Welcome to the weekly poker quiz on PokerStars Blog. Test your knowledge on the latest news, as well as some poker history and strategy.

NEWS: Further to last week's quiz, if Daniel Negreanu didn't win the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Player of the Year, who did?
NEWS: The MicroMillions is now under way at PokerStars. The Main Event costs only $22 to enter, but how much is the guaranteed prize pool?
NEWS: Which U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful expressed his support for regulated online poker, stating: "We should clarify the rules and make it legal in all 50 states."
NEWS: Oliver Hutchins won a $30,000 Platinum Pass to the PSPC after winning the Platinum Pass Experience shootout at Aspers Casino on Saturday. How much did a ticket cost to enter the event online?
GEOGRAPHY: On the subject of online poker legislation, residents of which U.S. state are now able to play on PokerStars?
GEOGRAPHY: There will be one more European stop on Chris Moneymaker's "Road to PSPC" Tour. Where will it be?
HISTORY: Scotty Nguyen won the World Series of Poker in 1998 after goading his heads up opponent Kevin McBride with the now-legendary: "You call, gonna be all over, baby!" McBride did call, and lost. But what two hands did the players have?
HISTORY: The German player Andre Lettau made a rare appearance at the live tables when he showed up at Red Dragon Jeju this week. Lettau won the 100th ever EPT Main Event, but in what city?
ONLINE POKER: Which poker player has the online screen-name "wizowizo" on PokerStars?
STRATEGY: We're playing no limit Texas hold'em and have A♣K♣, but we've been outflopped by our opponent's A♦Q♦ when the dealer put the 10♦4♦Q♣ flop out. The turn is the 6♣. How many outs do we have to make a winner on the river?

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