Top 5 epic quads hands

May 13, 2021inPoker

Top 5 Epic Quads Hands

Poker players are well familiar with the never-ending search for big hands. Send me a pocket pair, dealer! Make me a set! Even better… quads.

Speaking of searching for hands, we’re digging again into the PokerStars video team’s archives today. They’ve been doing some digging, too, to find some of the more dramatic hands from past events in which players holding pocket pairs managed to improve not just to a set, but to four of a kind.

Here’s a spoiler-free rundown sharing some particulars regarding the five hands shown. The video appears below.

5. Wrong hand to bluff against

The first hand comes from the LAPT Florianopolis Main Event in 2010. Matthias Habernig has picked up A♣A♠ and the 6♠A♥10♠ flop gives him a set.

Meanwhile his opponent, Miguel Velasco (who has Habernig covered), sits with Q♠10♥. After flopping second pair, Velasco calls Habernig’s leading c-bet. The A♦ on the turn then gives Habernig quads. He keeps firing, and Velasco calls again.

The river 7♣ changes nothing, and Habernig goes for modest value with another bet of bit over half-pot. What happens next? The headline offers a clue.

4. Stevic won’t back down

The next hand similarly demonstrates some stubbornness, this time from Alexander Stevic. The hand comes from the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo in 2005. That was Season 1, which if you recall began with Stevic winning the first ever EPT Main Event in Barcelona.

Alexander Stevic

Alexander Stevic

This one’s a big preflop all-in involving Stevic and Rob Hollink, coming with three players left. Stevic held A♦Q♠ and Hollink K♦K♥.

Who made the quads? Watch and find out.

3. A French bataille

This one involves two Frenchmen, Paul Testud and David Tavernier, battling one another deep in the EPT Dublin Main Event in 2006.

Testud picks up A♥K♠ and gets a customer in Tavernier who holds 4♥4♦. An ace flops, but so does a four. They don’t get it all in there, though. Nor do they after the case four arrives on the turn, with Tavernier again only calling Testud’s bet.

The river blanks. Can Tavernier earn the max?

2. Seiver is a believer

Another preflop all-in with this one, coming from 2010 and the NAPT Mohegan Sun High Roller Bounty Shootout.

Scott Seiver gets all in with J♠J♦ against Gregory Dyer‘s A♦Q♣. Once the community cards come, does Seiver believe in his jacks or not?

Scott Seiver

Scott Seiver

No spoilers, other than to say there are multiple lead changes on the flop, turn, and river. Watch and see.

1. Ooooh poker!

The final hand carries us back again to the LAPT, this time to Vina Del Mar, Chile in 2009.

Alex Gomes opens with 9♠8♠, Jyries Aguad three-bets small with J♦J♣, and Gomes comes along. The flop then hits Aguad hard, coming 7♠J♠J♥. Ah, quads for Aguad!

But notice Gomes isn’t drawing dead. There’s one card with which he could beat even the mighty four of a kind — the 10♠ for a straight flush.

What happens? Drama… excitement… laughter…



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