cashes over recent years, including at the WSOP, BSOP, and elsewhere. Online she’s been collecting numerous scores and titles at PokerStars, too, including wins in the Women’s Sunday, the Turbo Series, and not one but two WCOOP titles.

Prior to the 2021 WCOOP, the Turbo Series win had been her biggest online cash, worth $34K. Her first WCOOP title in the $109 NLHE heads-up (Event #47-M) earned just over $15K. But her win in the $1,050 Progressive KO Series Saver (Event #94-H) was good for a whopping $182K including bounties.

Tournier recently spoke with Our Voices, PokerStars’ female insights community, about her win in the Women’s Sunday and her enjoyment of that weekly tournament. Read more about Our Voices here.

“I always have a great time playing the Women’s Sunday,” says Tournier. “There are women who play only these events because they feel more comfortable. It’s nice to know that this tournament can be a gateway to the world of online poker to them.”

Tournier also shared the story of how she got into poker via chess, and how she enjoys the constant mental challenge the game provides.

“I love that poker tests you all the time,” says Tournier. “You need to make optimal decisions in the moment for the long-term results, and that skill can be used in our own lives.”

You can read the full Q&A at Our Voices by clicking here and creating a free account.

Two WCOOP titles, including an all-time biggest score and highest Twitch viewership ever

Tournier’s two big WCOOP wins came later, and she shared with us her reaction to those triumphs.

“I’ve always aimed to win a WCOOP event, but I didn’t imagine it would be like this, with two at once and with so much emotion,” says Tournier.

The $109 heads-up win came first — “a long and very complicated tournament,” she says, alluding to her winding path to victory through 10 tough heads-up matches. Tournier was not on Twitch for that one, she explains.

“Because I wasn’t streaming I couldn’t feel the sensation of being a champion along with the audience,” she explains. “It was very special, but I felt that this achievement shared with my viewers was still missing.”

Live with Laurie "LaliTournier" Tournier

Live with Laurie “LaliTournier” Tournier

During subsequent streams she joked with her audience about winning a second WCOOP while on Twitch, just so they could share in it.

And then it happened!

“After 10 years of playing poker, my big hit was better than I ever dreamed.” As noted, the $182,000-plus score was the largest of her career to date, and by a large margin. “Such a huge event, and streamed from start to finish on Twitch,” she says.

In fact the stream began well before the tournament began, as she was online when winning a satellite qualifier to earn her seat in the event.

She describes that final table as “very difficult with several high-stakes players.” Her audience hit an all-time high of more than 5,000 watching simultaneously.

Upon her victory, the chat was “euphoric.” It was clearly a very special moment.

“I think every poker streamer’s dream is what happened to me: winning a title in a series like the WCOOP,” she says.

Big congrats from the PokerStars Blog to Tournier. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on her Twitch channel going forward.

And women poker players can play along with Tournier in the Women’s Sunday each weekend. The $22 no-limit hold’em tournament happens every Sunday at 14:40 ET, with plenty of satellites available as well.


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