The Twitch Poker Tribune: Lex vs Fintan vs Spraggy vs Tonkaaaa – the battle for $10K

August 27, 2020inTwitch

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  • Lex vs Fintan vs Spraggy vs Tonkaaaa: Heads-up battle to win $10K WCOOP ticket
  • What’s the most players you’ve ever KO’d in one hand?
  • Clips of the week
  • Ones to watch

Lex vs Fintan vs Spraggy vs Tonkaaaa

It was the battle none of us realised we were waiting for.

On Monday night, three Twitch poker powerhouses and one former streamer turned world crusher (and two-time Stadium Series champion) got together (on one screen, I mean, not in person) to battle it out for a $10K ticket for the upcoming World Championship of Online Poker.

It was Lex Veldhuis vs Fintan “easywithaces” Hand vs Ben Spragg vs Parker “Tonkaaaa” Talbot.

The format was simple: everyone would play each other heads-up, and the two players with the most points after their three battles would advance to a final.

With $10K up for grabs, you’d expect some serious stuff.


We won’t spoil anything. Just watch the whole stream below to find out who came out on top.

What’s the most players you’ve ever KO’d in one hand?

For Arlie Shaban, that number is now “el cinco”.

Clips of the week

RichyRob’s sniffing them out.

He said “nein”, not “nine”.

Justice for the stream.

What just happened there?

Get it out of my face.

Ones to watch:

Joshuajdstanier –

Here’s a streamer you might not have encountered just yet with a story best told by the man himself.

“My poker journey started in 2014 when I was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma. For the next two years during treatment, I used poker as a way of not going back to work.

“Since 2016 I have been travelling the world and running an online coaching business. In light of recent events I am back in the UK without my wonderful smoking hot Mrs, so I thought I’d use the extra hours at running up a role and sharing some insight’s I’ve learned over the last four years of personal development and globe-trotting. I do not intend to be a pro poker player but if I can earn some biscuits and have fun along the way, then why not?”

You’ll see an example of the fun below.

PhillyMc2 –

Phil “PhillyMc2” McGrath is a part-time poker player and full-time bluffer from Ireland who started his stream during the Dare to Stream competition.

He enjoyed it so much he’s still on the Twitch grind, where you’ll find him playing mostly Micro MTT’s and some SnG’s from time to time.


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