Twitch Poker Tribune: How Fintan won $25K in bounties in 90 minutes

April 29, 2021inPoker

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  • How Fintan won $25K in bounties in 90 minutes
  • Lex puts on amazing show in $1K SCOOP Main Event
  • Clips of the week

How Fintan won $25K in bounties in 90 minutes

What a week it’s been for Fintan “easywithaces” Hand.

“I’ve never had 90 minutes of poker like that,” Hand told us in an interview earlier this week. He’s referring to his run on Day 1 of the SCOOP $5,200 High Roller PKO in which he won $25K in bounties in just 90 minutes.

“It was crazy. I was loving it, but at points, I was legitimately speechless. I always dance around like an idiot and have fun when I play, but I felt weird.

“I try to be more emotional when I play these days, not in a fake way,” he continued. “When I was coming up in poker it was cool to be stoic and not react. But when this tournament was going down, I was just in disbelief. I wasn’t nervous, I played like I normally would, but I definitely had butterflies in my stomach.”

Hand went on to win the event for $232K. If you’re not sure why the end of the tournament was so dramatic–and why we don’t have footage of it from Hand’s perspective–check out our interview with him here.

Otherwise, regale in the most insane, lucrative few hours of Hand’s career below. He’ll be uploading the remainder of the tournament soon.

Lex puts on amazing show in $1K SCOOP Main Event

We’re not going to spoil a thing.

Just watch Lex’s full Day 3 in the $1,050 SCOOP Main Event below.

Clips of the week

Incredible call by Tonkaaaa.

Huge pot on another SCOOP FT for Fintan.

$15K score for Lex.

Congrats to ‘Pete_Robo’!

Nice bluff in the $10K.

That’s what a $12K river looks like.

I guess that’s that.


Huge pot for Arlie with quads.

There’s no way…


Ace king everywhere.

KK > AA > AA.

I swear to goodness gracious.


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