Throwables: New ‘Loser’ insult available now

February 08, 2022inPoker

There’s a new Throwable out right now. It’s the L-shaped hand that only really says one thing… “Loser!”

This one is a must have. Think how many times you’ve wanted to shout obscenities at opponents, or to rub it in when players make a bad move and pay the price. Now you can – in neat Throwable emotes form.

All you need to do to get the new L Throwable is play 300 Cash or Zoom hands.

There’s no minimum stakes, so you can just hit the tables at your usual level. Real money only – play money doesn’t count.

You’ll have to opt-in before cards dealt are counted towards the task. Head to the “Challenges” window in the PokerStars lobby to get started.

You have from now until 21. Feb at 12:59 ET to claim the L Throwable. The sooner the better though – Ls are getting thrown as we speak!



PokerStars staff

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