Twitch mods Croaks and RuthAnnK play $5K WCOOP Main Event

September 23, 2019inPoker

Lex Veldhuis and PokerStars teamed up to turn the tables (in the nicest possible way) on Twitch moderators extraordinaire Croaks and RuthAnnK yesterday.

If you’ve been following Lex on Twitch throughout the World Championship of Online Poker 2019, you’ll know that he’s been loading up both positive and negative videos whenever he has hit certain milestones (find out more about that here).

The brains behind the Jigsaw clips belong to Twitch moderators Croaks and RuthAnnK, who do so much for the likes of Lex, Spraggy and Fintan that yesterday Lex described them as his own memory.

“They’re always like ‘Lex, remember to do this’ and ‘Lex, remember that this happened?’,” Lex told an audience in the thousands during his Sunday stream.

Lex’s positive videos have resulted in things like him giving away an hour of his time to a community member, or creating community freerolls. But it’s the negative videos which have produced the most pain for Lex (and the most laughs for us).

Throughout WCOOP, Lex has had to change his PokerStars avatar to that photo.

Lex’s favourite: the infamous “VeldEMO” shot

He’s also had to dress in various outfits whilst grinding, dress up as a PSV fan (Lex supports Ajax) and even received a cherished “VeldEMO” gift set.

Afros, PSV, and the “VeldEMO” pillow

This is just a glimpse inside the twisted minds of Croaks and RuthAnnK.

But yesterday it was both payback and payment time for all the things those two have done to Lex.

With just an hour to go before the $5,200 WCOOP Main Event kicked off, Lex opened up another video. Only this time, it wasn’t made by the mods.

“Unlike both of you, Lex and PokerStars are not assholes,” Jigsaw says in the video. “It’s time for you two to feel some WCOOP pressure and possibly earn some money for this community in the process.

“Know this: it will involve both of you playing the $5,200 WCOOP Main Event. So we suggest you get ready.

“This is a thank you from Lex, PokerStars and the whole community.”

Yep, Lex and PokerStars went halves to put both Croaks and RuthAnnK into one of the biggest poker tournaments of the year.

And you know what?

They both crushed it. They both made Day 2.

Croaks finished the day with 392,210 (39 big blinds), knocking out the likes of David Peters as he went.

While RuthAnnK finished with 212,213 (21 big blinds), making quads en route.

By going as far they have, the mods won an extra $2,000 for the community freeroll. Amazing.

Lex himself will also be returning for Day 2 with 473,813 (47 big blinds), so you’ll be able to tune in and watch him live later today on his Twitch channel.

We’re sure he’ll also be giving regular updates to Croaks and RuthAnnK’s progress.

Good luck guys.

And remember: F#!@ Croaks.

We spoke with Croaks back at Lex Live in March. Check out that interview here:

Meet Croaks, the Twitch troll turned Lex Veldhuis moderator

F#!@ Croaks


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