Top 10 most entertaining poker vlogs

May 14, 2020inPoker

Who knew that watching other people play live poker could be so entertaining?

Well, tons of people actually. That’s why we’ve had EPT Live for the past 16 years (and you can relive every EPT final table right now with EPT Retro).

The emergence of poker vlogging (video blogging), however, took the experience of watching live poker to a more intimate level. The vlogger has the camera with them when playing at all times (within reason), and the table footage allows for vicarious viewing, unlike anything we’d seen before.

Vlogs also allow us to peek behind the curtain and gain valuable insight into poker strategy that we can then apply to our own games.

Of course, poker vlogs aren’t restricted to live poker footage. They can cover anything and everything, from heartfelt discussions on coping with downswings to funny skits on seeking a poker partner or party footage of how a pro might celebrate a huge win.

Now more than ever, living vicariously through poker vloggers on YouTube can provide hours of entertainment. On that note, here’s a look at 10 of the most entertaining poker vlogs out there.

Andrew Neeme

While not technically the first to do it, there’s no doubt that the popularity of Andrew Neeme’s vlog put the format on the map. A Las Vegas $5/$10 cash grinder, Neeme shows his audience what it’s like being a pro in the home of live poker, bouncing from casino to casino and enjoying a beverage or two at his favourite Sin City spots post-session.

His formula (location intro, hand breakdowns, player interactions, end-of-session chat) provided a template for other vloggers, and with 142,000 subscribers, a clothing line (Favorable Apparel), and a podcast (Tells), he shows no signs of slowing down.

Brad Owen

If Neeme is the Cristiano Ronaldo of poker vlogging, then Brad Owen is the Lionel Messi. The two are good friends and travel the world together hosting their meet-up games (MUGs), but Owen has his own take on the vlog format that has proved very popular with fans.

A cash game pro based in Las Vegas, Owen takes us through his serious sessions with a comedic lightheartedness using his now trademark expressions “Bradley Dollars” and “pocket jiggities” (jacks).

Owen currently has 216,000 YouTube subscribers, making his the most popular pure poker vlog out there right now.

In the Mind of a Pro (Dans la Tête d’un Pro)

Some of the best poker content being made right now comes from the French team behind “Dans la Tête d’un Pro”, or “In The Mind of a Pro”. The vlog series follows the likes of Mustapha Kanit, Davidi Kitai and Adrian Mateos as they grind through the World Series of Poker 2019 and other live poker stops.

The cameras film them every step of the way and the player featured in the video provides voiceover commentary explaining every decision they make. It’s a dream for any poker player wanting to improve their game (particularly live).

Johnnie Vibes

Travelling the country playing cash game poker for a living is the dream for many recreational poker players. Johnny Vibes not only does that, but he also creates a community which he frequently gives back to, most recently by offering one of his viewers $10,000 worth of staking and coaching.

Marle Cordeiro

For comedic skits combined with high stakes cash play, Marle Cordeiro’s poker vlog picked up steam fast. She documents her life as a cash game pro in Las Vegas, including her many appearances on Live at the Bike.

Jaman Burton

For another unique spin on the Neeme formula, poker enthusiast and grinder Jaman Burton adds his own flavour with onscreen notations dictating the action in cash games and providing a glimpse into his life away from the tables. Interestingly, Burton doesn’t consider himself a professional poker player as he works as a software architect.

Joey Ingram

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone in the poker world who isn’t a fan of Joey Ingram’s content, and while he’s not technically a vlogger, his videos cover a wide range of subjects relevant to anyone looking to improve at the game. Whether it’s his popular Poker Life Podcast or investigations into poker controversies, Ingram gives every video his all.

Tim “TheTrooper97” Watts

When we talk about the pioneers of poker vlogging, Tim “TheTrooper97” Watts’s name has to be in the conversation. The recordings of his fun-filled grind sessions provided a template for others, and he’s still going strong after eight years of vlogging.

Kristy Arnett

While many in the poker world know Kristy Arnett from her time as a PokerNews reporter and presenter, Arnett has introduced herself to a whole new audience via her poker vlog. The vlog covers everything from her poker play and travel to relationships and old tales from the PokerNews days.

Charlie Carrel

As a poker prodigy turned entrepreneur, there’s never a dull moment in Charlie Carrel’s YouTube content. Some days you’ll get poker vlogs from events like EPT Barcelona 2019, other days you’ll get highlights from $10,300 buy-in events on PokerStars, and other days he’s showing you how to beat microstakes in his bankroll challenge.

OK, one more…

Daniel Negreanu

There’s no way we could leave Kid Poker off this list. Daniel Negreanu’s daily World Series of Poker vlogs are consistently great and give poker fans around the world a chance to not only follow their hero but get a taste of life as a high stakes poker legend.


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