The Roller Coaster

June 14, 2011


Had an awesome month in May, working every single day and now enjoying a quieter time in June. I say working but it didn’t feel like that.

Most days I was broadcasting including a lot of live stuff like this.

Live TV (I know this was a web show- but there’s less and less difference) is like being on a roller coaster. As they count down to it ‘being live’ it’s like that bit when the roller coaster chugs up the hill to the first drop and it stops being exciting and that bit of your brain that looks after your survival screams at you ‘what are we doing here!!!!’
Then you go ‘live’ and it’s the best thing in the world – exciting, organic, fun; it’s one of my favourite things to do ‘work or not’

The NBA playoffs have just finished and I can get back to some kind of normal sleep pattern. I have rotating obsessions in life and this is my latest. I’ve always loved American sport but am late to basketball. It’s been a great playoffs and a fitting end to the narrative of the season which was the league’s best player Lebron James moving to Miami to create a ‘super team’.

They lost in the finals last night pleasing a lot of ‘neutrals’ and making this premature pre-season victory party (having won nothing) even more hilariously lame than it was at the time.

The finals were a victory for teamwork over individual talent – that said Dirk Nowitzki was outstanding… not only his level of execution but his grace under pressure. He is officially my favourite German (the list now runs 1. Dirk 2. Steffi Graf 3. Boris Becker pre restaurant toilet conception 4. Mr Mercedes and Mr Benz).

It’s UKIPT Newcastle. Sadly we’re not filming it but the cool thing is that means I can play the event; first time I’ll be able to play a UKIPT – should be a lot of fun. I’m going to do a video diary while there so check it out.


UKIPT Manchester final table where Nick Wealthall is undoubtedly hiding in the background looking up NBA scores


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