Twitter Poker League: Money winner Monyarrasco

August 10, 2010


by Joanne Haslam
Tournament 2 of Twitter Poker League’s season 2 had $222 and 20 points for top prize, which is a whole lot of 2s… Yet no one wanted to finish 2nd.

Often an online tournament winner is just a user ID and we guess the rest, but thanks to Twitter we can learn a little more about our players. If we’re lucky they might even tweet what they had for breakfast.

Monyarrasco had a big stack of chips and a pretty picture to go alongside them. I was tweeting tourney reports for @tpokerstars and had a dilemma, do I assume that was her picture, or what if it was his girlfriend? Do I go with ‘he won a hand’, or gamble and use the ‘she?’ My suggestion that PokerStars should add a pink or blue star alongside the VIP status stars was met with help from someone in the know, a tweet of ‘@monyarrasco is a girl and a damn good player too!’

She certainly was a ‘girl and a damn good player’ she put her big stack of chips to use well to win this game. Twitter meant our winner was more than just a user ID, she tweeted greetings and, ‘Trust me, I’m a girl.’

I do trust that now.

Wowing them at the final table
The bubble burst with a “wow” not a pop. Monyarrasco and ddcaseto saw a flop of J♣J♦10♦ and both checked. It all kicked off on the turn 5♦. A raise, a re-raise, an all-in and we had ourselves a 413,112 pot. J♠10♣ for monyarrasco, J♥5♥ for ddcaseto , a dramatic full house over full house. Ddcaseto exiting in 10th place, monyarrasco set up for the final table chip lead:

Seat 1: HGyPoker (147,382 in chips)
Seat 2: foulg25 (77,468 in chips)
Seat 3: alexfpt711 (63,442 in chips)
Seat 4: sweghozt (168,751 in chips)
Seat 5: fiv31 (143,747 in chips)
Seat 6: gobluecp66 (194,226 in chips)
Seat 7: talnet (77,955 in chips)
Seat 8: monyarrasco (795,915 in chips)
Seat 9: Smola37 (315,614 in chips)


Number of the beast
Monyarrasco would increase her lead with a hand that made devilish trouble for gobluecp66’s aces. The money went in on the 2♥6♦9♣ flop. Monyarrasco showed 6♣6♠ and gobluecp66 was out.

HGyPoker was next to leave, he went all-in with 6♥A♦ with the board showing K♥5♠6♣2♦10♠. Fiv31 called with K♣5♣ for two pair and that spelled the end of HGyPoker’s Twitter tourney.

I would soon tweet news of another elimination. @tpokerstars Foulg25 moves all-in with A-J, called by fiv31 with A-8 of diamonds. Yes, I mentioned the diamonds for a reason… flush for fiv31. Foulg25 out 7th.

When I report 6-handed chips @NachoCanute had this to say about the short stacked players’ chances:

@NachoCanute Talnet = toast very soon

Talnet was eaten up by the big blind, I’m not sure if jam and butter were involved, but he was soon just as @NachoCanute had described. Talnet might have liked the look of the A♥2♣ he was forced all-in with, but sweghozt held J♠J♣ on the button. Talnet toasted in 6th place.

Sweghozt hadn’t won much from the hand, only alexfpt711 had less chips. He moved all-in from the small blind with K♦10♥ and might have been glad just to win blinds and antes, but fiv31 called from the big blind with K♣J♠. Sweghozt was out in 5th place.

With four players left monyarrasco still had the chip lead, fiv31 close behind, Smola37 in no real danger, but alexfpt711 was suffering from a bad case of shortstack-itis. In the next key hand fiv31 raised pre-flop and was called by Smola37 from the big blind. Smola37 bet out on the K♥K♠7♦ flop and was re-raised by fiv31. They saw a 10♥ on the turn, a bet and a call again. The river a 9♣ and more chips in the middle. Fiv31 showed K♣J♠ and Smola37 mucked. The hand swung the chip lead to fiv31, and it put Smola37’s tournament in jeopardy.

Short-stacked hero
Alexfpt deserves credit for short-stacked final table heroics; he started the final table with next-to-no chips, managed a couple of double-ups with ace rags (those chips barely enough to keep him going) then he won a pot on a queen-high board without a showdown. He showed a fine bedside manner while nursing his small stack and deserves credit for his tourney survival skills.

He finally succumbed in 4th place, finding A♥K♠ and running into monyarrasco with A♠A♦. It was an unfortunate exit and a plucky display from the Columbian player.

Smola37 needed double-up luck by now, his stack whittled down to just 61,855 while monyarrasco had a million, and fiv31 around three quarters of a million. Smola37 pushed all-in with K♥6♥ and monyarrasco called with A♦5♦. An ace on the flop, and another on the river ended Smola37’s tourney, his 3rd place made him $121.27 profit on his $1.10 investment, and was good for joint 4th place on the leaderboard.

Heads-up chips:

fiv31 698,736
monyarrasco 1,285,764


It was a speedy heads-up duel. A few pots went to monyarrasco and she’d increased her lead to 1.5 million by the time of our final hand. Fiv31 raised pre-flop and they saw a Q♣9♠3♥ flop. Fiv31 bet out and monyarrasco called. The turn was 4♠, a bet and call again. Fiv31 went all-in when he saw the river A♠. He was playing A♥7♠ and might have thought the final card was the one he wanted, but monyarrasco held Q♠6♠ her top pair improving to a flush, and so the tournament was won.

A girl and a damn good player
Congratulations to monyarrasco from Monterrey. Her Twitter bio states she is a 5th grade teacher and poker enthusiast, she can now update that to say: “Twitter Poker League tourney winner.”

The third game of Twitter Poker League’s Season 2 will be back next week, same time, same place, but by the end of it there’ll be a whole new lot of points on the leaderboard. If you want your name and points on the table join the Twitter Poker League, we hope you’ll be tweeting a good game.

Twitter Poker League Leaderboard – Week 2 (08-08-10)
taketime – 21
monyarrasco – 20
Atis95 – 18
fiv31 – 18
alytus73 – 17
Smola37 – 17
leideg – 16
alexfpt711 – 15
Bokito_1981 – 15
sweghozt – 15


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