Tureniec trounces opposition on way to EPT Copenhagen lead

February 23, 2011


If Day 1 of the EPT Copenhagen Main Event had been a cocktail, it would be a Gimlet; fairly neat with a high sugar content, simple ingredients thrown together and shaken, with the result being a good sharpener to get things started.

Day 2 on the other hand would be more a Blue Blazer, a concoction of the legendary bartender Jerry Thomas, that Neil J Ridley, superlative booze columnist for The Chap magazine, described as “a cocktail so difficult to master that novices are advised to wear oven gloves.”

The reason is plain to see when attempted. Assembling this masterpiece takes a skilled mixologist with two large silver plated mugs, one filled with whisky, the other with boiling water. The whisky is first ignited, then, with the temperance society kept at a safe distance, the boiling water is added. The glorious blue mixture is then poured rapidly from one mug to the other. As superior cocktail books testify, “If well done, this will have the appearance of a continued stream of liquid fire.” Serve with a twist of lemon.

In typical EPT fashion, Day 2 in Copenhagen was as volatile as this house party nightmare, no continued stream of liquid fire perhaps, but a constant stream of bust-outs, a mass exodus that slashed the playing field from 262 at 12 noon today, to 73 six levels later.

Hottest of the lot, as players bag-up and sign for chips tonight, is leader Michael Tureniec, a talented Swedish professional who closed on 640,000. It was a day perfect for expansion. As players busted, chips could be found everywhere, it was simply a matter of getting your hands on them. Those that did would be well suited to contest the lead.


Chip leader Michael Tureniec

That would include the merry bunch behind the leader, a gang that for the most part had been forced to share a table with.

If the passage through Day 2 was rough for some, it was rougher for others. Johnny Lodden (193,700), Juha Helppi (159,000), Peter Eastgate, Michael Aron (205,400) and Day 1 chip leader Domantas Klimciauskas (212,200), all squared up to Tureniec and, barring Eastgate, all lived to tell the tale, one riddled with frustration.


Johnny Lodden

Like a pack of Friday night revellers penned into a queue outside a night club, with only an unfavourable bouncer ahead of them, these players were itching to be let loose inside. But Tureniec, a former runner-up at EPT London, made the decisions and they were going nowhere.


Peter Eastgate

With a pack of such regard in place it was easy to miss others finishing well. Per Linde is closest to Tureniec, with 514,600, Joel Nordqvist has 419,000, Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly has 416,000, Daniel Pettersen has 373,000 and Thomas Schaeffer finished with 365,800.


JP Kelly

They’ll form the main thrust for what will be another action-filled day when play reconvenes tomorrow. That’s when the field will be reduced to 24, with a bubble to burst and 49 more eliminations go through, a fate that was met by 189 players today.


Shambala jewels draped over a chip stack

Among that weary crowd were the likes of Annette Obrestad, Kevin Stani, Jake Cody, Allan Baekke and Xuan Liu, along with the Team PokerStars Pros Arnaud Mattern, Ville Wahlbeck, John Duthie and Team Online Pro Anders Berg.


Xuan Liu

A weighty cast all now resigned to side events and risky excursions out into the local climate. Their EPT Copenhagen may be over but the remainder pick up where they left off tomorrow.


Ville Wahlbeck

The chip count of each is available now on the official chip counts page, while all the action from Day 2 can be found by clicking through the links below. Serve in a Collins glass with crushed ice and a fruit garnish.

Level 9 & 10 updates
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Our thanks to our colleagues, blogging in Dutch, Swedish and German, the latter we just saw departing to celebrate his birthday with a stein or two. Thanks also to photographer Neil Stoddart who provided all of today’s pictures.


On the shoulders of giant stacks

It’s another football night tonight in the player lounge. Picture having your friends round for Sunday night football, or the Indy 500, then multiple that by fifty and give them all beer. The blog team will be watching too, albeit with one eye on the screen, the other on the uncompromising bar bill.

See you tomorrow.


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