The Twitch Poker Tribune: Stadium Series excitement / Wins for Spraggy, Arlie & MajinCast / Streamer banter

June 26, 2020inPoker

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  • Stadium Series Incoming
  • Wins for Spraggy, Arlie and MajinCast
  • Streamer Banter Ft. Lex and OP-Poker
  • Best clips of the week
  • Ones to watch: BowieEffect, New_Dave


As if the world of online poker hasn’t been crazy enough so far in 2020, it’s about to get even crazier.

On Monday PokerStars announced its brand new Stadium Series, this summer’s blockbuster series with an incredible $2 million in prizes added to events and a staggering $50 million guaranteed across the series.

The four-week series kicks off on Sunday 5 July, with things running a little different to other tournament series you’ll be familiar with.

Rather than a long schedule of events, like in SCOOP, the bulk of Stadium Series will be played as weekly heats. These represent standalone tournaments, but with a chance to win your way into one of three tiers of weekly finals held each Sunday.

The buy-ins and guarantees for these will increase every week, all the way to the final weekend – the Grand Final, with a top tier buy-in of $5,200 and $5 million guaranteed.

Click here for all the information.

Needless to say, Twitch Poker will be buzzing throughout. Could it be the biggest series ever streamed?


There’s nothing better than following your favourite streamer from registration to victory in a live-streamed tournament, regardless of the buy-in.

This week we were able to watch PokerStars Ambassadors Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg, Arlie “PrincePablo” Shaban, and Tom “MajinCast” Hayward do exactly that.

Spraggy’s victory came in a $109 Progressive Knock-Out event. As the man himself outlines in his tweet, at no point until heads-up was he in a commanding position to take it down.

But take it down he did for $1,979 ($1,003 plus $976 in bounties). You can watch the winning moment below.

Arlie Shaban also found himself forging a major comeback to get in the winner’s circle when he took down the Bigger $33 for $851.

Later that night he’d also finish second in a $33 Bounty event for $2,500.

There would be no need for a comeback at Tom “MajinCast” Hayward’s final table, as he smoothly ran across it to win an $11 Progressive Knock-Out event for $310 plus $436 in bounties.

You can watch MajinCast’s full stream below.

They might not be life-changing scores for those guys, but who cares when we get to watch the story from start to finish?


We got to see both sides of the story as Lex Veldhuis and James “OP-Poker James” Mackenzie found themself clashing on the same table in the Big $109.

Here’s Lex’s view:

And on the more favourable side, here’s James’:

As if he was watching, Spraggy couldn’t resist a Lex needle.


Spraggy is also a pro at putting people on tilt.

Puke spot for Felix.

Want to learn Badugi?

“I’m going to whine about this one to Spraggy.”

Keep it up PokerStars…

Check out Hartigan’s EPT rap.



Andy “BowieEffect” Wilson has been on PokerStars Blog’s radar ever since he took down the $1,050 Thursday Thrill in 2017 for $75K. What made the young Brit’s win special was that he streamed it after being inspired by Lex Veldhuis:

Since then Wilson’s poker playing has gone from strength to strength. He now has more than $1.2 million in online cashes, some notables including wins in High Roller Club events and a deep run in the 2018 SCOOP-M Main Event (11th for $30K).

Wilson has returned to the Twitch streets lately. Unlike most streamers he doesn’t show his own play, choosing instead to host study sessions where he uses Dominik Nitsche’s app DTO to break down hands.

If you’re looking to improve your own game, check out Wilson’s stream.

Andy “BowieEffect” Wilson


If you’re looking for some company while you grind the micros, you should check out New_Dave’s stream.

The 28-year-old from the UK is new to the streaming world, but he’s putting in the hours at the micos in the hopes of moving up the MTT stakes.

Go give him a follow.




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