Those who got away

January 20, 2006

Poker reporting is not rocket science. Visit a few casinos, count a few chips, throw a few words on the page and that’s about it. Keep the readers up to date on the movers and the shakers, the leaders and the short-stacks, the stories and the non-events. Easy.

Or not. The other special assignment here on the EPT is to keep tabs on the PokerStars qualifiers, those who have either battled through mammoth satellite fields, double shoot-out sharp-shooters and those who have cashed in their FPPs for a stab at the big time. Every now and again, you find a player who fits in both camps, an online qualifier making all the right moves, challenging the chip lead. These players are surely top of the PokerStars blogger’s hit-list. Watch their every move and report their every bet. They are the nut-flush, the triple word score, a reporter’s check mate. You can’t miss them. Surely not.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Thomas Grundy, from London, England. Thomas qualified to the event on PokerStars and now, as we approach the end of Day 1A, he has more than 60,000 chips. Surely I must have mentioned him before?

Thomas Grundy

The other PokerStars success story of the evening is Christian Grundtvig. The WCOOP final table finisher was down to about 3,000 at one point this afternoon, but he’s now up near the summit after a succession of dream hands. Another one to watch tomorrow.

Christian Grundtvig


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