The Poker-Capoeira Connection

June 01, 2016





Sound familiar? It’s this sort of back and forth that you’ll hear constantly in a poker tournament room. Players toss chips into pots in an attempt to increase their stacks by outsmarting their opponents, while the dealers announce the action in phrases that echo through the sea of green felted tables.

Poker is a dance of sorts, filled with moves of deception that require players to perform under pressure. It’s a game of combat, and if you can’t think on your feet, you haven’t got a shot at success.





To poker players, these phrases might seem like good metaphors to describe the game they know and love, but they could also be used in reference to another popular sport known as Capoeira. A Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts and dance, the movements of Capoeira players create a hypnotic fluidity that might remind you of something you saw in an elaborate Las Vegas show…or the slick move you pulled in a Sit & Go last week.

What is Capoeira, anyway?

Capoeira is an art that is nearly impossible to describe; you simply have to see it for yourself to understand the beauty of this 500 year old fighting technique. Find out more about this intriguing and complex hybrid of skills that has influenced MMA, football and even poker in this special feature that takes a closer look at the art of Capoeira.



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