Track each Platinum Pass using our interactive map

September 23, 2019inPSPC

Keep up to date with how to win a Platinum Pass by bookmarking the PSPC homepage of the PokerStars Blog.

You’ll find up-to-date information about where the next Platinum Pass is being awarded. You’ll also find details about the latest winners and which part of the world they come from.


What you’ll find on the PSPC homepage:


Here’s where to start. You’ll find all the latest PSPC news in one place, including new promotions, giveaways, as well as stories about Platinum Pass winners themselves.


A map showing where each Platinum Pass winner is located

Use the interactive map to track where each Platinum Pass winner is from, and which is closest to you

Track every Platinum Pass winner using our new interactive map.

Every winner will be listed here, with their details, including how they won, only a click away. You also get to see which winners live closest to you.

You’ll find a mix of different players, from micro-stakes and high stakes grinders, to recreational amateurs and professionals.


Here’s where you get an instant look at where the next Platinum Passes will be awarded. You’ll find a countdown clock too, so you get all the notice you need to book tickets, qualify and get yourself a seat.

Get ready to note dates and times with live tournaments, promotions and giveaway all listed. Keeping an eye on this page is the best way to avoid missing out on your own Platinum Pass.

The Moneymaker Tour

Moneymaker 2020

The Moneymaker Tour is back and this time has events in Russia, the UK, Ireland and North America, with more to be added soon

Not only is the Moneymaker Tour back for a second year, but it’s even bigger than the first time around. It has more events, and for the first-time ventures beyond North America.

It starts in Sochi, Russia. Then heads west for events across the UK and Ireland before flying back to the United States. That’s for now. More destinations will be announced soon.

Not only does each stop give you an affordable shot at a Platinum Pass, you get a change to meet Chris Moneymaker himself along the way.

It’s all on the PSPC homepage, right here on the PokerStars Blog. Click here to find all this, and more.



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