Twitch Poker Tribune: Comedian wins $2,345 in quest for £5K sofa

February 25, 2021inPoker

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  • Comedian wins $2,345 in quest for £5K sofa
  • Congrats to Cash4King and Cash4Queen!
  • Clips of the week

Comedian wins $2.3K in his quest for a £5K sofa

This week, the joke was on the 466 other people who played the Hot $33.

Popular UK comic Rhys James, known as RhysJamesy on Twitch and PokerStars, is currently on a quest to turn £100 into £5,000 so he can purchase his dream sofa.

He’d normally do that by performing stand-up comedy around the world and on TV.

But with things as they are, he’s decided to grind it up on PokerStars instead.

That’s clearly a great decision as on Tuesday 23 February, James took down the Hot $33 for $2,345.

Catch Rhys James on Twitch as he continues his sofa quest.

Congrats to Cash4King and Cash4Queen!

Clips of the week

When Spraggy times out with aces vs Majincast.

Did you say good luck with that?

Aces again for Spraggy. Did it work out better this time?

Two hyper wins for Arlie.

Arlo returns!

1st in one $82 Hyper, 2nd in another.

Big pot for Pye in the $530 8-Game.

Here’s something we don’t often say: Here’s a sick limit hold’em hand.


Never in doubt.

That was very kind of them.


Lex wins the $44 Bounty Builder.

Did I ever tell you the postal truck story?

Lex bounty? Yum yum yum.


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