Try the Mystery House. Collect keys, win cash. We #DareYou

October 12, 2020inPoker

Every neighbourhood has one. You might even have one of these at the end of your street.

It’s the mystery house that looks a bit spooky.

A house layout typical of all houses…

You can’t see in and nobody ever comes out. At least in your imagination.

It also tends to be the focus of any “Dare you” antics among those too young to know better than to knock on people’s doors and then running away laughing.

Well, we have our own Mystery House on PokerStars too, starting from today. And we #DareYou.

Even better, unlike the Radley house down the street, our Mystery House is full of prize money to be won.

You can win part of $1 million worth of prizes just by playing, earning points, and completing our puzzle board. You’ll find dice rolls in your rewards chests.

Simply roll the die, move around the 28 square board, and if you land on a square next to a room earn a key and a prize.

Find three keys to escape. And win another prize.

Along the way around this Mystery House you’ll encounter various weird and spooky rooms, just like any you might find in your own house.

The kitchen, dining room, the err… music room, the conservatory, library…

…just a standard house then.

But you’ll have the added boost of winning up to $15000 for finding all three keys and getting the hell out of there.

Which is more fun, safer, and more legal than trying this out on a real mystery house.

You can begin your venture into the unknown from today. Just opt in via your Challenges Window. For everything else check out this video…

The promotion runs now until 1 November, so get cracking now so you have more time to win. Go on, we #DareYou.

Let us know how you get on in the comments below. If you make it out that is.



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