Twitch Poker Tribune: Unbelievable scenes in the Sunday Million!

February 24, 2022inPoker

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  • Insane run good deep in the Sunday Million
  • Big weekend for Team PokerStars
  • Clips of the week

Long live the kings!

There were incredible scenes in the Sunday Million this week.

One player–the Czech Republic’s ‘Nild0n’–enjoyed a spell of run good so dreamlike it made even a grizzled veteran like Sam Grafton’s jaw drop.

Imagine the scene: you’re down to the final 15 in the Sunday Million and you get dealt pocket kings. Then you get dealt them again. And again. AND AGAIN.

Nild0n was dealt the cowboys four out of six consecutive hands (he also got dealt pocket tens in between!)

Watch the madness below.

Trophies for Fintan, BenCB and Grafton

While Nild0n was riding that run good to a fourth-place finish in the Milly (worth $40K), it was also a solid weekend for PokerStars Team Pros.

Fintan “easywithaces” Hand put in a lengthy Saturday grind and came out on top in the $215 Saturday KO.

The man’s simply addicted to bluffing and he was doing so at all the right times.

He’d go on to take it down for $7,916 (including bounties).

Meanwhile, Benjamin “BenCB” Rolle was crushing the $530 Bounty Builder HR on Sunday and after two days of action he took it down for $64,728 (including bounties).

Before his commentary duty, Grafton also secured a trophy in the $215 PKO hyper for $17,884, with over $9K coming from bounties.

Clips of the week

Nice win for Lex!

Now that’s a big pot.

Straight flush for Arlie.

Ugly river (but a nice check back) for Xflixx.

A win for Naigo.

And a win for Majincast.


Pye takes down the PKO HORSE.

It’s going to be OK.

Dance run-good.


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