Twitter Poker League: A win for Eleazar_9, a shout out for TRex160466

October 19, 2010

ps_news_thn.jpgby Jo Haslam

There are all kinds of bells and whistles that
make the Twitter Poker League tourney stand out from the crowd.  It’s much more than your average $1.10
tourney. Those extras include 100 Step Ticket prizes bi-monthly, live Twitter
updates, bounty awards, best tweeter prizes, plus this week there was even a
competition to guess how many players would turn up to share in all this fun.
It was 1,661.
Ex-Ray24 won that prize, without even needing to re-raise all-in or
win a coin-flip.

It seems fitting that this busy Twitter
tourney played out with an all-action final table. It was a final table that
proved the value of a well-timed double-up, and saw the ‘chip lead’ title swing
all around the table, before finally settling on Eleazar_9 when he held everyone’s

loses 9 lives

The bubble burst as sabrecat’s K♥Q♣
lost to  A♦2♦. Blad2010’s nut
flush sent sabrecat scurrying to the rail.

Final table chips looked like this:

Seat 1: valhunter (148488 in chips)

Seat 2: Blad 2010 (260027 in chips)

Seat 3: rini777 (262472 in chips)

Seat 4: Seegirl78 (287264 in chips)

Seat 5: cparsley (146038 in chips)

Seat 6: Golden bo922 (90067 in chips)

Seat 7: Koentahh (701730 in chips)

Seat 8: rudni (215115 in chips)

Seat 9: Eleazar_9 (380299 in chips)


quick burst of all-in’s and some fast eliminations

It wasn’t long before Seegirl78 was out. He
re-raised all-in with A♠J♥ but Eleazar_9  wasn’t for folding his A♣K♦ and so we were 8.

Blad2010 would be next to go. He called
Rudni’s raise with J♥10♥ and saw the straight potential of the 2♣Q♥9♦
flop. He called all-in when Rudni bet. 
The straight didn’t show up, which meant Rudni’s A♥3♣ was good
enough to win.

Valhunter was the next to make a move. He
found Q♦9♦ and re-raised all-in. Eleazor_9 had plenty of chips and chose to
call with Q♣10♥. That would end valhunter’s tourney.

Three players gone and there was barely
time to congratulate them on the final table before we were typing, ‘gg
unlucky’ on their exit.

a good game

Cparsley was playing a good game, and
tweeting a good game too. He managed a couple of double-ups as the short stack.
 He happily tweeted, ‘A7 v 44. Spikes the Ace on the river to remain in the TPL
final table!’

Next he made a
move with Q♦10♣ from the small blind, and Goldenbo922 found A♦Th] on the
big blind to call his all-in. A Q♣ and a 10♠ on the flop doomed Goldenbo922
to an unlucky exit in sixth place.

There were just five
players left after not much more than twenty minutes – and the pace wouldn’t
let up.

Next all-in was
from Koentahh, re-raising rini777.  The cards were K♦Q♦ for rini777, A♣Q♣ for Koentahh. Neither
hit anything – but Koentahh didn’t need to.  Rini777 was out in 5
th place for $78.89

Kings no good

This was not a tournament with a lot of play
on the flop, but we can’t blame Koentahh for wanting to get chips in pre-flop
with K♦K♥. He might have hoped to see off rudni  off with his A♦8♠ but the chip leader made the call. The
A♥ on the turn gave Koentahh a bad beat story along with a tournament exit.

Our three way chip report comes courtesy of
@tpokerstars (link: http:.// live tweeter, who must
have been a fast typist to keep up with all the action. @Tpokersatars tweeted,  “3 way chips. Rudni 1.6 million,
Eleazar9 347k, @cparsley1… just doubled up with 99 to 425k.”

This double-up was at Rudni’s expense, but Rudni
had so many chips it barely made a dent in that millionaire stack.

sauce with chips

Cparsley lost connection for a while, which
wouldn’t help his tourney winning chances, but he came back ready for a  fight,  raising with 7♥6♠.  Rudni set him all-in, Cparsley  was pot committed and called. Rudni showed  A♣10♦ but the board ran out 4♥5♦2♣8♥
and  by the river 10♣ it had all
been decided,  cparsley doubled up
with a straight.

Rudni tangled with Eleazar_9 next, on a
flop showing 10♦8♠9♠. Eleazar_9 bet out but Rudni set him all-in. It was
top pair for Rudni with 10♥2♥ but Eleazar_9 was way ahead with a secret
pocket pair of A♣A♠.

Cparsley was the short stack and pushed
with 10♣5♣. Rudni called with A♠7♣ and the 7♠ on the flop meant
cparsley finished 3rd, claiming $149.49 and 16 leader board points.


Rudni had played some aggressive poker
three-handed, with plenty of all-ins to win blinds and antes, and he continued
these tactics as heads-up play got underway.

Eleazar_9 was playing 916,102 to Rudni’s
1,575,398 but when Eleazar_9 raised with K♥Q♥ Rudni re-raised all-in with
K♠J♠. Eleazar_9 made the call and the better King won. The hand would swing
the tournament in Eleazar_9’s favour.

This game was played at a breathless pace,
and a couple of hands later it was all over. Rudni pushed with J♠6♠ and
Eleazar_9 called with 7♠7♦. The board came 5♣ 9♦ 4♠ 4♦ 9♣ and was
no help to Rudni, it gave Twitter Poker League victory to Eleazar_9. Congratulations
to Eleazar_9, he took $267.01 and 20 league points for the win.

Eleazar_9 might have claimed the glory on
the night, but I’d like to draw your attention to a player who finished in 237th

TRex160466 tops the league right now, despite
never having won a Twitter League tourney.  Each Sunday’s tournament may see good beats and bad, and find
a winner when the blinds rise and all-ins become the sensible option, and of
course we salute each winner who survives to claim the win.  However we also reserve a whole lot of
respect for players who cash consistently each week, and regularly put
themselves in position to find a final table. That’s good poker league play.

TRex160466 tops the league this week, based
on points from his 3rd place in week 2, and another cash this week.
It’s worth pointing out that he’s won prizes in every Twitter Poker League season
so far.  We’ll be watching out for
TRex160466 and our other league stars in the coming weeks.

If you want to get your name on the Twitter
Poker League leader board it’s as simple as joining the next league game (
tourney 308713790) we’ll  tot up
your points and award prizes in week 8. All you have to do is find results to
win the prizes.

You can read more about #tpoker scores and
scorers on the Twitter Poker League website. Do
have a good poker week, hope to see you at the #tpoker tables on Sunday.

Poker League – Week 4 standings (10-17-10)


TRex160466 – 23

Renaan – 22

wimHC – 22

carzzzzz4u -21

Eleazar_9 – 20

JaJanka – 20

Sith07 – 20

bixxna22 – 19

cparsley – 19

pokerdjiq_90 – 19

Kalich73 – 18

rudni – 18


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