Twenty-two for the money

February 11, 2006

Here’s how it goes in the media centre. We run around the tables, count chips, do Google image searches for those few we don’t recognise, then ask Rolf Slotboom of Poker Pages to fill in the gaps.

Thanks to Rolf for the following table information for our final 22:

Table 1
Mats Iremark (Swe) 280,000
Patric Martensson (Swe) 46,000
Isabelle Mercier (Can) 152, 000
Malcolm Gorse (Eng) 240,000 (PokerStars FPP qualifier)
Martin Green (Eng) 115,000
Kenneth Johnson (USA) 145,000 (PokerStars FPP qualifier)
Lex Veldhuis (Hol) 100,000 (PokerStars qualifier)

Table 2
Janne Airaksinen (Fin) 53,000 (PokerStars qualifier)
Theo Jorgensen (Den) 410,000
Julian Thew (Eng) 200,000
Stuart Fox (UK) 230,000
Mark Boudewijn (Hol) 370,000
Jerome Douieb (Fra) 280,000 (PokerStars qualifier)
Kirill Gerasimov (Rus) 130,000
Jerome Zerbib (Fra) 200,000

Table 3
Ram Vaswani (Eng) 440,000
Jeff Sharpe (Eng) 165,000
Jason Veyrac (Fra) 98,000 (PokerStars qualifier)
Ole Busberg Jensen (Den) 195,000 (PokerStars qualifier)
Stuart Nash (Eng) 140,000
Brian Gilbert (UK) 140,000
Mickey Wernick (Eng) 160,000


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