Before playing $5.50 High Rollers satellites this weekend, there are some things you should know

November 29, 2019inPoker

Experts have said a thing or two about what it’s like to be rich over the years.

Take actor Johnny Depp. “Money doesn’t buy you happiness,” he said. “But it buys you a big enough boat to sail right up to it.”

Contrast that with Paul McCartney, who years earlier sang “I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me love.”

But then McCartney played that song on the custom made reel-to-reel tape recorder installed in his brand-new Aston Martin DB6.

Either way, while there’s something to be said for the High Roller lifestyle, we should adopt caution too. For while the High Rollers have the money, they also have the hassles too.

So, before you sign up for one of the new $5.50 High Roller tournament series satellites, and win one of $50,000 worth of added High Rollers seats, to one of 27 tournaments offering $11 million in guarantees, you may want to consider what you’re getting into.

For instance…

The phone will not stop ringing

Turn $5.50 ($11 if you prefer) into a High Rollers win, or even a close call, and you’re likely to get a very big payout.

The calls from the bank will be immediate. They’ll want to know where all the money came from (and what you can do with it). And you’ll want to explain why.

Tell them about the four events posting $1 million guarantees. And the $2 million for the Main Event (which you now plan on playing). Explain you’re a high roller now and Johnny Depp was probably right.

Just be ready for the call.

You’ll have to socialise

There are likely a few players you’ve read about, and perhaps look up to in awe for their achievements in the game. They will suddenly become more familiar.

These players will now run into you at live events and say things like “Hey, you’re (username) right? Congrats man, how’s it going?”

It’ll be tough, but try to act natural. Style out your excitement and resist telling them you’re their biggest fan. If you manage “Hey man, good!” you’re doing well.

Would you say you were great? Or the greatest?

You’ll be asked for interviews. More and more people will want to know what made you so brilliant, and so talented.

The standard reply is a shoulder shrug and some “gee shucks” humility.

Try to resist agreeing with them if you can.

Be prepared

This should help in those hours following the win. When you’ve performed your victory dance around the house. After you’ve tried and given up explaining to loved ones how $5.50 could possibly become six figures. And after you’ve googled your name a few times.

It’s only right you know what you’re getting into.

High Rollers satellites start now

So, if you’re prepared to put up with all of this, the hassle from the bank, the attention, and all that admiration… then your transformation starts with a $5.50 High Rollers satellite from today.

They run around the clock to get you into the big 13:00 ET event scheduled each day from Sunday. That’s your target. Everything feeds into that.

And for a reminder of how that process works, check out the step by step instructions.

You can also find the full High Rollers schedule here.

Good luck.


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