Twitch Poker Tribune: Back-to-back series trophies for Arlie Shaban

March 04, 2021inPoker

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  • Arlie wins back-to-back belts with $7K Turbo Series victory
  • Clips of the week

Arlie wins $11 Turbo Series title for $7,116

He’s only gone and done it again.

Less than two months ago the Twitch Poker Tribune was telling you about Arlie Shaban’s Blowout Series victory, worth $20K.

This week, the PokerStars Ambassador claimed a Turbo Series title too, defeating a massive 4,935-player field to turn $11 into $7,116.

That makes it back-to-back series belts for the Twitch legend.

The tournament was by no means smooth sailing for Shaban. With 37 left he was one of the shortest stacks but managed to win this flip to survive.

He kept up the momentum, taking down a nice pot with 26 left.

Then it was time for another double up.

Shaban was the chip leader with 10 left. He called his shot.

And he continued to play well, finding the right play when he bluffed all in with 6 left.

A bump in the road came when they were down to five. Shaban would have been a monster chip leader had he won this flip.

But he won the all-ins that mattered.

After eliminating a player in third, the heads-up lasted just one hand. With that, Shaban was indeed a Turbo Series champion.

Congrats, Arlie. You keep winning ‘em, we’ll keep writing about ‘em.

Clips of the week

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We hit the jack, chat.

Hahahahahahaha! No.

It’s been a pleasure. You’ve been a great laugh.

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Very cool.


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