The thick of the action

February 09, 2006

It’s still super early on Day 1B of this four-day event. We’re in level 3, where blinds cost 75 and 150 of your starting stack of 10,000. The official information tells us that 209 players remain seated.

The ballroom, with TV table in the foreground

We have just taken our first sweep of the floor to gauge how some of the notable players are going and you’ll now find their latest counts scrolling across the top of the screen. For those impatient few here is the information in more vertical form:

Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier 22,000
Kaspar Nielson (PokerStars qualifier) 18,800
Val Lettieri (PokerStars qualifier) 5,900
Luca Pagano 9,400
Edgar Skjervold 8,275
Roger Gustavsson 10,300 (PokerStars qualifier)
Christian Grundtvig 7,800
Johan Wemmenhag (PokerStars qualifier) 14,300
Willie Tann 5,400
Neil Channing 7,400
Rob Hollink 10,600
Steve Vladar 19,500
Bengt Sonnert 10,800
Alexios Assimakopoulos 5,700
Tony Cascarino 7,200
Paul Parker 19,000
Surinder Sunar 19,000
Anina Gundesen 14,100
Isabelle Mercier 15,500
Adrian Creagh (PokerStars qualifier) 12,400
Birgitta Johansson 10,800
Ben Grundy 6,700
Julian Thew 6,300
Barny Boatman 18,200
David Colclough 14,800
Natasha Ellis 12,300
Janne Airaksinen 11,300
Stian Fredrik Thuv (PokerStars qualifier) 8,600
Brandon Sampson (PokerStars qualifier) 7,500
Iwan Jones 17,000
Victoria Coren 12,000
John Gale 12,000
Thomas Fougeron 17,000
Brent Russel (PokerStars qualifier) 11,900
Julian Gardner 8,800
Carlo Citrone 11,200
Patrick Bruel 4,000
Ralph Capone (PokerStars qualifier) 11,000
Gabriel Nassif (PokerStars qualifier) 13,900
Notable eliminations:
Greg Raymer,
Mads Andersen,
Christer Johansson,
Rory Liffey


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