Top 3 misused poker phrases

May 05, 2021inPoker

Poker is always evolving, and so is its lingo.

“That’s what I put you on” and “I bet to see where I was at” were perfectly fine back in 2008, but today demonstrate a misunderstanding of range breakdowns and overall strategy.

But what are the top three misused poker phrases that we still hear a lot today?

That’s one thing PokerStars School covers in this update.

  • Top 3 misused poker phrases
  • How to exploit weak players and bet sizing
  • Six types of tilter
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Top 3 misused poker phrases

In this article, Dave Roemer shares the three poker phrases he feels are frustratingly misused, and why they are so commonly misunderstood.

“There are many common phrases used in the poker world. Some of them are valuable, some not, and some that are just misunderstood and misused frequently enough that they create confusion for newer players and sometimes more seasoned players alike,” he writes.

Find out the top 3 misused poker phrases here.

How to exploit weak players and bet sizing

The famous quote from Rounders goes “If you can’t spot the sucker…you are the sucker.” But once you’ve spotted them, how do you then get all their chips?

Here, Roemer takes a look at an interesting hand that was posted in the PokerStars School Discord.

“There can be a lot to learn even from seemingly simple hands,” he writes. “The big takeaways here are how to go about extracting value from a weak player, and how our bet sizing choices can impact our opponents’ ranges.”

Check out the article here.

Six types of tilter

How do you handle a bad stretch at the tables? Do you wear your emotions on your sleeve? Do you stuff your frustration down until you reach the boiling point? Do you chase your losses and let things spiral out of control?

In this article, Pete Clarke breaks down six types of tilter you’ll often see at the poker table.

“We all tilt to some extent but understanding which of the following profiles you fit into could help you diagnose and improve your own tilt,” he writes. “The question is not whether we tilt. But how we do it, and how we reduce it.”

Find out which type of tilter you are.

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